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Fastway/Parcel Connect



  • I'm waiting on a package to be delivered that's been in Dublin since the 13th.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the addressed they were provided with. Even includes the eircode.

    According to the tracking, has been bounced around the depots, mis directed a few times.

    What a joke of an operation

  • Yeah I have a package from Wiggle that's been with them since the 10th of August now. No update to the tracking since they received it. Logged a ticket with them about a week ago, got a response yesterday saying "This is currently in our Central Sorting Hub awaiting full customs clearance.

    Fastway have no control over the clearance of shipment".

    And to just keep checking the tracking.

  • I just got this after 12days from China via Holland. Delivery Received in Hub

    We've received your parcel in our central distribution hub. It will be with you in 1-2 working days, depending on the delivery service timeframe you requested.

  • Same boat since 10th August also.

    "in customs", item coming from Germany.

    Do Fastway provide a contact in customs?

  • Wondering has anyone ever had a reply to an email they sent Fastway? Their New Ross depot has a parcel for me sent from a UK store. I had an email from Fastway 10 days ago asking for my Eircode (the company hadn't used it!). I've replied with the information plus my mobile number three times, but no reply or sign of delivery. They must be trying to compete with Eir for the worst customer service imaginable.

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  • Not looking too good for me by the looks of things after reading some of these posts. I had a package sent by postfrom the UK with tracking. Apparently Fastways are now delivering packages for An Post as they can't keep up. Cut a long story short, no sign of package, tracking shows it was delivered to my house last Thursday at 7.30pm - yes you've guessed, no of course it bloody wasn't!! Sent an email Monday- no response. Anyone got a number for Fastways in Kerry? The website is a joke, gave me a Limerick number to contact, which doesn't even work!!!! FFS!!!!!!!

  • You can't contact them. If it was any other company, giving out fake or useless contact details would be considered a scam. You're better off going through the company you ordered from. They are the people with the contract with Fastway.

    In other news, I got a phone call from a random shop to say they've had a parcel for me for over 2 months...