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The kickstarter adventures of Sólás -



  • Certainly looks like it 1st glance.

    @Thirdfox hope all is well you and the family, that ye are settling into new rhythm's of life with a baby.

    Still smile whenever I wear my Sólàs and I'm very much looking forward to the next one. In fact it's the only watch I'm currently 100% certain I'm buying 😂

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  • That bezel looks slick.

  • Ha the brownie poins could be significant if it's difference in price between an Omega and a Sólas. Hopefully enough people will be interested in something genuinely quite different in the diver category but the job has been made tougher in getting it produced as MOQ has risen to 500 rather than 300 with the requirement of getting a SW300 movement, tungsten cases etc. Hence an increase in marketing budget (which takes away funding from adding say an extra bevel on the case/bracelet or actual watch features) - you can build the best watch in the world, but if no-one knows about it they can't buy it either so I can understand how there are rumours/speculation that Rolex is spending 50% of costs on marketing - sure everyone knows about Rolex now but it can be a quick move from being ubiquitously known to entering the cobwebs of collective memory...

    The top or the side?

    If you look carefully you can see that for the bezel I've actually chosen to have a beadblasted finish applied rather than high polish - I think that gives it 1. better tactility/grip for actual use and 2. it matches closer to the "ogham stonework" effect I'm aiming for.

    Oh and if you look at the transition from black to green on the top of the bezel - you can see there is a subtle S built into the design - lots of fun design cues to notice in this watch and all tried to done in a coherent/cohesive manner.

  • Still haven't managed to out the starlight on yet even though received it a long time ago. Its a present for my daughter's 18th which is the very start of November, so not long to go!

  • I have to say when you said you were going with a dive watch for your next project i thought you were a bit mad, given its the most saturated market segment, but i think you're onto another winner here. I absolutely love that the transition from Green to Black and back again isn't just a boring perpendicular line, it really makes the bezel stand out. The small Orange accents are a nice touch too, even though i've no idea how they're supposed to work (you might fill me in on that one)

  • The orange markers are the NDC limits for PADI diving.

    The marker at 20 indicates that you can do 20 minutes at 30 metres without a decompression stop.

    The marker at 55 indicates you can do 55 minutes at 18mtrs without a decompression stop.

    You set the pip to your start time, and you can quickly see time remaining at either depth. A really handy indicator tbh.

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  • As I couldn't quite wait for the official pantone colour correct version to come from my supplier here is a hand coloured version I coloured in myself (so forgive me going outside the lines somewhat 🤣)- the green should be slightly darker than what is rendered here (for those with a pantone colour wheel it is 5606c)

  • What's the lug to lug length of the case?

  • That was actually an initial "cheaper" design where we could have reused the SW300 rotor - stamp out a triquetra or two, laser on a Sólás logo and be done with it...would be nice and adequate for a 600 KS/900 retail watch perhaps. I'm serious about this being on par with (or honestly, above) Omega quality in many aspects and so having this one component cost more than many affordable watches is part of that. At least on this one component (rotor) it should have most Omegas beat.

    Of course we're not unique in using custom rotors - Bremont, Blancpain are some who have used interesting rotors that I've seen (my stance is for divers - if you don't have something worth showing off then a nice solid caseback design is the eminently cheaper and better option to go with).

    Here's a Blancpain:

    And a Bremont too.

    And while I don't expect anything to come from it - the Equinox is intended to be entered into the GPHG (at least it's using a Swiss movement this time) - let's see what other innovative divers are coming out in 2022 ;)

    @Time you're right that the diver market is saturated - and I said from the beginning I wouldn't make a watch if I don't see what new thing it offers (hence I have no GMT or chronograph ideas - seems like there are lots of great options out there... but for the diver market while saturated, it is also the most popular and with a diver that offers something worthwhile and is not a homage of anything - could be appealing to the (tens of) thousands of people who like divers and are willing to consider microbrands.

  • I should start looking for extra discount for all these segues I keep giving you to talk your design cues 😉

  • Ha! You haven't even mentioned that the design and campaign has the strength of a runaway freight train yet...

    Though I was reminded by a Starlight backer that I should let people know about the pre-KS pre-order soon enough - the final pricing will be determined very soon (need to price in the box).

  • I am looking forward to seeing the lessons learned in the Starlight PR campaign and the feedback after played out with the experience you've gained.

    The pre-KS order is one I think I have an in on as a super early bird 1st time round, and you can have that order any time you want it.

    On a Sólás Starlight note, a bit of advice from you would be appreciated regarding a little mod?

    I'm very much considering a 2xAR crystal, if I could find something as transparent and reflection killing as a Sinn crystal 😉

    For you TF and the starlight owners, my thinking would be that it would put the Dial really front and centre and it would give me something noone else has!

    What do you think? Worth it or not?

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  • A lot of lessons learnt - and important connections made - GPHG academy members, watch factory sources, watch publication contacts etc. - I won't be starting from zero with the Equinox, but the challenge has grown too in terms of the Equinox being a quite more expensive piece and MOQ requirements. The KS environment continues to deteriorate in my opinion due to the scammers out there (Hamtun just went kaput a few weeks' back - I know other posters have their Kraken watches too - successfully getting the H2 was what prompted me to believe I could successfully deliver the Starlight - who knows how things would have turned out if I never got the watch I backed from Hamtun 2 years ago).

    Here's something that isn't going up on our other public facing outlets:

    This would have been the "easy" road to take to get some triquetras of sorts onto the Equinox - much cheaper and "gets the job done" - either cut out (cheap) or lasered on (cheaper) - it's still technically a custom rotor but will it be "desirable"? And make no mistake - even with the custom rotor design I have currently there are still compromises made since I had to balance building something that may rival the Blancpains of the world, and being able to charge the price needed for those features.

    And @banie01 by 2xAR do you mean outer and inner coated AR? I am a personal believer that inner coated AR is superior over double coated from a mechanical point of view - with an outer coated AR layer you lose "scratch resistance" of the sapphire crystal of sorts as AR can always be scratched - hesalite mod for the Starlight might be more fun actually. For the Starlight it wasn't that having outer/inner coated sapphire was difficult or much more expensive - it was a design decision based on seeing reports of people scratching their Omegas' top AR coating. Having said that - as a dress watch you probably won't be scuba diving with it (though you probably could :P ) so maybe the risk of scratches is reduced and the benefit of clearer crystals is worth it. Something that doesn't work for an Omega Seamaster necessarily may work for an Omega Constellation etc.

    This is one of the areas where mineral crystals have an advantage over sapphire - they are much more transparent and less prone to reflections. Maybe Seiko was right to go the "Hardlex" route? :D

  • The custom rotor is a far, far better choice than the modded one TF, it really is a USP.

    On the crystal, given it's a dress watch I'm thinking inner and outer AR. If the outer AR doesn't work? It's easy enough to polish off and just rely on inner 😉 I'm my own worst enemy sometimes when it comes to tinkering but I may give it a try, just to "see".

  • Sorry if I missed it above but what's an approximate timeline for this kicking off Thirdfox, and have you rough pricing?

    Be good to have a decent heads up in order to get my cash-money ducks in a row :)

  • Hi TF, that all looks great so far. It's much more ornate and detailed than a standard dive watch. The ndl limits are perfectly executed.I have a do a and they are not as easy to read. Did the bungee endlinks ever get made?

  • Just caught up on this and it all sounds amazinr, really looking forward to getting my hands on it :)

  • Sounds cool alright, though all that dive speak is akin to my getting giddy about the 200mph capability of my new Ferrari which I will ever only tootle around at 60 in :)

    Have you an approximate timeline TF? Are we talking 2021? Or beyond?

  • FYI.

    I'm not at all looking to pin you down for times and prices, just real ballpark stuff. Like should I cancel Christmas basically :)

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