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Will you continue to wear your mask when they are optional?



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    Yes in busy Shops/public transport.

    If you want to post something, you dig it out and post it.

    Or did I miss the email saying I had to do other posters work for them?

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    CSO figures for 2021 not yet fully published for Q3 and Q4.

    600 of a difference from 2020 when Covid was at its worst in this country and we were told deaths were highest, actual figures tell us about an extra 11 people a week died when compared to total actual deaths in 2019 and 2018....

    2020 - 31,765

    2019 - 31,134

    2018 - 31,140

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    Yes in busy Shops/public transport.

    But I absolutely strongly believe that we must do what is right for each of us and not live our lives based on what we think is right for others.

    We already live our lives with the welfare of others in mind.

    And the mask isn't just about others, any individual who thinks they are not at risk from it could find out that that is not necessarily the case and while right now, they might shrug their shoulders and say 'So what, that's life' there's plenty examples of those who held such a view changing it once they got the virus.

    And I am not saying we stay in constant lockdown, wear masks eternally, but that we recognize that the virus is still present and still people are being impacted by it. And we certainly don't glorify in the disappearance of masks like they should never have appeared in the first place (which you yourself are not doing). That is one of the main concerns I have about the mask conversation is that for some, they are using the fact that advice to wear them from NPHET and others has stopped, to mean that that advice was never valid in the first place.

    We can't just ignore harsh realities because they are unpleasant and we want to go back to a time of innocence, we are not immortal.

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    This thread seems to be going over stuff that belongs in the mask megathread. Not sure there is anything useful still to say here and further mask discussion can move back to the megathread

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