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People who tested positive, how are you feeling?



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    So yesterday, a full week on from the first positive antigen test, i finally got a negative.

    Still felt quite warm but not feverish or anything, just warm and sweaty.

    Got up this morning did another test and it was positive.

    thats 7 days with positive reults in a row, 1 day negative and now another positive.

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    For anyone who can remember back about 10-11 weeks I finally lost the weird smoky burning smell I was getting.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

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    So 12 days after consecutive positives, today is first day ive gotten a negative

  • Registered Users Posts: 99 ✭✭ treenytru

    Woke up tired yesterday & struggled through a workout. Sore throat & a congested feeling with slight headache started yesterday evening. Negative antigen test but self isolated.

    Tired but still struggled to sleep last night...few trips to bathroom & thunder & lightning didn't help😄

    Got positive test result this morning but feel better than yesterday..less tired & really now just have sore throat & congested head...little hot & achy but v grateful I appear to be getting off lightly. I'm fully vaxxed & got boosted last Jan.

    Logged test result with hse..anyone know how long it takes to receive antigan tests in post?

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    I logged my positive test with the HSE last week - didn't even realise they posted out antigen tests. Vaccinated and boosted since December. Was feverish with a sore throat the first day and then second felt 100 times better both cleared but 5 days on can't shift watery eyes and congestion. Normally that goes after a day or two for me on a normal cold. Lucky to have gotten off this lightly I know but I still feel miserable.

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    Not a great advertisement for the vaccine with that list of symptoms and duration of your illness after 4 doses.

    And in some countries they're taking Paxlovid on top of the vaccines too.

    "It would have been much worse without the 4 doses" I suppose...

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,034 ✭✭✭ The Continental Op

    Would depend on the severity I think Tim Robins was just trying to be as honest as possible. Half those symptoms I can get any day just with some form of hayfever/allergy. Woke this morning with thick head, blocked noise, cough, puffy eyes, sinus pain and fatigue after a great nights sleep and thats got nothing to do with covid.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,252 ✭✭✭ ceadaoin.

    And the paxlovid seems to more often than not result in a rebound infection. Another great product from pfizer!

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    I can't take risks with pseudo science. I am asthmatic. If anything it's a reminder to people who may have similar ailments to mind themselves. You might consider getting yourself a peak flow and a nebulizer so when it arrives your prepared for your asthma fairing up.

    Your choice what medication you want to take or not but I'd happily get injected regularly if the science says it reduces risk of hospitalisation.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,800 ✭✭✭ Tim Robbins

    For the four weeks, I would have been bad enough to stay off work for one week. Week two I was 75%. Week 3 85%. Week 4 90%.

    I am prone to approx three chest infections per year. I'd rate this as similar to a bad chest infection with more symptoms e.g. diarrhea was pretty bad and wouldn't usually get that.

  • Registered Users Posts: 414 ✭✭ dorothylives

    I had it, got it in hospital and wouldn't have done a home test if I hadn't been in a hospital that was riddled with it. It was a mild head cold and things smelled and tasted odd for a few days. I've had worse hangovers.

  • Registered Users Posts: 869 ✭✭✭ homewardbound11

    Exactly the same here .

    Now need a steroidal inhaler after covid . Secondary mild cold one month on after covid .

  • Registered Users Posts: 30,767 ✭✭✭✭ NIMAN

    Tested positive maybe 4 or 5 weeks ago.

    Very fatigued every morning I wake up, irrespective of how much sleep I get. Feels like I haven't slept at all.

    And now getting lot of dizzy spells too. Sometimes overnight if I happen to waken, and also when I first get up in the morning.

    Not sure if connected to testing positive. I would have had mild dizzy spells before, but the fatigue is definitely since the positive result.

    I have tried a few strenuous periods of exercise since too, and definitely don't seem to have the same energy or lung capacity as before.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,972 ✭✭✭ SuperBowserWorld

    Tested positive with no symptoms after first variant. Had a hospital operation so I had to be checked. No symptoms and no operation either unfortunately.

    Tested positive after 2 vaccinations of Pfizer and 1 horrible Moderna booster. Was the Omicron variant. Felt like **** for a couple of weeks.

    Ok now.

  • Registered Users Posts: 392 ✭✭ Hippodrome Song Owl

    My 7 days self isolation are over this morning. I am still strongly antigen positive though so I will stay where I am until Monday anyway.

    It has been a very strange illness in several ways - thick phlegm built up deep in my lungs without ever having any upper respiratory symptoms; the sickest I've ever felt for a short period then improved like the flick of a light switch. A very weird experience. I have been feeling no symptoms since Thursday evening and thought all was good, but have discovered this morning that I am unable to have a 5 minute conversation without feeling breathless. It's concerning and very strange as I feel I can breathe fine and have no cough, no wheeze.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,793 ✭✭✭ Andrea B.

    Just tested + yesterday. First known catch.

    Runny nose, dizzy, phlegm, roof of mouth sore.

    Very fatigued all last week, but sleep apnoea developed recently so suspected that.

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    Have you had the inhaler a while homewardbound?

  • I finally contracted Covid 8 days ago. It's been a very mild illness for me. No cough, no fever, no sore throat or pains. Slight runny nose, reduced taste and smell, a bit lethargic. Wife same as me, but with a slight cough.

    My kids' symptoms came on very suddenly. They both started to complain of feeling cold, and they both vomited once but slept peacefully and were totally better 36 hours later.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,398 ✭✭✭ Chris_5339762

    Another one of us getting it for the first time...

    For me its just a standard cold, slightly elevated resting heart rate (+10) and the odd slightly hot/sweaty and cold periods. Either a standard cold or a very very light flu.

    Worried about the old parents, obviously, who I live with, but both of them had a third booster a few weeks ago so have plenty of antibodies already in their system and don't need to ramp up production, so should be fine.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,034 ✭✭✭ The Continental Op

    As this thread has been started again I'll post once more about weird smells since Covid a good few months back. Can't find any other reason for it other than Covid but still getting none existent or altered smells. The smell of burning now comes and goes and its almost like my brain is saying you can smell X but I'm no longer interpreting it as X I going to substitute the smell of burning instead. Then I had nearly a month of poo/disinfectant smells. Any smell in the bathroom would be interpreted as a strong smell of poo and or disinfectant and our bathroom has never smelt of disinfectant. I've said previosly the burning smell had gone but it came back was replaced by the poo/diinfectant smell which might have gone again this week. Who knows what I'll be smelling next?

    Wake me up when it's all over.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,538 ✭✭✭ sporina

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,034 ✭✭✭ The Continental Op

    Nope no sign of and no one in the family with it.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,538 ✭✭✭ sporina

    OH has covid - v sore throat so far..

    i'm fine so far - but I think i'll more or less isolate anyway.. like, I'll go shopping with a mask but I won't be meeting up with anyone - regardless of what the guidelines say,..

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,398 ✭✭✭ Chris_5339762

    I'm pretty much back to normal now, reckon I picked it up at a party the previous Friday.

    Both parents are now positive by symptoms. Bad fatigue in both, a bad cough, some weakness and in the case of one, exasherbation of Parkinsons symptoms. Elevated heartrate suspected in one too.

    I hope this doesn't go on for long - having two of them sick at the same time (and absolutely no backup of any sort from anyone else) is not easy.

  • Registered Users Posts: 133 ✭✭ foozzybear61

    both of us tested positive a few days after our boosters..

    I had a scratchy throat and other half has a cough

    Feel a bit tired but otherwise fine so far, Exact same thing happened this time last year after shots

    Coincidence ?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,398 ✭✭✭ Chris_5339762

    Ten days after scratchy nose symptoms, still a very definite double-line on the antigen today. Will try again Sunday.

    Edit: Still a cough only but slightly more fatigue than two days ago. Seems to be a slight resurgance if anything.