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Who Watches the Watchmen (Our Chit Chat Thread)



  • Not so sure if you need big wrists. Mine are only a bit over average anyway. Sure the JC looks silly on a size zero supermodel like David Beckham's son who owns this watch, but for 75% of men it would look fine. The only thing you'd need to get to grips with is the weight of the watch and the height.

  • I'm up in Belfast in a couple of weeks and will have some time to kill. So with that in mind 😉 apart from Pride & Pinion and Lunns? Where else is worth a look around the city centre?

  • id recommend mcneelys. Nice crew there

  • Anyone have much dealings with chrono24? Their responses are borderline rude, while all the time I'm being polite.

    Bought a 2531.80 off them last week, the diver's extension wouldn't clasp for me (I thought I was in the wrong). They want it back for repair

  • did you buy from them direct or from a seller using the platform?

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  • Is anything getting delivered via an post from Royal Mail? I ordered an ndc strap couple of weeks ago and it was sent Royal Mail. No sign of it yet. I suspect it was returned to sender. Same with a phone case from red bubble. Never arrived.

  • It's brutal. Looks like Irish customs are being totally anal on purpose. Got a watch strap sent from the UK about a month ago. Tiny issue with the customs code and it got sent back to him. And this is a professional who does nothing but make straps and sell and ship them anywhere in the world. He says the only country that is making it difficult post Brexit is Ireland. He sent it again with the correct code (at his expense) and that was about 3 weeks ago, presumable stuck in customs somewhere

  • Funny, I had an item from China (where the vat was included) but wasn't declared properly. A one euro item, the letter came in the post to pay up vat. I said I'd leave it considering how low value the item was.

    Week or two later the item landed in the post without me paying up!

  • In the process of making plans for the week off, thinking about a trip to Donegal for a few nights as never been and with Stobart Air gone out of business, there's a swedish airline,Amapola Flyg operating a cool vintage Fokker 50 on the route which I would love to try! 😁

    Still considering organizing a small Watch GTG , is there any interest from people on here? Let me know if so and any other ideas for my week off, watch related or otherwise 😉

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  • From experience you won't be in the air very long, around 40 mins! Where in donegal you heading?

  • Yes the flight is very short! Supposed to be a great approach into the airport and nice to get a chance to fly on a Fokker!

    Haven't really decided yet, was looking at staying in Donegal town, won't be driving so not sure how much I will get to see. Just looking to get away for a few nights !😉

  • Got a reply from the British Horological Institute in Newark-On-Trent about a beginner course in watchmaking

    "The first step would be a watch taster day (£99.00) and from there our 5-day service & repair of manual winding watches course  (associate registration required plus course fee £900.00). Dates for both of these so far are fully booked"

    Also attached a form regarding the courses. Definitely interested in attending, might wait until next year and co- inside it with the next watch fair in Birmingham to make the best out of the trip and would be a great place to pick up tools! ,not sure if I would have any problems carrying metal tweezers etc on a plane!😁

    Also have decided to put Donegal on hold until next year as well, prices seem to high and may have other commitments next week, still up for a GTG if there is interest. Thinking of a night in Westport instead, open to any other suggestions! 🙂

  • Have an appointment booked in Pride & Pinion in a couple of weeks and spoke with Gavin there recently. Seems a really nice chap, very engaged but sure isn't that the default position for Sales folk 😉

    The trip up actually works out fairly well even for a trip to some of the Dublin shops. Hit Dublin in the morning, Brunch and a bit of browsing with the Mrs then afternoon train to Belfast. Get checked in to the hotel, have a wander around and grab some dinner. Early appt in P&P before heading off to the surgeon.

    Might have time after that to browse Lunn's and a few others before train back down to Dublin and then Limerick.

  • Yeah the lads are very nice and professional, I spoke more to Tim than to Gavin, got the impression he is more senior / knowledgeable

    Train, Jaysus that cost a fortune last time I was in one. I guess I was the only one in the whole train (Dublin to Cork day return) who paid full fare, so I guess I had to pay for all the others too 🤣

  • Well then Unk... Don't get the train on the 25th or 26th or you will be paying for me and the Mrs too 😉

    The upside of being a "pensioner" 😁 and in fairness, I am travelling up for a medical appt so totally an appropriate use of the Free Travel scheme 😁

  • Ha! Yeah you can't beat public transport if you don't have to pay for it 😁

    Always liked trains myself, but they are mega expensive if you pay full whack for a ticket. I think it was very close to €100 for a day return Dublin to Cork for 1 adult. Insane for such a small trip, flying is cheaper

  • It is mental and prices really need to be reassessed if there is to be a move away from everyone in cars tbh. The 50% for 19-23yo announced in the budget is a start but we need to be IMO moving towards a far cheaper system and also ditch taxsaver as it's useless for minimum wage and low paid workers who would use public transport most. Unless you're in the high bracket it's pointless. Universal low fares and a decent commuter ticket option.

  • Agreed, I think the half price for yoofs is inspired. It will encourage usage and normalise adoption for that generation, and those that follow.

    I had a work thing in Belfast a few years ago, and I was asked if the train was acceptable, as I'm in Dublin.

    It was fecking marvelous.

    Comfy, connected, catered! :)

    I walked form the station to the hotel, and had a lovely stay and saw some local sights, and attended the event.

    Lovely experience.

  • And unlike in Dublin, the train station in Belfast is bang on in the city centre. Where of course all central stations in all big cities should be.

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  • The trip to Belfast may well result in a space in my box, rather than an addition.

    A chat on the phone regarding what I have, and what I want led to a fairly strong price guide for my VC that honestly has me seriously considering letting it go.

    Market is mad, prices are irrational and the temptation to cash in in a desirable blue dialled watch is growing :/

  • What will you replace it with banie?

  • I've had that very conversation with a regular here and the Mrs.

    It's the conundrum of cashing in on a rising market isn't it? Anything else you might consider is already rising too.

    I'd like to spin it into a Zenith Chronomaster sport and an Omega 2535.80, thing is if the lads above are accurate on what they expect to fetch? I'd even have a little change!

    I've seen others mention the effect of hearing a price or considering a sale can have on grà for a watch and didn't think it would happen to me. I was wrong! I still love the VC but now I'm half afraid to ding it when I wear it 😂

  • Hi Banie

    are they buying it from you or offering to sell on consignment?

  • Its an offer on consignment but with (according to them at least) a buyer lined up. There was some horse trading on commission but I settled for price back to me with them keeping anything above that. Will leave it with them for 30days and if it doesn't fetch what they think and what I'd set as my "price" I'll know that smoke was being blown up asses ;)

  • The joys of them fawning over a piece but not throwing their own cash down 😉 it pushes an onus back on them to back up their confidence in pricing too IMO whilst not costing me.

    Silly as it sounds, even with me knowing how much the prices have appreciated since June? I'd not expected them to go "grand so, we'll pick it up in the morning".

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  • i suppose if you arent wearing a watch its as easy leave with them for a while to see what they sell at... do you mind saying ballpark the percentage commission they take?