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Fair City [News, Spoilers and Discussion v10] Read Post #1 Before Contributing

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    Time to start a new Fair City thread.

    Please familiarise yourself with the charter before posting:

    Soap Opera Charter - *** November 20th, 2013 ***

    The Rules:

    There should be no spam, trolling or any general muppetry. (Any of this will result in posts being edited/deleted)

    Try to be friendly & courteous to each other. If things get out of hand, offenders will be banned. (Any Abuse or Racism will not be tolerated)

    Commercial advertising is not permitted. (Contact the Admins if you wish to place ads on the site)

    Before starting a new thread, please check see if there is already a similar thread existing. (Duplicate threads will be removed)

    Any "off topic" posts will be edited, closed or deleted without warning.
    Remember, not everyone may have seen a TV show.

    If you are giving away plot points, please use the spoiler tag.
    To do this, put (spoiler) (/spoiler) around the text. (replace the () brackets with [] brackets.)

    It will then look like this:
    This is a spoiler

    Don't ask where you can download TV shows or give any links to them. In fact try to stay away from discussion of downloading altogether.

    Charter Update - January 14th, 2013

    There have been several reported posts lately of lewd comments on this forum. Nobody wants to read crap about "what you'd do" to to a character of the opposite sex (or similar sexual comments). It's crass and childish. Lewd comments will earn a one week ban from this point forward.

    Charter Update - October 4th, 2013

    Please don't make demeaning comments about the appearance of actors that appear in your favourite soaps (saying things like they're ugly, flat chested etc.).

    It's not funny or clever, and will earn you a one week ban from this forum from this point forward.

    Charter Update - October 31st, 2013

    It is against the charter to drag the Fair City thread off topic conversation/Stephen Jokes.

    Any repeat offenders of these rules, will be banned.

    Charter Update - January 24th, 2015.

    Only moderators are authorised to post details of card/infractions/bans in this forum. If posters engage in this practice they will incur a one week ban.

    All the usual rules also apply.

    If there are any queries/problems, you can send a PM to one of the forum mods.

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