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C+H Thread of Olympic-y Goodness



  • Couldn't believe the men's 200m final just there. Feel sorry for Oscar and feel sorry for the winner after those comments made. Still unbelievable to watch [also, Decisions, yes, Oscar is an extremely good looking bloke :D].

    The 5000m with David Weir was incredible. Some performance, so inspirational.

  • Another gold medal yay :)

  • That Oscar chap came across as such a sore loser after getting beaten in the final.

  • Has anybody else been watching The Last Leg on Channel4? I'm genuinely going to miss it when the games are over.

  • decisions wrote: »
    Jason Smyth just won gold for Ireland in the 100m smashed the WR, really is in a class in his own.

    10.46 with 10% vision!

    His goal is to compete in the able bodied games at some point.

    Meant to comment on this before. Smyth's PB is actually 10.22, so he was running well within himself to get the 10.46 Paralympic WR. He ran that 10.22 this year in able-bodied competition, in an attempt to qualify for the London games. He was just 0.04 shy of the A standard needed, so he's pretty amazing. :) He trains with Tyson Gay, who has said that Smyth has one of the most fluent strides he's ever seen. Nice compliment to get from one of the absolute elite!

    His 200m PB is 20.49, so again you can see his 200m WR was again well within his capabilities. The guy is a serious, serious talent. And he's still only 25!

    Massive congrats to himself and everyone who competed at the Paralympics - we have some massively talented athletes!

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