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Escape from Tarkov



  • Had my first weapons malfunction last night, and naturally it cost me the gunfight. was doing a night raid on customs as part of one of skiers tasks to get a golden zippo, came around the corner of dorms and met a lad crouchwalking in the bushes, i got shots off first only for the weapon to malfunction after doing 100 damage. Just bad luck I suppose, serves me right for relying on scav Ak's.

  • This patch has been Tarkov's toughest yet. Feels like the game is finding its groove. Its great the flea market is from level 20 on-words. Skill in tarkov now is amazing. I do find that there are some aspects that need adjustment. Not sure what I think of scav karma. Its great scav junk boxes are cheaper too. But ultimately the game feels way sharper and what ever optimization bugs there working on seem to be showing.

    Weapons malfunctions are great its a pain in the ass when it happens.

  • Blasted AI scavs are not to be trifled with , even though I'm no longer terrified by them, I still get caught out and manage to lose gunfights where I've an SKS or similar and they've only a shotgun.

    tipping through the quests, and have just hit level 12, finding it a bit tough to progress the hideout as each module seems to be missing one component and I'm not getting lucky with the loot.

    have a few quests lining up for woods now - not my most enjoyed map, but I suppose I'll just have to get on with it.

  • The thread seems pretty dead, not sure if it was boards in general that killed it, but like a good rat, I have endured.

    currently sitting on 4M roubles, level 23, have most of my hideout at level 2 with a few at tlevel 3.

    still avoiding pvp for the most part, but now that I've started crafting better ammo in the hideout, I'm going to start actively trying to follow the path of the chad.

    have played enough of Interchange and Woods that I'm now at a reasonably competent level of familiarity with both. Reserve has proven tougher, need to invest in a few keys to progress questlines for Therapist, ragman and peacekeeper, so thats next on the agenda.

  • Rumours of a wipe before christmas. I think I'll come back for that

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  • thread been dead can be a number of factors....

    • boards went through migrations, imo a poor one at that (the timing,delays and what implemented was rubbish), which turned people off and/or frequent the site less.
    • tarkov is a combat sim, not ever going to be mainstream such as COD apex BF etc... so numbers won't be great and likely where those play in ireland may not use boards.
    • those that played a lot of it probably taking a break, on every wipe meaning doing the same tasks all over again so will grind people out. But a break is a good thing imo and those taking one are likely waiting for lighthouse map and/or streets to come out.

    with regards to wipe before xmas, i don't think so as i would believe it to be February. Here is my reasoning:

    • from the last 4 wipes, the average length is 203 days. Since last wipe was 30th June, 203 days is 19th January.
    • last wipe was shorter (188 days) than the previous 3 due to the economy been screwed over due to bitcoin, this wipe both hideout and bitcoin is nerfed.
    • they need to push out Unity 2019 migration and DLSS support before year end. If that gets delayed so too does 12.12
    • changes made to current wipe cycle, flea was not available till level 20 ( i know its reduced now) this was to prolong the early phase of the game. It was then reduced to help new players late to the wipe.
    • Solar power nerf: I was lucky enough to get max hideout by end of august but 75k euros for solar power is a steep price. but will make my money back so dec and january is all gravy through the bitcoin. However those that build it in late september onwards i can't see how they will get a return if there is a wipe in december. (those thinking of building solar power now - don't its too late, if not done in the first 10 weeks of wipe then don't)
    • kappa container, another reason as to why this will be a long wipe they pushed it out to lvl 71 but then dropped it to 61. Its a long grind to get to that level but daily tasks that were just introduced along with the reduced level requirement now makes it again more achievable. (also they did add new high level regular tasks)

    i hope they push out lighthouse early before xmas and not wait for 12.12 but we will see. Then again Nikita may just pull the trigger and go for a wipe a xmas, if it does great cause early game is the best fun. Just hope they implement more ideas to prolong that early game phase. Also looking forward to inertia, voip not so much but will try it.

  • Me and the boy have a shared account on this since it started, we got annoyed at the tiny size of the maps and the ridiculous inventory system.

    Started played again last week with Funty ( near 4 years to the day I last played) , no intention of spending any more money to buy bigger inventory but the core game is actually a lot better than it was, it did show promise years ago but again tiny maps and then all "promises" about huge maps and 100 man servers removed from the website. And now selling inventory space for real money.

    Bit shady that, still tho gun play is good the AI are good and seriously fcuk that guy who killed me whilst AFK last week 😁

  • map expansions to customs, woods and factory have been great. But back in your day shoreline was half the size and reserve too when they first came out. If i heard correctly was only 3 or 4 maps at first, so it has come along way but as you said their vision for their end state game has hit a reality check.

    got EOD and with 1800+ hours even if it were to finish now it was worth. Although in saying that it would easily be 400 hours sorting inventory and getting kit ready lolz

  • I started playing last wipe, about 6 weeks before the wipe occured, it was probably a good time to start, as even though I was well undergeared, the lessons were hard learned, and stood me in good stead for the fresh wipe. I'm starting to run better kits now, and have a good bit of the hideout at max level and about half the traders at level 3. If I finish the wipe with all traders level 3, and the core elements of the hideout completed, I'll consider that good progress. I've about 200 hours logged now, and certainly feel like I've more than gotten value for money. In no particular order, this is a rough tally of things I've still to dip into.

    1. run factory more - I never go here, will wait till wipe is annouced and will then throw kits and roubles at it.
    2. been to labs - the only card i got was very early wipe and was worth more to me to sell it to finance my lifestyle
    3. killed scav bosses - been late to the party to killa and reshala, been killed by tagilla, never even seen sanitar, gluhar or Shturman
    4. only barely played reserve, need to spend a lot of time on that one,
    5. I would consider that I know customs and shoreline very well, and would be about 60% on woods and interchange - room to improve
    6. improve my heal management - still faffing around with this at times, need to get better at hotkeying stuff and premedding before fights

    Theres easily another couple of hundred hours of gameplay in that.

    Also, as a latecomer to the game, I find it funny when people complain about nothing changing. in the short time I've been playing, there has been a huge improvement, and with a new expansion around the corner, it'll be fresh for a long time yet.

  • Annual sale is on,thinking of upgrading my package.

    Just noticed I don't seem to be able to get the discount on an upgrade,stingy b*****ds.

    The difference between standard and left behind in the sale is €15,if I try upgrade its €32 with the fees but still €23 without the fees....confused:(

    Edit: Quick Google and yeah the upgrades are separate items and are not on sale. It would now be cheaper overall for me just to buy the left behind edition on sale rather than upgrading. Have to say,that's a joke,feels like a scam

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  • i bough basic first, then eod. 1700 + hours and no regrets.

    imo, you either stay basic or get EOD edition - nothing in between is worth it.

  • Same. I bought basic then upgraded to EOD. Happy to pay to support the developers for such a excellent unique game.

  • Well that's all good and all but doesn't really take away from the fact it's a bit of a **** system.

    Your penalising players who have bought a package off you before.

  • If I recall I bought during the discount and when upgraded only paid the difference including gettin 25% off.

    The only grip I have is that the price shown is before taxes are added in. But as said it was worth it, best fps mil sim/post apocalyptic game.

    Next patch is gonna be rocking with inertia, new map... There's voip too but have reservations and glad can be turned off if the need requires.