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C+H Thread of Olympic-y Goodness



  • Namlub wrote: »
    Every time I hear about Anthony Ogogo I just want Subway

    I hate that guy. Why should I care about his dislike of jalopenos?

  • Federer is through to the finals after winning a rather long match the last set was something like 19-17! :O

  • Some excellent archery today. Both semis and the bronze medal match decided on a shoot off. Missed the final, but still feckin' brilliant stuff.

  • Conlon up now on RTE. Hon!

  • wnolan1992 wrote: »
    Conlon up now on RTE. Hon!


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  • Conlon up 3 points after R1.

  • flyswatter wrote: »

    Michael Conlon, boxer.

  • Conlon up 12-5 after R2.

  • Conlon was a joy to watch. Got scrappy in the final minute, but up until that he was excellent, ducking, weaving and scoring.

    Final Score: 19-8

    One fight away from a bronze medal now!

  • Great fight from Conlon, I hope Nolan will produce the same.

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  • deise_girl wrote: »
    On what basis?
    Not based on anything, like I said I just think its looks really uncomfortable for the horse, makes me flinch to look at it.

  • Do memories plague their ears like flies?
    They shake their heads. Dusk brims the shadows.
    Summer by summer all stole away,
    The starting-gates, the crowd and cries -
    All but the unmolesting meadows.
    Almanacked, their names live; they

    Have slipped their names, and stand at ease,
    Or gallop for what must be joy,
    And not a fieldglass sees them home,
    Or curious stop-watch prophesies:
    Only the grooms, and the grooms boy,
    With bridles in the evening come.

  • Great boxing match on at the moment.

  • I cannot believe the score in the match, the American deserved to win by a mile. This scoring makes no sense. Even the ref raised the hand of the American.

    Nolan up now.

  • Nolan down by 1, I think it should be even.

  • FFS RTE, showing Finnoula Britton losing instead of showing the boxing. They've cut coverage of everything else all week for the boxing, and tonight they don't? Almost missed the start of the fight because of 'em.

  • Nolan needs to work.

  • And then there were 4.... :(

    Russian deserved it. Nolan performed well, not much more you would've asked from him IMO.

  • I'm no expert, but surely our track and race is a bit embarrassing even by Irish standards so far.

  • Barnes boxing well, 5-3 After the 1st.

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  • 11-7 going into the last round.

  • Barnes put in a brilliant performance today. Made his opponent look average. I think we now have 4 fighters just one fight away from a medal. :)

  • San Marino within touching distance of their first ever medal in the women's trap. A shoot off between 3, for 2 medals.

    Edit: she just missed a clay and finished 4th

  • Annalaise Murphy in with a serious chance of a medal (of any colour) in the Laser Radials.

    Going in to the Medal Race on Monday it stands:

    China - 33
    Netherlands - 33
    Ireland - 34
    Belgium - 34
    GBR - 52

    If she can finish ahead of any of her 3 main rivals she gets bronze. Win the race, and she's got gold. Never thought sailing could be so exciting. :P

  • Irvine finishes 6th in the points race to put him 9th overall after 2/6 races.

    Edit: there is something wrong with these results, he may be 7th overall I think.

  • Murray is playing Federer at 2 today but it also says that he's scheduled to play mixed doubles at 4 today too. :eek:

  • Synchronised swimming is unbelievable! But it's kinda creepy how they remain synchronous when they're walking around the place beforehand..

  • Taylor will face the British girl Jonas tomorrow... Let's just hope we don't see some questionable judging in favour of the home girl... :\


    Hon the John Joe!!! :D:D:D

    What an absolutely brilliant performance, gave the Mexican a schooling in how to box. :)

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  • wnolan1992 wrote: »

    Hon the John Joe!!! :D:D:D

    What an absolutely brilliant performance, gave the Mexican a schooling in how to box. :)

    Apart from when he got a count >.<
    And after when he was running away a bit.. Tres nervous I was..

    Cubian laddy next?