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Who Watches the Watchmen (Our Chit Chat Thread)



  • If you were getting a watch sent from the US, where would be best option to get it posted to to minimise chances of getting hit for taxes and charges?

    NI or Roi?

  • Currently, I'd hazard a guess at NI.

    UK still are quite lax on their inbound checks AFAIK and little things like missing TARIC won't send the watch back to sender.

  • A mate of mine is building a race/track car over the winter and was sourcing bits and bobs for it, some of which could only be easily come by from the UK and even with the correct documentation including the Taric codes he's had some stuff sent back to sender. One part took three goes before he got it and the sender didn't change one thing on the docs. It's almost as if they're being punative with UK stuff.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • Punative? A professional outfit in the UK trying to ship an item to me for the second time is calling the Irish customs office by its true name: anal. Even the lads in the Irish post office were embarrassed by what customs are doing. We all know there is plenty of anti-British sentiment throughout Irish society. Maybe a lot of that is concentrated in customs.

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  • Lads!

    Some of the rises in asking prices for non-Rolex bits over the last couple of months is eye-popping!

    Now granted, asking price is not sale price but I tend to keep an eye on VC Overseas pricing both because I have a gen 1 and because I had my eye on a gen 2.

    But an example is this in May/June the blue 42040/42 was priced between €9.5k and €14k.

    Last night? These were the prices on Chrono24 with the cheapest being already reserved. Now my usual Chrono24 for a lot of stuff listed there is -30% for a "realistic" price but these are listed at fixed price 😮.

    I'd already had a low 5figure offer for a consignment sale (wasn't selling, but curious as to what their fees and process were). If there's a bubble around Rolex? It is certainly starting to trickle out and raise the prices of other high end sports watches too!😳😳


    42040 full set and fixed price

    42040 fullset and fixed price

    42040 watch only, reserved and if brought into EU? +VAT.

  • yes seems things have gone mental... seller market at the moment

    had an interesting 'falling out' on adverts yesterday... lad selling a flightmaster for 350 euro... creation selling them for about 210... i posted the link and mentioned how i picked one up last week for 220 delivered from NI.. which i did... he blocked me and reported me for false advertising :)

  • Prices with everything seem to have gone mad lately. I booked a car this morning for 10 days for our holiday at the end of this month, Usually pay between €200 - €250. €500 is the cheapest I got and that's after paying near double for flights .

  • TBH, I booked our 2022 holiday on Saturday and Irish prices were crazy! Booked the same holiday via UK and even accounting for extra flights and 1 night in a hotel... I saved over €2k 😮

    If I'd booked from Ireland? I'd also need to sort new ESTAs as the direct option from Dub was replaced with US stopover! Have a notion that £stg is going to drop v € too before full payment is due on the holiday so I'll be doing some FX trading before then.

    On top of the saving in UK price v here. I got 0.5% back on tcb, 3% back on my crypto card and had a £150 off voucher too6😁 now just to get Thirdfox to sort my itinerary while I'm there 😂😂

    But! Back on topic! Prices are still mental 😮

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  • Not quite 😉 but, I did get 4 of us away to Mexico incl SNN-MAN and a 1 hotel stay for the same price I 3 of us went in 2018 😁

  • And you bought your gen 1 for €4k? Nice one 😂

  • Was at the Bond movie yesterday... the new seammaster looked nice on mesh.. its an incredibly light watch from when i tried on few weeks ago.

    i had my datejust on and noticed the lume properly for the first time..

  • I ignore any of these “reserved” ones. I think that’s a scam to try and sell more expensive listings personally.

    Impossible to know the value unless you try and sell. I think 9-10k might be achievable as a private seller.

    you said you would offer it back to me………..…...remember?

  • Of course I do 😉 and as I said to you not so long ago. It's not one I plan on selling. Rather it's a yardstick I'm judging the rising tide by.

    It's all well and good me selling it? I'd then have a pot of cash and be unable to afford nearly as good a watch 😜 it's one that still brings me joy every time I wear it.

    If someone wants to swap me a dualtime for it tho?😂😂

  • I didn't, but I bought mine off the lad who did 😂😂

  • I don’t want it back! But I hope you do well of it! Nice to see the Rolex tide rising all boats. But that is part of the problem. You can sell yours for more but have to pay more for the next one so it’s a zero sum game in the end.

    I think c24 is becoming more and more out of touch. It has to be. I am basing that off my own watches on that. The average on my aqua has rising 15k in 6 months. Yet I got an offer from WF for around 20k less than the current average a month ago or so.

    But better to see the graph slopping upwards than downwards.

  • I tend to agree on the C24 side tbh, as I said my usual rule of thumb there for value is minus 30%. With VC tho and in particular gen 2 and 3 (because size wise I do think they are more desirable). There is a lack of supply IMO and more and more of the watches on offer are fixed price. Almost nothing on Watchuseek or WatchRecon, 1 in the US at $12k which with VAT quickly becomes a €13.5k watch here.

    I'd said to you previously that I thought a spike was coming and your own gen 2 valuation was soft. The current state of play, albeit without actual sale info would support that. I did send watchchart's an email asking them to do a comparison for Gen 1 but yet to see anything 😂

  • C24 has always had "interesting" valuations, at least on the vintage side where I'd have much more knowledge than in the new and current(where I'd have feck all). The general rule was ebay auction or forum price as a base, then add 20-30% for a private seller on C24, add 50-100% or more for a dealer on C24.

    With the new stuff my take would be that the rising Rolex tide is lifting other boats. Plus the overpriced Rolex grey values are getting a few to look around for higher level watches from other brands like AP, VC and Patek at the same prices. Kinda like current BMW prices are opening up Ferrari options. Add in the pandemic push and rising prices anyway and people looking to non cash/bank reserves of value and watches, particularly current Rolex sport models being seen as investments and it's not surprising.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • That's pretty much my own take on it too Wibbs. It's taken quite a while for that tide to expand beyond Rolex and AP, but now it has.

    Still without visibility of sales prices it's all academic, but asking prices have grown massively in 4 months.

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  • ill probably test the market with my VC Gen 2 on C24 in the next few weeks so lets see.

  • I may have an interest in it? Though your Zenith might be more my cup of tea currently 😉

    A heads up on either, tho tbh given what a gen 2 is worth, the chronomaster is as far as I could stretch would be much appreciated.

  • Ok bit of a quandary here. I have a brother in law who was born in '74.

    He was over for coffee with his Mrs and somehow the conversation moved to watchs and I brought down the box. I have 69,73, 71, And 74 watches to show him. He liked the 74 and 69 accutrons because of the tuning fork and smooth sweep.

    At that point, it occurred to me the decent thing to do was get a new Hirsch strap for the n74 accutron, and well, just give it to him.

    He's a card carrying NCAD industrial designer, for some reason apple products feature in his life, he does UX for living. Do I give him a serviced sweet looking accutron to see if I can spark an interest? And yes he currently wears an apple watch, can such folks be turned. He was born in 74, so the accutron would be birth year watch.

  • I'll get a strap for it and make the offer that he can have it if he wears it every now and then.

  • Surely these are pricing mistakes ??

  • Which? Their asking prices are always strong 😂

  • All of them - €17k for a sub date is mental money - €22k for a Kermit !!

  • They do seem strong but real dealer prices (ie one that pays tax and has overheads) vs Instagram dealers vs private market are all different ball games.

    as the prices are in euros is there any chance they have included VAT?

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