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The Boggers Log



  • I genuinely don’t get the version of Hanson that has you doing 10 m at HM pace, but if I read that right, you managed it, or very close to it. If you can pull that off in training, you’ll do it on the day, as long as you stay upright. You’ve found the going tough but you owe yourself a shot at the target.

  • Fully agree with Healy above - even targeting a sub 1.30 half is something that you probably didn't see happening after the year you've had.

    Breaking the race up as Healy advises is a good strategy - I also think you'll have more as its a race as opposed to a solo effort - and you are stubborn b0ll1x when you set your mind to it.

    The race is an out and back - and according to the Strava has a hill at the turnabout point - hitting that in good spirits needs to be the goal and then you're on the home straight for the return.

    6.50's early on, 6.40's on the way home - 6.3x to finish.

    I echo the sentiment about a positive race experience - I think thats a must for most of us as we approach racing again.

  • I agree with what has already been said here. You have come so far with your training, it's brilliant to see so take all the positives from that.

    Healy has made some great points & I'm far from an expert (that's what my mentor is for) but I would agree with Denis here. Training can be so tough at any time, some sessions go our way some don't. I don't know how many times I've convinced myself that I was going to have a really bad race because of sessions that left me feeling less than confident. I had 2 of my 1k reps recently in the one week, the 1st one should have been great, out in the PP fairly flat, weather was good but it was awful, felt really bad...then the next one went brilliantly felt so good after it! Race day is so much dependent on obviously the training but also it's a bit of luck & how you are feeling on the day! I think you will know yourself Sunday which one is best to go for & you will be happy with that choice but for now maybe don't give up on your dream 😊

    Hopefully I will see you there providing I don't get lost!

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  • Sorry we missed each other, I was hanging around the 1:30 pacer too but fairly in my own little world trying to stay focused & not let emotions take time hopefully 😊

    I'm not gonna say you shouldn't feel disappointed if you know exactly what you were after & you feel it didn't go that way BUT for someone that was questioning breaking 1:30 you completely smashed that & ran a superb race so maybe stop your belly aching & be very proud of that😉

    I'm really happy for your daughter too, all our goals are equally valid regardless of times & if she smashed her goal then she must feel amazing & dad too🤗

    Fair play setting your goals down now, you aren't afraid of hard work or saying when you feel maybe things aren't going so great but I really like that, none of us get it right all the time! Very best of luck with those goals but for now enjoy the fact that you went balls out for Antrim (achieved faster than the 6:40 pace) & didn't give up on the dream...

  • Sometimes it’s just about grinding out a result, and while you haven’t gone into your usual level of detail, it sounds like that’s what you did here. I hear you on the point that PB opportunities are thinner on the ground for auld lads like yourself 😉 but you got more out of that training block than perhaps you had a right to expect, given the niggles and your fairly difficult execution of a plan that’s a lot harder than it looks on paper. Yes, no doubt the magic shoes helped but to get close to PB territory under those circumstances - as you know well - is an achievement worth celebrating.

    A sub-3 marathon is going to require another level of consistency and greater injury risk, so you need to think carefully about how you’re going about that. As I’ve said before, you don’t need any souped-up Hanson for a sub-3, just a careful execution of the basic schedule.

    But that’s all for another day. Well done to yourself and the young wan, whose as gaeilge mutterings suggest she’s definitely one of yours.

  • Indeed D.


    I’d have taken your hand off for anything around a 1.28 prior to the off!

    Just feel I left a bit out on the course but it’s all hindsight and I could have blown up spectacularly.

    Anyway I’m onto the next challenge already 😊

    I had decided to jump into the 16 week Hanson’s advanced plan (60-80 miles) at week 4 (the work I’ve done so far should compensate for the late start). I’ll do the sessions and the LR and trim back the other days mileage. I don’t envisage going over 60 miles, and I’m sure it won’t be straightforward but I want to use the fitness I’ve built up rather than take a break and start again.


  • Serious well done on that time - as you said yourself you would have taken a minute or 2 slower before the start. You have a serious foundation to build on for the next challenge.

    I didn't make it to Larne as was struggling with a pulled hamstring but sounds like a great race - would you do it again?

  • Thanks J

    wondered what happened to you as I couldn’t see you in the results.

    I wouldn’t do it again because of the drive but the number in the race ensured you were always surrounded by other runners and I found that a great help.

    you back at it now? What’s the plan?


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  • I hear you - if it had to be closer to home I might have spun up and just done it as a long run for the views!!

    I'm back at it and have added speed back in for the last two weeks and so far so good!! Have 3 Half's provisionally in the diary - Ratoath next weekend, Mullingar on 25th and Galway on 2nd October (all deferred entries). Unlikely I will get to do all 3 with other commitments but hoping for a decent run in one of them at least and maybe even dip under 86 minutes!

    Must update the log but finding it hard to engage with the new site at all!!

  • I’m not. Will just have to get my head around the new site!!

  • Well you know what I think about racing so soon after the HM but congrats on the result!

  • Yep, but it probably proves my point on my thoughts on last week. Anyway time to try and stick to the Hanson plan for a few weeks

    well done today at the Masters 👍


  • That's a brilliant result - 22 secs is a huge PB. Keep doing what you're doing!

    Well done to the little lad on the U16 Dev squad.

  • Congrats on the PB. That's a serious effort, so soon after the Half too.

  • Congrats on the PB, that's a massive achievement.

    The times you are running seem to be quite a contradiction to your injury woes. Do you feel that despite the on-going aches that your are physically stronger than your former self pre-injuries.

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  • That Tuesday session was a monster...well done.

  • You are welcome 🤣

    If ya find them Tempos easy after the Tuesday session, then you are doing something wrong.

    Derby v Stoke, the beautiful game!

  • Hey Bogman, Congrats on the recent Half and the 5k. You're tippin along nicely it seems. Fair fooks for getting back after your issues. Is it only in running that a fella can say, "Hoping for a sub 1:30" and then moan about a 1:26??

    You've moved on to full marathon training, if I'm reading this correctly. Remind me which one.

    Keep it up lad and I do hope you achieve the old sub 3. And you'd better not moan afterwards.

  • Just realised I read this but never acknowledged it - can I blame the new site 😅

    Thanks, some interesting points there. You're an interesting conundrum! I sincerely hope you break that sub 3 barrier. Lots of inspiration around these parts, the likes of Ultrapercy who never gave up on the sub 2:30 and eventually nailed you, is just one of many who spring to my mind.

  • Hey D with the dodgy hip 🤣

    No it’s not just in running, when Mrs TbL tells me to do the hoovering for an hour and I do it for 45 mins I’m still moaning 😇

    I’m gonna either do San Seb or Valencia they are a week apart and I’ve entered both! More likely Valencia though.

    Doing the Hanson’s plan with some age related tweaks!

    Are you currently injured?


  • It would be great if you made it Valencia. I'm all signed up, entry bib (not a hope in hell I'll be running), flights, AirBnb.....So, I could do water carrier (think Kipchoge in Berlin) and of course there's the post race beers.

  • I'll have to start following your log more seriously now that you're doing Hansons and probably for December 5th. I remember being really worried about Tuesday/Thursday turnaround. I almost always did a little 6k trot on Wednesdays.

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