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The Boggers Log



  • Don’t know what you’re so unhappy about. 3 hour pace is 6:52. And your 800 reps are fine too in relation to 5k pace, I think - especially after all the travel. Stop being the drama queen! 😉

  • I’ll damn well Drama Queen away 😉

    You know better than most that 6.52 on Garmin isn’t good enough, I need to be hitting 6.45. My current 5k pace is 6.00-6.05 and I haven’t been hitting that either. On the plus side the body hasn’t collapsed like it did 3 weeks into the HM plan but no point deluding myself if I’m gonna have a serious crack at a sub 3.

    Great run today you should come back down for the Streets


  • I don't know that better than most actually, Maestro. In fact the contrary. Your garmin 6:52 could really be anything from 6:45 to 7:00 because that's the nature of the technology. But over a long training run and a long training block it's usually accurate enough on average, and if you start gaming it you'll end up overegging it. In my humble opinion of course.

    Thanks and yes, I'd love to do the Streets some year, definitely on the bucket list.

  • Have you any races planned in the lead up to the marathon? Is there any HM coming up your way over the next couple of months? (Asking for a friend!)

  • Hey J,

    might do the Streets of Galway 8k on 24th October, not sure I’ll do anything else, maybe a 10k if convenient. Was half considering the East Mayo HM this weekend but I’m away (probably for the best) I’ll keep an eye out for other HM’s, your friend would probably come a lot closer to 1.20 if it’s not windy 😉


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  • How ya going Bogger? Hit a speed bump, or what?

    As for your Spanish insults, all you really need is 'HijoPuta' the shortened version of 'H de P', but you do need to get the J sound right. Little back of the throat rattle.