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The Irish media hysteria



  • I believe that's the case, there are often a lot of discharges on Mondays as a result

  • "...The past 18 months has largely been about ordinary folk NOT being seen to,or facilitated to question,ANYTHING to do with the Covid response topic..."

    Hardly. About *0% of all forums and 90% is all abut questioning all of it. Its just a endless flow of everyone and their brother having an opinion on something.

  • Apologies, don't know how to select a section of a quote...

    Anyways, you are claiming that the sampling methodology of the ESRI is not representative. Quite the claim. What are you basing this on? Solely the fact that you/your family & friends don't agree with the poll results?

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  • No Family,No Friends...just myself.

    Thankfully one can still have a difference of opinion on these things without fear of arrest etc.....for now at least 😉

    Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

    Charles Mackay (1812-1889)

  • That's not a difference of opinion. That's published data vs opinion.

  • In order for what you're saying to be an "Opinion", you must have collected all relevant data, processed that data, and come to a reasonable conclusion.

    If you haven't done this, and are just making statements based on nothing, then you don't have an opinion.

  • Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

    Charles Mackay (1812-1889)

  • I was listening the news this morning at the radio and heard this:

    "If we continue to see a rise in Covid numbers over the next two or three weeks, I think we won't be in a position to ease restrictions any further, and that will have to wait another two or three weeks," Dr Favier said. "It's going to come down to our personal behaviours and what we do now." She said restriction easing may have to wait until schools, universities and third-level institutions reopen.

    I was a bit schocked that she stated this as a fact as if this doctor was part of the government and was deciding anything about what the country will and will not do.

    Obviously nothing scientific, no numbers of what is an acceptable rise or any scientific explanation or prediction, just a politic statement that this person has decided what will happen and what is the best for the country. The radio did not spend time explaining who they were interviewing, so all of a sudden there is a voice of someone who is not at the core of the decision making process that tells the country what will happen, no question asked. So you listen to the radio and take it as a fact, though it is just a single opinion.

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  • Slip of the tongue on her part. She knows she wields more power than elected officials, she just isn't meant to admit it, and will probably get a scolding for it.

  • Or maybe she is just giving her opinion as a Doctor? 🤔

  • If you tell 6/7 sentences and that only one uses "I think" and the rest uses the future, it is an opinion that you state as a fact. Example: "It's not what people want to hear, but it is the safer thing to do so we don't face potentially having our hospital services overwhelmed." Is it told as an opinion opened to discussion and alternatives ?

    Don't get me wrong, she is allowed to talk all she wants. It is up to the irish media to give them the importance they should have, which is close to zero in a "flash news" program. The news at the radio last ~1minute, there are plenty of facts and real fresh news that can be broadcasted, if they chose to broadcast an individual opinion they know what they do.

  • Well, clearly the architecture professor will be arguing for larger windows to be installed into the schools (it might be handy if they opened as well, but that's a problem for the engineering professor).

  • The architect knows how big the window can be without the wall falling down or how it affects the overall aesthetic of the structure etc.

    The idea of them jumping across to an epidemiology opinion unquestioned and making statements on likely impacts of particular microbio evolutions is just pure radio amateur hour.

    Or paid agendaist hour. Take your pick.

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  • I have recently moved from an apartment to a house where the TV is in full view from the driveway and have had to buy a TV licence for the first time in my life. This saddens me greatly.

  • Not Covid related but still public health - today there is a prime example of how state agencies provide information to the media who then disseminate it to the general public. There was a problem with Gorey and Ballymore Eustace water treatment plants a few weeks ago. The EPA press release on the incidents mentions that 52 people became sick in Gorey but does not state that this was caused by the water treatment plant issues. Surprise surprise, this is exactly what the media has done. The EPA will have known that that is what would happen.

    EPA press release

    "At Gorey water treatment plant in County Wexford, an incident which arose from a power failure and a chlorine pump failure resulted in water leaving the plant and entering the public supply without the appropriate level of disinfection for approximately a five day period in August 2021 (19th-24th). This incident was not notified to the EPA and the HSE until the 26th August, preventing a timely risk assessment of the impact on drinking water quality and to allow interventions to be taken that could have protected public health. The HSE are investigating a public health outbreak in the Gorey area. To date there has been 52 confirmed cases of illness associated with this outbreak, including VTEC, with a number of associated hospitalisations"

    Irish Times

    "Mr O’Brien was informed of the incidents by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which said in the case of the plant serving Gorey, the failures had caused illnesses in the local population"

    If there is actual proof that 52 people became ill from consuming this water I presume some of those affected will take legal action against Irish Water and Wexford County Council?

  • Can't comment on Kelly as i gave in listening to Newstalk many moons ago because of Coleman. I'm convinced he's some sort of government plant call me mad but a few Newstalkers have gone on to work for FG's PR department when they left the station. Coincidence i think not.

  • The whole TV licence thing is weird. We moved into a brand new house 12 years ago and around 2 weeks after that an inspector came knocking on the door asking about the licence to which i replied we don't have a TV as we've just moved in. No bother he say's and i haven't heard anything since but others get hounded regularly by them despite not paying either.

  • From hearing O"Brien's comments on the radio this evening it seems that the problem was that Irish Water were not informed early enough of the issues in Gorey (he didn't say by whom...the Council?) And therefore the problem became bigger than it should have, as Irish Water would have had the engineering expertise to rectify the issue early before it turned into this mess.