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Are you getting your child 5-11 vaccinated? Why/why not?



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    I wonder does that mean "fully" vaccinated i.e. have received both doses.

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    The news said that less than 25% of the eligible cohort of 5-11 year olds (480k) have registered for the vaccine. A lot of vaccine hesitancy out there.

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    What percentage of children have had covid in last month? 25% of my sons class have it right now. And those kids won’t be registered yet. That’s not hesitancy.

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    Fair point. I cannot see many of those recovered children opting for a vaccine when they become eligible again. Do you?

    I think the long term guidance will be similar to the annual flu jab.

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    For those coming up on the 3 week mark, have you got appointment texts?

    We were told to come back, same time/same place 3 weeks later but haven't got an official appointment yet.

    It's not until Sunday so there's a bit of time yet, but I guess I'll just show up?

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    I actually called hse today as our 3 weeks is up tomorrow, was told it's between 21-28 days so should wait for appointment in next few days.

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    I got our appointments for bang on the three weeks but I postponed cos we all had covid. Dunno if I’ll bother with second one now.

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    Can i ask which vaccination center?

    We would be due back on saturday but no confirmation text. Just wondering whether to walk in or not?

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    No, they won't be getting it as they don't need it.

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    My 5yr old has it now aside from one evening (not even a full day!) of slight temp & sore head (she said) & a bit tired she's as right as rain. In normal times she wouldn't even have had a day off school. I only tested her because it's going through the class.

    To make things worse am supposed to leave her older siblings off too even tough they vaccinated & negative?

    Anyway I didn't get her vaccinated because they don't get sick & could still get it & pass it on anyway.

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    My one year old has it. I asked her what are her symptoms and she said she has a bit of a hemiplegic migraine and that she is awfully nasally congested. I said right so and had to look the words up. She then proceeded to ask if I was mentally challenged.

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    You may agree with the decision, but Sweden has not stated that "the benefits of the vaccine do not outweigh the risks". That's your opinion.

    The quote from the announcement press conference that's been widely reported is:

    The vaccines are safe, there are very good vaccines but we are now focusing on the medical benefits of the individual child and we don’t see that the benefits are great enough for us to recommend for the whole group.

    Additionally, they have decided against vaccination of all 5-12 year olds, but are recommending vaccination of children in that age group who have higher risk from COVID.

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    Medically at least. The benefit is that a vaccinated child can still go about their business if one of their siblings gets covid. An unvaccinated child might need to isolate for 14 days

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    A child can be higher risk and also be healthy.

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    Fair point but a 'recovered' child can also go about their business if they are a close contact.

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    Any child can go about their business if they are just a close contact but you are correct that if the child has had covid since Dec 1 they are treated the same as a vaxxed child

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    Pat Kenny discussing vaccinating kids now. Main theme seems to be "what can we do to get more kids vaccinated?", not much discussion on whether is needed at this stage.

    He's worried too about NPHET relaxing mask rules.

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    Bet he'd love this

    “Nphet kept masks to get more kids vaccinated but that was always going to be challenging as parents don’t rush to get their kids vaccinated and they don’t really get sick from it,” a Government source said.

    So I guess Government sources are now anti-vaxxers (as defined by some).

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    Had my kids vaccinated in January and they got covid a week later - it’s about a month ago now. I postponed apts for second doses this weekend. Not sure what to do now.

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    Lots of reasons I won't be vaccinating my 2 kids:

    We all had Covid towards the end of December, it was literally a joke for the kids, maybe one day of a mild headache and they had a nap in the middle of the day.

    It's a double dose of a vaccine that Pfizer's own CEO said does practically nothing for Omicron (as evidenced too by the tens of thousands of cases per day in Ireland over December and January despite high vaccination levels and boosters).

    The risk of Covid to healthy children is miniscule.

    The vaccine doesn't stop you catching or transmitting the virus.

    The clinical trial size was just 2000 children (half of which I'd assume were a placebo group).

    And from the HSE themselves:

    On rare side effects: "Most people recover from myocarditis and pericarditis on their own but they may need treatment in hospital. We don’t yet know if there are any long-term problems because of these side effects."

    "We are still learning about the effectiveness and side effects of COVID-19 vaccines in this age group."

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    This is me too Fits.My eldest got it at Christmas.Why would I vaccinate her now?🤨

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    Thanks, but can't take the credit there, call me old-fashioned but believe in encouraging kids to think for themselves rather than brainwashing them.

    They figured out for themselves, better to wait till the end of the clinical trials of these drugs. Remember, for BioNTech SE and their collaborator, Pfizer, clinical trials don't end until around mid May 2023.

    Guessing reports/data will be some time after, or then they may try to withhold that data for 75 years, until 2096, also (you couldn't make that s**t up).

    Interesting to note from the study description that when these trials began, 5-11 year olds were not even considered as a study group. Still are not as of last update earlier this month.

    “Follow the trend lines, not the headlines,”

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