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Escape from Tarkov



  • Had my first weapons malfunction last night, and naturally it cost me the gunfight. was doing a night raid on customs as part of one of skiers tasks to get a golden zippo, came around the corner of dorms and met a lad crouchwalking in the bushes, i got shots off first only for the weapon to malfunction after doing 100 damage. Just bad luck I suppose, serves me right for relying on scav Ak's.

  • This patch has been Tarkov's toughest yet. Feels like the game is finding its groove. Its great the flea market is from level 20 on-words. Skill in tarkov now is amazing. I do find that there are some aspects that need adjustment. Not sure what I think of scav karma. Its great scav junk boxes are cheaper too. But ultimately the game feels way sharper and what ever optimization bugs there working on seem to be showing.

    Weapons malfunctions are great its a pain in the ass when it happens.

  • Blasted AI scavs are not to be trifled with , even though I'm no longer terrified by them, I still get caught out and manage to lose gunfights where I've an SKS or similar and they've only a shotgun.

    tipping through the quests, and have just hit level 12, finding it a bit tough to progress the hideout as each module seems to be missing one component and I'm not getting lucky with the loot.

    have a few quests lining up for woods now - not my most enjoyed map, but I suppose I'll just have to get on with it.

  • The thread seems pretty dead, not sure if it was boards in general that killed it, but like a good rat, I have endured.

    currently sitting on 4M roubles, level 23, have most of my hideout at level 2 with a few at tlevel 3.

    still avoiding pvp for the most part, but now that I've started crafting better ammo in the hideout, I'm going to start actively trying to follow the path of the chad.

    have played enough of Interchange and Woods that I'm now at a reasonably competent level of familiarity with both. Reserve has proven tougher, need to invest in a few keys to progress questlines for Therapist, ragman and peacekeeper, so thats next on the agenda.