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Grey skies give way to......



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    Well done on the pb especially as your stomach was playing up . I suspect there are greater things to come ! I am very impressed there were toilets on route !

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,160 ✭✭✭ ariana`

    Well done. I think a PB, albeit small, was a great result considering how you were feeling on the day and you mentioned lack of long runs in training too. You have a lot more to come and mojo now to keep going.

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    That’s brilliant. Well done you. Bit frustrating about the tummy and I’m sure you could have done without the fear of being sick.

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    I was listening to a podcast earlier on fuelling for a half/marathon and they suggested not having milk ( more than with tea) on the morning before a race as dairy may upset your tummy during a run- there was science as well lol but I forgot that bit ) I always have milk in my porridge but might start changing this to non dairy milk when running as I had horrible issues my last marathon .

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    Congratulations on the PB especially as the tummy wasn't feeling great.

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    20 - 26 Mar

    Mon: Didn't get up for my workout. But went to track training that evening. 3 x 9 mins. Tried to keep them to about 6min/km pace. Recoveries in between and warm up and cool down. Glad the legs still work after the half! Total 6.2km 41mins.

    Tues: nothing

    Weds: Morning workout. It felt fairly enough, it put it down to me not being consistent with them lately but was chatting one of the other girls that evening and she said she found it tough also. Walk at lunchtime. Track training that evening. The weather had been pretty bad all afternoon but we seemed to get a window of opportunity. Was late down so missed warm up. Into 4 x 6 mins session. Fell in with the lady I know who is aiming for a sub 60 min 10k in the summer so I took it upon myself to pace her for the 6 mins. It also meant I wouldn't be doing the intervals too fast as I'd a 10km race myself on the Saturday. 2 mins into the last 6min set the rain started and got heavier. Just made it to the end of our 6mins and cool down was a run to our cars! The guy taking our session it was his first time so I felt sorry for him but also hope it's not an omen that any sessions he oversees are going to be wet ones!

    Thurs: Lovely bright morning so went out for a walk.

    Fri: Had planned to do an online workout but gave it a miss to be ready for my 10km race the next day. Went for a 5km walk instead.

    Sat: 10km race The Ros Run - watch time 55:42. 2nd fastest 10km I think. Will do a race report separately.

    Sun: The legs felt fine, no stiffness so went out for 10km with a few of the Sunday crew. Glad it was the more relaxed runners and the legs started to feel quite tired after just a mile. It felt like a very long 10km. I also thought it felt cold enough even though the rest were in tshirts and me in a long sleeve, I put it down to tiredness. While I probably didn't need to do a 10km I'm not around for next week's long run and it rounded off a week of decent mileage - 34.5km running.

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    Well done sticking it out when the head was starting to go, it's not easy & something we all have to do at some stage of a race. This is your 3rd race in 3 weeks so take a lot from that. You set out with your target & didn't go too far over it so take the good from that. As you say you are now in a good position to see where you are currently & what training paces to use going forward.

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    27 Mar - 02 Apr

    A short log this week. With a wedding at the weekend and having raced the previous 3 weekends I decided to take a step back week. I ran 1 day - track session on the Weds. 3 x 7 mins with 2 mins rec. 5 of the running mins at half marathon pace with the last 2 mins at 10km pace so it was nice to concentrate on that and hit the paces, knowing now what they are. With the body a little rested I enjoyed the track session. Covered 6km with warm up and cool down in 39 mins incl recoveries.

    Other than that I did 3 online workouts and got out for one short walk. Spending a day in heels and dancing in them felt like a workout too!

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    10 - 16 Apr

    Mon: Bit of free time with it being a bank holiday. Met with a few from the athletics club for an easy run. They were planning on doing 6km so we set off on the greenway, lovely morning for it. When we got back near the cars, I said I would go on to the next exit and back, bringing it up to 10km. Nice to have a bit of a run on my own, no music or podcast. Runners were only ok, felt conscious of them. 10.3km 1hr8mins

    Tues: Gorgeous morning out there, went for a 5km walk before work.

    Weds: Morning workout. Track training that evening. Wasn't sure what kind of weather we'd have and the track is quite open to the elements and can be tough when windy, but it was actually fine. 5 x 6 mins with90 sec recovery. A tough but good session. Covered 5.55km in 38 mins incl rest. I am going to have to get to training earlier to get my own warm up jog done beforehand. Runners were mostly ok but by the end a few people pointed out that I was limping when walking.

    Thurs: Went for a 5km walk that evening, it was colder than I expected, I didn't bring a hat and my head was frozen.

    Fri: Morning workout done. My husband had registered for the Roscommon 5km race series but I wasn't planning on going because I'd a race coming up on the Sunday. But it was a nice evening, cool standing around though, but nice enough for a stretch of the legs so I registered. 1.5km jog to keep warm. Started of the race fine, just kept going a ticking along. After about 500m I fell into step with one of the ladies from the athletics club so we ran along together in companionable silence! After 2km I pushed on a little bit, it was downhill and it felt good. Around the 3km mark I fell into step with a lady I didn't know and we ran together until 4km. After the 4km marker she pushed on and I let her off, I didn't need to go. With 200m/300m to go and the finish line in sight I gave myself a good push on. Not gonna lie I ran that faster than I should have for that run, but it felt good and enjoyable. Time 27:19. Splits: 5:36, 5:40, 5:24, 5:30, 5:08

    Sat: Went into the studio for an early morning workout class followed by a quick freshen up for my 100 volunteer stint at parkrun!!

    Sun: Clara 5km -Offaly race series. I had run this race last year so hoping to do a little better this year. It was a very warm evening last year and though we would be ok this year on an April morning but it was really warm and humid out. Landed early, met with a friend, chatted a few others and we went for a 1km warm up around the pitches and a 1km jog up to the start line. Started off well, first km is downhill so did well not to loose the run of myself and peg off too fast. First km was ok but I did want a little quicker so pushed on a little for the 2nd km. Knew there was a few little climbs on that km but was happy with it overall. 3rd km did feel tough, a bit longer than I remembered. Onto the 4th km and into the town was tougher than I remembered I don't remember that climb, it was a really tiring point to knock your head! I knew the lay of the land for the last km and was ready for it. The last little climb before the finish was tough but pushed as best I could and we we got near the top of that climb the finish line was within reach. Myself and M ran together the whole way and it was interesting to race alongside someone else. She was great, she checked in with me when my watch beeped at every km, what time was that, how are we doing, what's the next km like (as I knew the route), will we push on the pace stay as is or take it back. It was great support and I definitely would have dropped back or let the head win out in certain places but we were great motivation and support for each other and I think she got a 5km pb! Time 26:22, about 15sec quicker than last year. Splits: 5:17, 5:09, 5:15, 5:21, 5:13

    Not content with all that running, there was a charity fun run/walk that afternoon for Goal Turkey earthquake appeal. It was mostly families and kids rather than actual runners. After about 1km I kinda wished I hadn't bothered, my legs were tired, it was quite hot out. But I was stubborn and kept going for the 3 laps. I went much faster than I should have, it just wanted to be finished to be honest. 5.15km 30:21. I honestly think after that fun run and my run on Fri night I am going to have to learn to pull it back and not race every event - and I never thought I'd hear myself say I need to run slower!!!

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    17 - 23 Apr

    Mon: Morning workout. Evening track running - a pyramid workout - I like these, challenging but good. Total covered 6.2km incl warm up and cool down in 45 mins.

    Tues: Just a short walk that morning.

    Weds: Morning workout. Couldn't make track training that evening so just a little walk to get some air.

    Thurs: A day off work so went visiting. Went for a long walk after, almost 8km.

    Fri - Sun : family wedding so runners, watch, everything given a break!

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    You are doing some nice running lately. All looks very enjoyable. Hope you have sorted the runner issues out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,104 ✭✭✭ Sunny Dayz

    By pure chance I had another pair of runners in waiting, which I normally don't do. I'd gotten an absolute bargain on RunnersInn and had put the pair under the bed for use later in the summer. And they are as comfy as a pair of slippers! I am still annoyed at the other pair. They were bought from a legitimate business, I'd about 200km run in them including a half marathon race. I might try them out again for very short runs as it feels like an (expensive) waste.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,939 ✭✭✭ Kellygirl

    I had that issue with Mizuno Wave Inspires at one stage . A new model and I’d gone through a few of the older models no bother. Not only that but the back of them started to tear too. The shop wouldn’t take them back even though it was clear they weren’t worn much … so I’ve been slow enough to buy from there since if I have a choice at all.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,160 ✭✭✭ ariana`

    It's nice to look back on times and see that even though we were chatting we were averaging 5:45 /5:50 min/km pace. 18 month ago I could barely even race 5km at that pace. 5.3km in 35 mins.

    Love this. So many ways to measure progress, not just in PBs - though you have plenty of those too! Fair play for consistently putting the work in and for your parkrun volunteer efforts too.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,104 ✭✭✭ Sunny Dayz

    29 May - 04 June

    Mon: training on the track. An interesting session of 200m's 300m's and 400m's. It felt tough after having a long run on Sunday and trying to maintain the pace as the intervals were getting longer. Total 4km in 30 mins incl warm up, cool down and rest intervals.

    Tues: Met a friend for a early morning run. 6kms in 40 mins. Gorgeous morning for a run.

    Weds: Morning walk. Evening track session, very warm out. 3 x 7 mins tempo pace. It felt tough enough, legs felt tired and heavy. Realised during the training that I'd had a run of some description every day since the previous Weds so resolved to rest until Sunday. With warm up and cool down and rest intervals covered 6km in 45 mins.

    Thurs: 4km evening walk.

    Fri: Did a morning workout. Hardest part was getting the motivation to do it, also doing burpees!

    Sat: 5km walk

    Sun: VHI Women's mini marathon (10km) 56:01

    Splits: 5:27, 5:30, 5:44, 5:25, 5:39, 5:49, 5:22, 5:46, 5:58, 5:33

    This was a very tough run. Knew I wouldn't get near my time of 53:20 from last year but threw 55 mins out there as some sort of target. Up in Dublin plenty early. Hydrated well in the days leading up to the race. In the starting pen in plenty of time, didn't feel too warm waiting about. First 2 or 3 kms felt ok, keeping the pace steady at 5:30mins /km. Slowed down for the water station at the end of 3rd km, even though I had a water bottle with me with a zero tab, I wanted a mouthful of clear cool water and this was the case the whole way along, I stopped at every water station, few mouthfuls of water and poured the rest over my wrists to cool down. The 4th and 5th kms you could feel it starting to feel tough but kept it steady and trying to keep my average pace at 5:30. 6th km was a bit slower as I slowed for the water station. 7th km along Nutley lane is my favourite bit of the race, you don't notice the slight downhill. Turning onto the Merrion Road it seemed to get very quiet, there wasn't many supporters and no chatter out of any participants - you could just hear footsteps. In my head I was trying to visualise what the marathon would be like - and then I thought well I'm this wrecked now, what am I going to be like after 39/40km the next time I'm running here?! Bit of life from Ballsbridge onwards (where I was spectating last year at DCM) and I could really feel the struggle. Watching my average pace drop back after stopping at another water station, it was a case of keeping it away from 6 mins/km as 5:30 was gone. Just kept telling myself not to walk, it's ok the let the pace back a little. Left turn up Pembroke Street for the last km and the legs felt like running through quicksand, felt I was getting nowhere. By the time I got near the bridge over the canal it felt like I was only jogging but the spectators were great! Over the bridge, could see the finish line and a guy calling out names on loudspeaker gave me a little boost when I heard my own name. Seen the clock reading 55:xx and pushed on as it turned 56 crossing the line. Happy to come away with 56:01 - it was really tough running conditions out there.