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F1 2021 Round 4 : Spanish Grand Prix

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    FP1 Fri, 07 May 10:30

    FP2 Fri, 07 May 14:00

    FP3 Sat, 08 May 11:00

    QU Sat, 08 May 14:00

    Race Sun, 09 May 14:00

    Never find this track Interesting ,it rarely delivers and not helped by the constant reminders that it is "very difficult to over take here"

    I predicted Vettel getting into Q3 last week and to my surprise I got that right.
    This week , I will say he gets his first points .......probably 10th . :D
    but given how tight the mid field is I am not sure at whos expense. and yes I am trolling my own post



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