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Random Fitness Questions



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    I'm into the second half of Warlock at the moment. For me at least despite a busy job and unpredictable schedule it's volume has been on the higher side but manageable.

    That said I will occasionally skip an exercise like calf raises or pec dec flyes, but that's more to machine availability. They're definitely tough but I think manageable, slightly depending on time availability for upper body days.

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    That's coincidental!

    Out of curiosity how long is it taking you per session? I would estimate 90 minutes but in fairness to him some of the final exercises are only two sets apiece with short rest periods.

    I think part of the duration issue that concerns me is he recommends a full 3 minutes rest between a lot of main exercises, which can be for 3-4 sets.

    The 3 minutes makes sense to me - you're setting up the best possible next work set by recovering that much - but on the other hand I think my days of looking forward to 90 minute workouts are long gone.

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    Legs are only taking me roughly an hour, the upperbody sessions can easily be around 90m especially the first one on the first block. Although some of that is waiting for equipment and but I don't always do as many feeder sets as he suggests or wait as long as prescribed. I also tend to superset some of the isolation work so was usually just over an hour by the end of that block. I should mention I also didn't do the 4x10 assisted pullups for that session which from having done the full session before are a huge time sink.