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Donald Trump discussion Thread IX (threadbanned users listed in OP)



  • Cant find the tool to allow me edit and add to my last above. Vindman may not have been aware of the Trump Admin behind the scenes deal being struck with the Taliban as he was struck out of the military loop by Trump and denied relative military info on which to make an accurate and definitive assessment of proper JCS actions needed to secure US national and international interests above those of POTUS flailing about in anger in the Oval Office at the election result. I wrote above about Vindma's reaction to what's in the book on Gen Milleys reported actions [which may be true] in an advance response to a possible Trump tantrum.

    Bringing Vindmans POSSIBLE concerns about Ukraine up to date [vis a vie Russia] Belarussia and Russia are currently hold large wargames supposedly in joint concerns about the stability of Ukraine. My apologies to you and other readers for my two-part response to the ongoing Trump campaign. The Russia /Belorussia wargames are mentioned on the Defence Forces Members and Veterans F/B page "Putin oversees vast wargames with Belarus".

  • Just briefly off topic to say the edit option is the three little dots beside the post number on your own posts (you can't see it on other people's posts). You can edit for 24 hours.

  • Well I'm pretty sure Melania isn't looking for your sympathy or would find any use for it even if you offered it to her.

    You might be aware Melania is a supermodel and when she married Trump he wasn't even a politician but a businessman. So it's highly unlikely she was even interested in being a political First Lady or ever felt she was capable of doing anything much more than giving speeches written by others as required. It's not like supermodels tend to come of a background of journalism or politics or other or high profile careers, like the likes of Michele Obama who being a bright well educated successful woman in her own right would already have the skills to cope with being the First Lady and be able to offer some original input of her own, rather than just looking like a 'sullen youth married to a tycoon fogey' as you so unnecessarily disparagingly put it and since you did it's unlikely you would ever have any sympathy for her in the first place.

    Your post reminds me, what happened to all these suggestions that Melania was going to divorce Donald Trump after all the negative media attention he got since becoming president- as if she didn't know who he was before he became president? I found those suggestions obnoxious because it was clear some people would enjoy to see it happen which is the break up of a family with young kids. Imagine getting satisfaction from that.

  • What do you think attracted Melania to Trump, his looks or his personality?

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  • Tangential to Trump, somewhat, but the GOP's recall attempt to dislodge Gavin Newsom has failed specularly in California; their great hope was a real Trumpist in Larry Elder who, of course, immediately starting claiming election shenanigans. Seems like this is the GOP playbook for the time being: if we didn't win, it was rigged.

    Apparently this recall election will cost the state $300 million (so much for the party of fiscal conservatism), while Newsoms offence to justify the recall was IIRC visiting a posh restaurant while publicly asking for restraint. Shítty double standards, but also depressingly common across the globe at the time.

  • To be fair to Elder , whilst he did start the "Voter Fraud" guff even before the election actually happened , he did concede pretty early and with reasonably good grace.

    Which is more than can be said of Katlyn Jenner who went off on one having garner less than 1% of the vote.

  • My understanding of the recall system is if the recall is successful then whoever gets the most votes wins. So a governor could lose with say 49% on the recall and his replacement might only get 20% of the vote for governor. Whoever came up with that system if my understanding is correct is an idiot.

  • What you wrote @salmocab is also my understanding of how the California system works, and like you I can’t understand how this system is good. Firstly, I’m of the belief that a politician should be held accountable at the scheduled election(which is next year in California btw) and not at the whim of their opponents. Secondly, the fact it’s a simple majority for the highest office in a state such as California again strikes me as ridiculous. And despite some of what I’ve listened to, the win for the democrats, doesn’t mean trumpism is gone away. Trumpism whether the democrats want to admit it is here for the foreseeable future.

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  • The recall system is fine and rarely used. Those sulking about it I assume were dead quiet when it was used on Scott Walker.

    Elder should not have been on the ballot, black boomer Trump is not a good fit for California.

    Its a reminder how skilled Manchen, Collins, Hogan etc are winning elections they have no right to.

  • Just came across this clip of President Biden. Its only 50 seconds long. Well worth a watch. Its easy to understand where his passion come from when defending lgbtq+ rights. If Joe was president instead of tramp, we would have far less bigotry in todays society. Truly moving

  • The recall system is just objectively appalling. That a sitting governor can be "recalled" is not the issue, that they can receive 49% support and be replaced by someone with 20% is the clear and obvious issue.

  • LOL

    A certain Mrs Merton might have asked "What first attracted you to the millionaire Donald Trump?"

  • Joe is President. But it's like clearing up after a car accident. The accident only took a few seconds, it can take hours to clear the road.

    I objectively detest the former guy but I wouldn't refer to him in that way, it's only giving ammo to his supporters here and justification for them to use derogatory comments elsewhere.

  • In a move which might recoil on him, Trump is suing his niece and the NYT over coverage [release of] of his tax records. I won't link the move directly with his CFO's statement/admission that more court charges are [probably] coming down the line for Trump, just that the two may not be purely coincidental. He may [no pun] be trying to trump his CFO's statement by beginning the above case. It'll give both respondents a chance to reveal more of what they know/have access to in court which is risky for Trump if the knowledge has not been made public by either the prosecutor/s in NYC or the respondents. They may even call witnesses from the Trump side to rebut Trump's case in court as a sensible person would remind the witnesses they are not on nor liable for trial in respect of evidence they give against Trump himself. He's claiming they had an insidious plot against him to get his records.

  • Trump’s suit may allow for evidentiary discovery by the defense. Ironically.

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  • Well Trump is well known for his amount of lawsuits that he files and then quietly drops them without saying anything or paying to get out from them.

  • Indeed. Methinks that in this case Trump is just posturing in hopes of getting air time. Given that to proceed with a civil trial may result in disclosing what he wants to remain hidden. Defense discovery along with deposition would not be in his best interests for 2024.

  • Trump is doing this because any movement from the DOJ then he can claim 'witch hunt'

  • Why do we hear so little from Trump lately? From 2015 campaign through his 4 years in office he was daily in the news and Twitter. Hummmmm? But since 6 January 2021 his voice and air time has gradually declined to almost nothing. Now, I am not complaining. 🤪 He rarely said anything of substance.

    Most folks I chat with think he will run in 2024. Trump will be the Republican candidate. Could his banning from several social media platforms for his part in 6 January and spreading Big Lie elections misinformation be the reasons? No daily tweets?

    The recent Washington DC protest of jailed 6 January insurrectionists fizzled with only about 100 or so of Trump’s followers showing up. This number very unlike the numbers Trump normally gets from adoring fans at his rallies.

  • Just of the "Justice for the January 6th" rally.

    They basically conspiracy theoried themselves out of existence on that one.

    There was a theory that it was a false flag event organised by the FBI/Deep State to round up and imprison "god fearing patriots" so the vast majority decided not to go to their own event.

  • There must be a conspiracy theory excuse for every Trump failure? What about his one billion dollars Atlantic City casino and resort bankruptcy failure? Or his more recent Trump University failure where he was fined $21 million?

  • On that, the media seemed heartbroken their was so little people their, they flocked their in the droves hoping for culture war shite.

    I recall a Richard Spencer rally a few years ago, the media would not shut up about it, everyone showed up media wise and Spencer had maybe 50 people?

    On the rally the other week, I think their was more undercover FBI people, some stuck out so much " How do you do my fellow MAGA" . than actual Trump loons. 😂

    When Trump gets the 2024 GOP nomination, it will be very interesting to see what Dorsey and Zuckerberg do, does he get his playthings back?

    Zuckerberg is an awful person so he probably will want to keep Trump happy if he thinks he has a chance of winning.

  • So we are back to blaming the media again?

    So if they don't show it they are suppressing the real stories because of their hate for Trump, and if they do show up and no actual supporters do it means they are heartbroken?

    The lack of support is the story, plenty for the media to talk about. The wide angled shot showing nobody could be bothered to turn up, that like Trump himself, his supporters won't bother.

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  • The American mainstream media is utterly broken. They haven't learned any lessons from 2016 where they gave Trump massive coverage.

    Trump kept a lot of dying mediums relevant and since he lost they have been scrambling for other "villains" to fill the void. They tried to elevate MTG and Tucker into Trump esque villains for ratings but only made both bigger stars and their breathless coverage of some nerds doing that rally where nobody showed up is another example of how limited they are.

    They want the conflict and as Bill Burr said they desperately want Darth Vader back which will make his 2022 GOP race that much easier.