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Anyone had a Covid 19 vaccine yet? - poll added 02/05



  • Yes - Moderna first jab
    second AZ yesterday. After being hit like a ton of bricks after the first dose I was expecting an easy time....
    Got it at 5pm yesterday, felt fine but a bit dizzy in the evening.
    Headed to work this morning at 7am (I work in a vaccination centre) feeling drowsy and by 9am I was almost asleep at the desk. I felt like I had taken 6 sleeping pills!! I was working through a huge crowd and my words weren't coming out very well, felt very disconneceted. I went for a sleep in my car at my break at 11am and was sent home at lunchtime as I couldn't keep my eyes open.
    Slept all afternoon and still feel wrecked. Arm very sore this time too. Wasn't expecting this.

    I'm done with vaccines now. No boosters for me.

  • Yes - J&J
    1st dose Pfizer. Sore arm but no more thankfully.

  • Got 2nd AZ vaccine on Sat. Absolutely no side effects whatsoever, unlike 1st dose when my arm was swollen & very sore x 3 days. Also exhausted x 2 days.

  • Yes - AZ second jab
    J&J today at 1pm.

    Arm is quite achey.

    Been taking panadol every couple of hours. Feel a bit of a hangover like headache coming on so trying to get the water in. Fingers cross there is no fever during the night…

  • Yes - Pfizer first jab
    So got my second moderna this morning had to drive from cork to Portlaoise for it. Got in nice and early and was out quick enough.
    I was going to hang around a bit and get lunch and head back to cork after lunch but on advice of lady giving the vaccine I headed back straight away before any reaction kicked it.
    So now 12 hours after jab .. arm is already quite sore and I have that hangover feeling starting and had hot flushes earlier as well . Definitely reactions hitting me a lot quicker than after first jab and I am wrecked tired ( could be the 6 hour return journey) .
    Went to bed at 9 but even though very tried not a chance of sleep so now up again and very restless.
    Fingers crossed I can somewhat function tomorrow.

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  • Got my first Pfizer dose yesterday at noon. Was grand all day yesterday, maybe a bit tired, but other than that just a sore arm.

    Woke up a few times during the night with what seemed like fever dreams, and woke up this morning feeling wrecked, and a little achey. I've had much worse doses.

    Off topic: The website update is pants.

  • Got first Pfizer on Wednesday, had a dead arm until today, starting to get back to normal, other than that I’ve been fine.

    genuinely questioning as to whether or not I want the 2nd dose?!! I know multiple people now who are fully vaccinated and have tested positive. I’m 36 and healthy.