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Freshly roasted coffee beans online



  • I remember a poster or two raving about them previously but I agree they are pricey!!

    TBh, I am really loving WCC at the moment with my subscription which is great value for 1kg per rmonth.

  • being a newbie, I've nothing to compare to, but I got a small bag of Brazilian and House blend to try out. They gave a few samples too.

    Brazilian is lovely. Haven't tried the others yet.

    curious is right - it's an adult only cafe. Busy enough anytime I've been there though.

  • I got gifted some as a present. Had their Guji Ethiopian. It was nice, they are well packaged and provide a card with tasting notes and information but wasn't enough to justify the extra €3 or €4 per 250g.

  • I placed a large order with Maher's during the week, just to try them out. I was tempted to try their Jamaican Blue Mountain, more as a one-off than anything else, but everything I've read suggests to me that it is the relative lack of supply that create the higher price, more than anything else.

    I've observed that it also seems to be a "go to" recommendation of many Americans who consider themselves into coffee. It kind of reminded me of working in a bar in NY, where I'd meet American whisky fans who were adamant that there was no better whisky than Johnny Walker Blue Label, and it was pretty much all they would consider drinking, all evidence to the contrary that there were other good options out there.

  • Well, the Mahers order arrived.

    I was disappointed to see the roast dates for the four bags I ordered ranged between 3/8 and 16/8. I emailed them and told them so, and said it would put me off in future as other Irish roasters had shipped coffee roasted within a week of the order at most.

    In fairness, they came back immediately and said they would ship something else, I’ll be curious to see what will arrive. If it’s a replacement of the order I’m not sure what I would do with all that coffee to be honest.

    Anyone think I was wrong to raise it with them? To me my expectations are for a much more recent roast date. A bag I got in Lidl today had a roast date of 13/8 which was more than a week fresher than some of what Mahers shipped.

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  • Can I suggest that when the freshly roasted stuff arrives, take out 20g or so of beans and seal them in something airtight, and put the rest in the freezer. In a months time, take the beans out of the freezer and get someone else to make two cups of coffee, one with the frozen beans and one from the 20g stored at room temperature, not telling you which is which. If you can taste a difference that turns out to be in favour of the frozen beans, you will know whether you should be fussed or not.

  • I think you are certainly entitled to feed back, and I wouldn't be happy either when I know there are roasters that can get it to you in a couple of days. If they are going to say "we are passionate about the quality and freshness of our beans." on their website then they need to be willing to back that up imo or be more transparent that roast dates will be in the 1-4 week range or whatever.

  • Was the roast dates on the Jamaican Blue Mountain blend over a month?

  • I didn't order the Jamaican Blue Mountain in the end, I just wasn't convinced it was worth it.

    I will probably do it eventually, or try a cup somewhere if I saw it.

  • I was buying from Mahers for a few months, then they got last with the roast dates and I didn't want the stale stuff they sent me, they sent out fresh stuff and I gave away the other stuff, they did it again, I just asked them for a refund and haven't gone back since-it's a pity, the prices were ok and the service was good, but I want as fresh beans as possible, whether it's in my head or not, it doesn't matter, I'm buying them, and I have the expectation of fresh-the same thing happened with Killarney roasters. I stopped buying from them as well.

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  • The replacement coffee Maher's shipped me arrived yesterday morning, seems to have been expedited. It's the same range of coffees I chose, except the roast dates on these bags are all within the last week or so.

    This is what I would have hoped for first time around, so certainly can't fault them here. I'm now with something of a surplus of coffee in the house.

    Would I order again from them? Their pricing is good, and the customer service was good in this instance, but perhaps it's necessary to stipulate you're looking for recently roasted beans if ordering, to avoid any dissapointment.

  • For over a year, I've had a subscription with Ariosa. At €30 per kilo, it's not the cheapest, but I like it so have just stuck with it. Wouldn't mind seeing what's out there.

    The nicest coffee beans I've ever bought have been from Dunne and Crescenzi but a quick look at their website suggests they don't sell online. Can't remember the origin/blend. Anybody have this before and can recommend somewhere similar for online order?

  • What beans did you get there Black Sheep? I’d take a bag of the aul stale stuff if you are giving it away😁

  • Ah, that's what I've been doing... Firing out coffee to friends and acquaintances all day :)

  • Anyone else seen increases in their coffee prices? My go to coffee at Dreambeans has gone from 32.80 for 5 x 250g bags to over €39. I had seen that there were issues with bean production on Brazil but hadn't expected it to hit prices so soon!

  • I'm mainly buying from WCC these days and their prices are the same as ever, but I feel it is coming across the board very soon as you say. With a 20% hike you would really feel it.

    Might have to drink 20% less coffee now (never!)

  • Did you get the email from them about this, they offered me a voucher code to keep it at normal prices

  • No I didn't get any code. Might drop them an email to see. It's a fairly sizeable price increase!

  • Sorry I just re-read email. It was a code for 15% off. It expired on the 15th September.

  • My continental suppliers doesn't seem to have increased their prices.

    'Äthiopien Bio Limu Grade II Arabica Einzelsorte, Bio Kaffee Äthiopien inkl. 7 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten ... einzigartige Charakteristik Nuancen: Orange, Limette, Zuckerrohr - 6,20 €/ 250g '

    'Indien Pearl Mountain 27,39 €'

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  • On the topic of roast dates I noticed Bell Lane are roasted over a week before arriving. I guess it's because they ship based on order date whereas Badger & Dodo ship subscriptions on a fixed date? Probably not much difference but I would have thought subscription beans would be fresher than week old beans I could grab off the shelf.

  • Can absolutely recommend the Ponaire Colombian Coffee Single Origin. Nicest coffee I have had in a while.

  • Haven't tried Ponaire yet, what set up are you using?

  • I prefer strong milk coffees or plain espresso. It is a rich full taste which is particularly good if you like a strong flat white. I have a sage machine at home which is great.

  • Got a sub from bear market - 1kg comes in 2 x 500g bags which is nice. One bag was one week from roasting, the 2nd bag was 2 weeks from roasting which was a bit disappointing.

    Contacted them and they said the roaster says they are best 10-15 days after so that's why they send them with the time lag. Fair enough I guess and explains different dates on the bags too I suppose (e.g. you will not go onto the second one till a week later). Would prefer if they flagged it on their site that it's their practice though as I often buy a week before I might need to use them as I never want to completely run out (imagine!!)

  • What's the deal with certain coffees and dialling in?! I just bought a kg of SAM from Cloud picker and it seems to be so unpredictable compared to the Dream beans blend I had been using.

    Literally the same exact brew process, same dose, same tamp (using distribution tool) etc but one coffee comes out perfectly and the next one sputters and sprays all over the shop or just trickles out! I had thought that I had my process down to a tee but apparently not!

    I'm using a Rancilio Silvia without PID so I can't be exactly sure of temperature but have been using the same temperature surfing method and it's been mostly excellent coffee with the other beans, much more hit and miss with SAM.

    What ye reckon, is it down to roast? Type of beans? I would've thought that once you got the grind level right with correct timing then it should be more consistent...

  • Are you weighing your dose? I've found that makes things perfect. I weigh out 20g to put in my grinder each time.

  • Many users on the site have had issues with SAM over the years. It's a very unpredictable bean for some reason. Some of the other Cloud Picker stuff is lovely but I've seen so many issues with SAM between myself, other users here and a friend of mine as well. It's very strange. Would never buy it again.

  • Had the exact same, I buy from the roastery as its only down the road and raised this issue with them.

    I was told that due to the higher acidity in SAM it can be difficult to dial in unless you have barista level equipment (Guess margins for error are lower in acidic mixes). Now that was just a passing comment from one of their team.

    On all cloudpicker roasts (love formation in milky drinks) I tend to have to go 19.5 in an 18g basket to get the 2:1 in 25-30 and get all the flavour I'd expect.

    Try formation if you like a cappucino next time - easy dial in and some lovely choc, caramel flavour from it.

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  • Thanks for that, yeah I usually weigh out 18g in my basket and it seems to be very random as to how it turns out. I find that an 18g dose has much less volume when ground in the basket than other coffees too.

    Just been looking at Art of Coffee for a change, any consensus as to which blend is good to go with? Looking at Lounge, Smooth and Fusion. I do remember a lot of love for AOC on here over the past while!