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Sub 5 minute mile



  • What size are you in runners?

  • What size are you in runners?

    There he is. I actually bought the flats after one of your posts! They were my first ever pair of non regular runners and remember my pleasant surprise at how light they felt compared to my Asics at the time. I'd be an 8.5 UK or 42.5 EU usually.

  • Well done on the 10k TT - that's another great performance. TT or otherwise, I don't think I'll ever do a 10k on the road!!

    I don't know what you think, but the break from official events might have given you a bit of space to try out a few different things, over different distances, that you might not have considered in a normal year. And it'll stand to you when races get back.

    Get registered with a club and I might see you at the Masters T&F in September!

  • I won some money playing Fantasy Football this year \o/ Actually had a terrible year overall but the league I was in was equally as bad :o I won by a single point in the end so yesterday was quite nervy as the games were going on. I've been playing since I was in college but this was the first time money was involved for me. I think it became a little less fun as a result and I'm not sure if I'll do it again.

    Aaaanyway, while they were certainly not on my radar previously I just might pick up a pair of carbon plated shoes after all :D Not going to jump the gun just yet though, I'm considering putting it towards a treadmill or an exercise bike either. Tough decisions.

    On the running front. I hit my 30 miles two weeks ago but missed it this week gone by.

    Two weeks back I did a 10x400 @ mile pace session w/ 1 min r/. Just wanted to see if I might be in sub 4:50 shape. I'd love to be able to run it without completely redlining but think I will actually have to push myself hard to get there. The target for the session was 72 secs and I hit [74,71,72,72,72,73,72,73,72,68]. It wasn't a struggle and feel I could have hit the targets with a little more effort on the ones I missed by a second here and there. Marked out the distance would have helped too. It'll be tight I'd say and the thoughts of doing 4 back to back (plus 9 metres) puts the fear on me a bit.

    Last week I redid the following 800 session from a few months back - 3x(600FR, 30 sec r/, 200FR, 7 minutes jog). Last time out I missed the pace on all the 600s but this time I managed each of them with 1:47, 1:47, 1:45. No issues with the 200s after 30seconds rest. They always feel very short after a longer rep. Was very happy after this and a good wake up for the legs.

    3 Km - TT
    Last Saturday was supposed to be an Intervals session but I changed it out for a 3 k TT. Had a couple of drinks Friday night but wasn't heading out for this until the late evening so was back to normalish by then. Managed to get out between the showers too which was a bonus. Having fallen short of 10 minutes on a couple of occasions previously I decided on a different tac. 3:20 is 10 flat pace but I planned to run the first km in 3:15, expect to fade from there but not too much that a final km kick might see me home. The route was uphill out the Navan road and back in again. I reckoned it was around 1.5 k up and then down, so 3 km and I'd get the benefit of having a downslope for the second half. It was a bad estimate. :rolleyes:
    1 km - Up the navan road at a nice clip. I think I touched 3:00/km initially but reeled it back to target. I wasn't feeling the pace was something that was going to take a toll. I was feeling good. Watched beeped at 3:14. Lovely
    2km - Right, try an hold 3:20 pace. I came to my loop around after only 300 metres or so, so knew I was going to have to run past my starting point. Kept the breathing controlled and the form relaxed and soon saw the watch beep at 3:18. Sweet, there was no doubt I was on course at this point.
    3 km - Allowed myself to slow a bit to 3:25/3:30 pace to save a little for the finish. A nice position to be in. I knew I could afford to do this as I was probably around 8 seconds up. Also, by running past my starting point I was going to have a little extra elevation gain. Picked up the pace for the last 300 metres to as close to a sprint as I could manage. 3:15.

    Final time - 9:46.

    This is as short a report as they come because it really did go by in a blur. While I was certainly working hard, the suffer fest never really hit apart from maybe when I was trying to sprint at the end. Just one of those days. If only they could all be like that. My plan of not specifically pacing for 10 minutes paid off too I think as there was less psychological baggage involved in the effort. Nice to have another 2021 target checked off the list.

  • Thats a super 3k TT. Fair play.

    My claim to fame on Fantasy Football was the year I spent a week in the top 10 in the world (number 1 in Ireland). Finished out the season 49th in the world and top 10 in Ireland....Gave it up since...Too stressful!

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  • Thats a super 3k TT. Fair play.

    My claim to fame on Fantasy Football was the year I spent a week in the top 10 in the world (number 1 in Ireland). Finished out the season 49th in the world and top 10 in Ireland....Gave it up since...Too stressful!


    I hope that's on your CV for awards/achievements.

  • Great 3k TT & what a nice feeling having another target ticked off the list :)

  • Great 3k TT & what a nice feeling having another target ticked off the list :)

    Thanks Lainey. My initial approach wasn't to have so many targets. It kind of just happened this year.

    I've had single year targets before which I didn't hit and so was left looking back to find some positives to take out of the year in that case. There are always ones to find (like I was running more and enjoying it) but setting a few extra targets that aren't primary ones are great fun. All upside with little downside IMO.

  • Great 400's session and then followed it up with a great TT. Your late evening runs always come crashing into my feed and usually has me thinking 'Who the hell is running that fast at that hour of the evening!?' :)

    Like a lot of things, FF was great when I didn't have a family to attend to ;) Like my gaming, I only look at it sporadically now. I'll enter a team every season, but this year I didn't even get to Wk3 before I completely forgot to update the team. Like Swashbuckler, I had one great year in it, top 200 I think, but that was a complete aberration!

  • Congrats on the TT, super running.

    Like others, I'm a lapsed FF player. Finished 200-ish in the world one year, and had a string of top 5k and top 10k's also. But it took a lot of dedication and was ruining my enjoyment of matches too. Found I was slipping in recent years as running took over my time, so I didn't even bother entering a team last season.

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  • Thanks Lainey. My initial approach wasn't to have so many targets. It kind of just happened this year.

    I've had single year targets before which I didn't hit and so was left looking back to find some positives to take out of the year in that case. There are always ones to find (like I was running more and enjoying it) but setting a few extra targets that aren't primary ones are great fun. All upside with little downside IMO.

    Nothing at all wrong with having a few targets, I think they help with the motivation too! Yep totally get you on having just the one target, it makes it hard to appreciate all the consistent running you have done if you don't reach it!

    As I have said maybe once or twice in my log;) work hard & consistently & reap the rewards :D

  • Some serious FF performances. All eclipse my best ever finish. I had to go back and check there. I managed 1936 once which wasn't far off the year when I actually achieved that :pac: Yep, there were a lot less distractions back then. The current distractions are all good off course.

    Oh and I collected my winnings today. Apparently 3 never paid in so the pot was reduced slightly. Still it came to € 440. Feel a little undeserving as I got lucky with it being a relatively weak league.

  • Sweet TT result and comfortable sub 10. Sounded like you were in the zone!

    You are clocking them up this year! Great log :)

  • €440! You could get a couple of pairs of the boots for that :)

  • I was getting into another 800 block but am at home full time until the end of June so days to run will be fewer. To try and keep hitting my weekly mileage target I've been trying to have longer runs when I do get out in the evenings.

    May 24-30
    • 17.3 k - 1:11:xx
    • 6.5 k - 31:15
    • Session - Reps(600, 500), FastReps(400,300,300). R times(1:44, 1:25), FR times (1:03, 0:46, 0:46). Good session. Happy to hit the target pace on each if not a little faster
    • 9.17 k - 44:53
    • Session - Intervals 4x(800 w/2 min r/), 6x strides. Another decent session. I knew it was a truncated one so I pushed the paces a wee bit faster than prescribed. (2:35, 2:32, 2:33, 2:31). Out on the path for the strides. I decided to open up on the last couple just to see what sort of peak speed I might hit. I nearly hit the deck too though. Running these on the road/footpath. I'll make sure there's no entrances on the next section of footpath I choose. The dips are treacherous enough when going at top speed. When your foot is expecting the ground but has then to travel a little further. I found I jarred my knee ever so slightly slightly on the last one. A slow jog home.

    May 31- June 6
    Baby was sick and I ended up picking it up too I think because I was sinusy and lacking energy most of last week which ended with us taking a few days holidays for the bank holiday. I crammed some slow runs in early in the week and then took the few days off. I got lucky that there was no further complaints from my knee. Week ended with 3 days of no running. No harm.
    • 12 k - 1:02 + 1 k for attempted Strava Art
    • 13.7 k - 1:07
    • 12.15k - 48:00. day before the trip I knew I'd have a few days rest so for a steady 12 k aiming at just under 4 min/km pace.

  • "Awful tired now boss. Dog-tired".

    After getting 3 days of no running over the bank holiday weekend I decided to do some cramming mileage wise. On the Monday I ran the furthest I have since doing the Connemara Half back in 2007. That was the only race I had run as an adult up until the last couple of years. Turns out I actually posted in the main A&R forum back then too and even competed against the famous Krusty that day. It'd be over 10 years before I think I posted in the forum again. Anyway...

    June 7-13
    • Monday. 21.15 km Steady - 1:28:13. Having run a steady 12k at 4:00 pace the previous week I figured I'd bump it up to 4:15/km for an intended HM run. I brought a tiny water bottle in hand for this. Actually forgot I had it but did eventually start using it after around 16 km. It wasn't much and I think I might have survived without it. Carried it home then too as I never passed a bin to dispose of it. The effort was controlled for the most part. Never went to heavy breathing or worried if I was nearly finished until the last 2-3 kms. Over the last 2-3 kms I became more aware of the impact of hitting the road in my bones. It must have been a sign that I was going to flag if I kept going. It's not a sensation I'm familiar with and it had me wondering if that's the cause of injury for many i.e. pushing on when the muscles are properly fatigued. As I mentioned I was never feeling feiced at any point really though and the pace actually finished up being 4:10/km. It was an enjoyable experience overall and I caught up on a couple of podcasts. Maybe I was working a little bit harder to maintain the pace towards the end. I knew my target was going to get me under 1:30 anyway then I didn't want to look at the pace chart after and see it dipping towards the end I suppose.
    • Wednesday Session - Reps 3x400R(70s), 4x300FR(48s) - The hotel is now busy again so I was off to do these on a less preferred stretch of road. Turns out there's a 3 m incline (according to garmin) over the stretch I ran which might explain the times differing between each second rep. With every second one having an elevation gain and proabblu a slight headwind the 400s were 68, 72, 67 while 300s were 48, 46, 47, 46. Legs were tired before starting the session but knew they'd be grand once I got into it. Still with the heat included I was well cooked by the last 300. That was almost as fast as I could have run it I think.
    • Thursday - 4.2 km Recovery jog w/ buggy. Down to the shop and back. Later that evening - 8.1 km - 41:50
    • Saturday Session - Intervals 8x(2 min Hard, 1 min jog), 4x200R. Hard effort is Interval pace apparently and my current target interval pace is 3:15/km by my calculations. I found this a tough session with my mileage cramming earlier in the week catching up on me. Very surprised when I got home to see I actually managed the pace exactly on 7/8. With me flagging a bit on number 7 coming in at 3:20/km. During the 5th rep I was considering packing it in at 6 but stubbornly stuck it out. Ran towards home and on the way decided I may as well do the 200s too. They did feel a piece of cake after the main body of the workout. No issues with them. I'll make a note that I should always be fit to get the reps even if I pull the plug on the main session.

    35 miles last week over 4 days running.

  • Jeepers. An 88 min HM followed by two more sessions in the same week. Seems a bit OTT - careful now!

  • Murph_D wrote: »
    Jeepers. An 88 min HM followed by two more sessions in the same week. Seems a bit OTT - careful now!

    OTT maybe. But only a little. I'd a quiet week and 3 to 4 days before it. Certainly wouldn't be making a habit of it. Having plenty of zero mile days at the moment too.

  • June 14-20 - 49 km (30 miles)
    • Monday. 1 hour run - 12.45 km.
    • Wednesday Session - Reps 2x400R(70)(1:45), 2x600, FastReps 2x300(48) - 400s(71, 70), 600s(1:47, 1:45), 300s(48,46). No drama here from what I remember. Pretty much on pace for each.
    • Thursday - 3 km Recovery jog w/ buggy.
    • Friday Session - Intervals 4x(1km w/3 min jog), 4x200R. Preceded by two nights of really bad sleep (baby sleep regression) and some DIY around the house. When there's a tempo run in the week the interval session is typically paired back a little so the session looked on the easier side and I decided to go ahead with it but I was quite sleepy even during the session. I decided I wouldn't force myself to hit 3:15/km with the first 3 around 3:20 before a 3:15 to finish. The 3:20s naturally were all tough. Another bad nights sleep followed.
    • Sunday w/u, 5k Tempo, c/d. Hoping I'd shook off the cobwebs at this stage I ran this at around the target pace. Energy levels were good but I could find my groin catching a bit though not painful. The 5 k came in a couple of seconds over 18 minutes.

    The following two weeks have been easy runs.
    June 21-27 - 37 km
    June 28- July 04 - 38 km

    I think my body is protecting itself a bit and not letting me force the pace. Holidays are at the end of this week so I'm note sure if I'll see a physio for another couple of weeks yet. I have a feeling it's related to when I jarred my knee on the same leg a few weeks back. Never had knee trouble in my life so I didn't worry about it too much and it didn't give me much trouble since despite feeling it a little. The groin is definitely more of an issue. The prolonged crouched/squat positions during the DIY work didn't help it one bit either.

    Need to decide whether to keep running slow or full break for a week or two. It hasn't dis-improved in the last couple of weeks but not sure it's getting better quick enough either. Outside of running, June was a mental month anyway so I haven't minded the easing off so far.

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  • Careful with the groin injury. I had an issue a few years ago and made it worse by doing a speed session before being fully recovered - ended up missing months and it has recurred again since.

    For the National Masters you do have to be AI registered but I'm sure any club would be glad to have you. You would enjoy the national masters 800m if in race shape.

  • I saw your name in the parkrun results when I was checking how my dad did, he finished just behind you and your family :)

    Well done on the 5km, amazing pace

  • Well done. Despite all your goings on you seem to be in great shape. That 8 x400's was excellent and showed you what was coming. I don't know how you do that in the dark too, I'd be terrified I'd roll an ankle. If you could manage to sneak out without the buggy at some stage you will probably take a v in that parkrun too.

  • Well done on the PB, great TT.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Ah cool. Fair play to him. Saturday is often a non running day for me so having the parkrun on the doorstep hopefully will help clock up some easy miles the odd week. I probably won't be able to ditch the buggy for a while yet to go gung ho at it.

    @Lambay island It's funny in that I'd the complete opposite feeling after the 400s. Just need a few good nights sleep sometimes I guess. Spent Sunday night on the baby's room floor as my reward 🙄. She's going for a COVID test today, along with one of her brothers. Pretty sure she picked up whatever it is in A&E last week.

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  • Did I mention a potential race? That's what I get. I've only just gone and turned my ankle quite badly outside the school. Stepping off the path, my foot landed on the downslope of a gutter and I'd say I took a few years off some young lives with my roaring as I fell to the ground 😥.

    Straight on with the ice now. I'm no stranger to ankle injuries but it felt like the worst I've done in a long time. I'm hoping it hurt more because the adrenalin wasn't flowing like it would be on a run or during a game. We'll see if the ice does the trick. Less than a half hour ago and it's already badly bruising on the opposite side of the twist from the foot being elevated. Fingers crossed on this one.