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How important is a man's job when it comes to dating?



  • Silly question really.......

    Just 2 quick examples.......anna Nicole smith& j Howard Marshall, Lisa Murphy & Gerard Keane ( or even Lisa Murphy & Michael flatley).

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  • Going by some of the recent threads in the Relationship Issues forum, I thought this was going to be another moan about men who make no effort...

  • Its my excuse broke and men are goldiggers :P

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  • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    When you marry a richer man you can come back and tell us we told you so

  • I think in a relationship it’s helpful if both parties have a reasonably similar level of income.

    i dated a girl 10 or so years ago who was from Tipp, living in Dublin, renting, running a car all on about a 31,000 / 32,000 salary, a customer service rep for an insurance company the time I was on about 39,000

    id consider myself a generous person who likes also to enjoy life.... she liked to enjoy life, nights out, dinner, weekends away but fûck she hated putting her hand in her purse.... yes she’d rent to pay and a car to keep but barring the odd glass of something in a pub that she make a big deal of... it was on me.... got fed up of it.

    it didn’t work out for various reasons, she ended up being a whiny self centered melt but the lack of disposable income to help was becoming an issue too...

    id have earned a lot more then my current girlfriend but those roles will be reversed as she has completed her masters and is getting her own business up and running which has gone better then either of our wildest dreams would have envisioned so quickly.... I’m currently up-skilling and hopefully that will lead to meeting her wage profile ballpark anyway and I think that’s a reasonable platform for stability...

  • I dated a guy who had less money than me. In fact he was as close to homeless as one could be tbh.

    But ..He GOT IT.

  • All I can say is women differs in many perspective......

  • Women in general marry only at their own level or higher. So if the woman is earning 30k, the man should earn at least that, preferably more. This is why it's more difficult for highly paid or very intelligent women to find a spouse.

    A highly intelligent man, or a man earning 150k or more generally will marry at that level or down.

  • Finiancial security is important for everyone I think. No-one that I know of wants to be in a realationship where the other parthner is financially dependent on them. Once established or after having kids they may make financial choices together to inprove their qualify of life. It also depends on your age and how well you know the person before you begin dating. I would have gone out with people who earn less than me in my early twenties as we were figuring out life paths and careers. Apart from it’s always been similarish i’d say from their work profile. I would never have considered dating someone unemployed or as a previous poster said without their **** together. I possibly would if I knew the person beforehand and could trust that they would get their **** together. I now earn more than my husband as he works part-time but that was a decision that works well for us both lifrstyle wise and was made together. We are also financially secure.

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  • I might just qualify my statement there. I have come across people who would love to depend on others financially male and female but the majority are female. Most don’t succeed in this as their parthners would not agree. Some do but not many in my experience. It’s more of a pipedream for most.

    A work ethic is a great thing in my opinion. All work is not nessecarily renoumerated either. I know others who earn little but are constantly working for the good of their family or community. It’s a mixed bag really but if one is happy with how work (care duties - home/children etc. and money earned) is shared sure that’s the main thing.

  • At 37 you might be in danger as being seen as the scrapings at the bottom of her proverbial barrel ............. last chance saloon for the good doctor........... 😋

    (joking ...kind of .....would be a good catch alright for a fella in his 50's)

  • 50k is a sort of magic number though where you can afford a nice lifestyle, eating out, new cars, plenty of travel, basically no need to be penny pinching. So once you achieve that, even if the woman is on multiples of that, you are both in a decent position and on some kind of level playing field.

    The problem arises more where the guy is on 25/30/35k or a lower status job which puts him in a vastly different position to the high achieving woman. That, more often than not, is going nowhere.

  • I'm 41! But yes the dating world is great at my age, they're practically lining up in their late 30s if you're a decent guy!

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