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Sub 5 minute mile



  • Smother it with arnica gel/cream and start downing arnica tablets to help things along.

  • Ouch. Hope not too serious. So easily done.

  • Ah no, sorry to hear this! Hope it's nothing too serious.

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  • I feel your pain - i've been there...Do whatever works for you. There's a few things to remember though.

    It's wasted time looking back on past fitness...That'll come back with time. Quicker than you realise if you can be patient and consistent.

    I remember feeling like even easy runs were a slog when i was coming back from injury. It'll probably be a while before easy runs feel truly easy. I know the best advice would probably be to slow down even more and make sure they are truly easy. The truth is, for me it took a while before any sort of easy pace felt really easy. Nothing wrong with easy not being really easy at the mo but it'll come.

    Take it handy with the sessions and tempo runs. If easy feels like a slog then you can assume tempo is probably closer to race effort at the mo! What worked for me was keeping some sort of speedwork but it was more a case of limiting those to <60s intervals. Volume is probably your enemy right now. 10km progressions and 5km tempos will just wear you out.

    Just my two cents

  • You're giving me comfort with this anyway! Easy pace feels anything but easy for me quite a bit these days!

  • Ah i remember my own struggles and sending texts to some of the more experienced folks on here. Stick with it. If you can get consistency back the runs just start getting easier over time. Main thing is not to get injured again! Conservative is usually better in the long term rather than forcing it. I went from being close to sub 36 10k to feeling like 8minute miles were an absolute slog, and back again......

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  • Where will you run the mile? Is track training an option?

  • NIA live is back again. Definitely worth the short trip to up to it at some stage over the winter

  • Is it? Great! I was only looking a couple of weeks back and couldn't see anything about it happening. That'll be the plan then. I'll try and get the run in there.

  • NIA live hopefully. Most of my runs at the moment are in the evenings except the days I'm in the office so I'd be throwing in an extra 40 minutes driving to get to the nearest track for a session in the evening. Be willing to drive late for a race though.