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Bray Air Show - DART Doors forced open following delays and discomfort.



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    At this stage Train E268 was stopped at Signal BR28 (Figure 9) for approximately five minutes. On the carriage, the heat was so great that condensation built up on the carriage ceiling and began to drip onto passengers. A teenager, who was feeling faint with the heat, began to vomit (both symptoms of heat exhaustion), and due to the crowding was vomiting over other passengers, some of whom tried to disperse, and others tried to come to her assistance. In the commotion, a baby began screaming and turning red, and the baby’s father, Pax 133, in a “distressed”, “agitated” and “frustrated” state (irritability is a symptom of heat exhaustion), opened a passenger door by means of the emergency opening device, forcing open the door, and passengers began self-detraining.

    Sounds horrific. I can't blame anyone for wanting to get out of that situation.

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    Unfortunately none of what is in that comes as a big surprise to me. The culture in Irish Rail is part of the problem in my personal view, always a tendency to blame passengers and defend itself when it needs to be doing better.

    The fact that they haven't learnt many lessons from what happened in DL in 2017 just backs that up.

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    And Irish Rail at the time were blaming the passengers for getting off the train, calling them trespassers and saying the Gardai were getting involved. It really highlights how Irish Rail see and treat passengers.

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    How many times did they insist in statements and tweets that the aircon was working when it wasn't even on

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    There is a very pervasive idea that AC is a luxury in Ireland and something not really needed at all. If it isn't on or not working then no big deal, sure isn't it always cold in Ireland anyway.

    A train or bus is basically a greenhouse, without opening windows and movement or fully functioning AC the interior will easily get uncomfortably hot on a sunny day even if the ambient temp is relatively low, on an actual hot day it can easily get dangerously hot.

    We get warnings to not leave animals or children in a locked car but seemingly there is no urgency with hundreds of people tightly packed in a sealed train carriage.

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    Scathing report on IE failings

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    Kentish Town, Lewisham, Royal Oak a few weeks back, and this all prove the point : as soon as a train stops outside a station, a clock starts ticking after which pax will self-evacuate . You can change the clock by communication and environmental factors but it cannot be stopped.

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    talk about trying to bury a bad news report, releasing 22/12/23 when everyone's gone home

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    Yes yes I'm sure lessons will be learned.

    A blatantly cheeky move releasing it Christmas weekend. Ridiculous.

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    No jax and no aircon blistering hot weather . Saying people are idiots means you are just trotting out the IE party line

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    people had already been on that train for much longer than that.

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    Five minutes and thirty two seconds without an audible PA from the driver , lets remember. The report bears reading in detail.

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    no they aren't, they are just simply stating facts.

    other trains were unnecessarily delayed because of the tresspassers antics.

    irish rail screwed up absolutely but that is no excuse for tresspassing on a live railway when no lives were in danger.

    ticking a box on a form does not make you of a religion.

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    The facts are in the report.

    Everything that said person has written is merely their opinion.

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    30 seconds. That’s how long TfL will allow a tube train to be stopped at a signal before the driver is expected to make their first announcement.

    In this case and under extremely uncomfortable circumstances, there was no announcement for over five minutes. Anyone coming here and blaming passengers after the regulator comprehensively blamed Irish Rail is unbelievable.

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    There is a case for monitoring temperatures on public transport and having some standard for what is acceptable.

    Following Covid there was a lot of talk of ventilation etc, there talk should have been followed up with monitoring of air quality.

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    IE were perfectly happy to refer to their customers as trespassers on the day on twitter remember and this fact is called out as a causal factor : "CoF-04 – IÉ’s Twitter account continuously referred to the self-detrained passengers as “trespassing”, which greatly annoyed some passengers on the stranded trains and may have influenced their decision to self-detrain;"

    The first train that let out had aircon which was working, which according to the report was not turned on and I quote "On returning to the Dublin end of the cab to bring the train into service, Driver E268 would have had to turn on the air conditioning again, but did not, as he thought it was already on. "

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    The Railway Accident Investigation Unit (RAIU) is independent of IE so I don't see why it would want to bury one of its reports.

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    Thats a fair point and in honesty I cant see a motive for it either, unless someone had promised to get it off their desk before the end of the year