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2012 4 Races for 4 PBs



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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 1 - Easy Hour

    Spent Monday morning doing housework. The squatting involved while cleaning the shower didn't agree with my back. It felt tighter and stiffer than normal afterwards. I laced up all the same. I'm resuming Rebuild-2 from the start of Block 4. So out for an easy hour in the afternoon. It's an opportunity to run my daylight easy hour loop. Into the Park at Islandbridge Gate, clockwise round to Chesterfield then descend the trail to Parkgate. Home via Heuston and HSQ. I paid attention to the right heel and noticed no feedback at all, it was as silent as the left heel. This is great news. Continuing my slow and cautious rebuild will hopefully ensure it stays away. My knees were also fine. I was however accompanied by a stiff lower back for the run. No pain, no discomfort as such, but irritating all the same. After the run it felt like before the run.

    Today, Tuesday, I went for a long walk in the Park with junior outforarun, and the lower back did feel stiff. Once back home I managed to grab a couple of hours on the sofa, with some back support the ache more or less disappeared. Cooking later it was generally ok. Plan is for 4x800 at tempo tomorrow evening, in the new Hyperion. Fingers crossed it will go ok.

    Total 7.34M @ 8.11 (bpm 142)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 1 - 7+ Miles with 4x800 @ Tempo

    My back felt surprisingly improved during the day. I'm ensuring I have good lumbar support while sitting at work. The general ache is more or less gone, that said I am still being cautious and tentative when moving about. With my back feeling better I approached tonight's run feeling a little more relaxed.

    Tonight was the debut for my new Brooks Hyperions. With all my runners (except the new Glycerin GTS) I have for years inserted a basic pharmacy bought insole, a comfort blanket of sorts. When I got back from this run I spotted the right insole on the stairs, I'd forgotten to fit it. I had noticed immediately on this run that my right foot felt less supported and looser, so for sure the insoles have an effect (I originally started using the insoles on advice from a physio several years ago, a stiff left achilles cleared up shortly after I started to use them and I've continued using them ever since).

    It was cold out tonight, luckily the ground was dry so no ice to navigate. I tipped out along Chapelizod Road to Chapelizod Gate and then ran the 800s, up and down the Chapelizod Road. The 1st and 3rd, downstream 800s felt easier than the 2nd and 4th upstream ones. The 800 splits were pretty consistent logging as follows: 3:10, 3:09, 3:08, 3:09. Average bpm for the 800s was 168.5, I'm curious to track my tempo bpm week by week.

    Effort levels were higher than I'd have liked, but that said I was very happy to be able to concern myself with effort rather than with niggles and aches for a change. My back felt pretty much ache free, some presence felt only during the cool-down. My right heel also provided some faint feedback during the cool-down. The Hyperions felt good, not hugely dissimilar to the Asterias, maybe a little lighter.

    I need to be careful with my right heel as I transition into two new pairs of runners. Hopefully the single leg heel drops I've been doing before every run of this rebuild have helped strengthen it.

    Back has felt mostly ok since after the run. I will continue as planned. The big test will be Sunday's planned 14M with 8M at MP.

    Total 7.26M @ 7:51 (average tempo bpm 168.5)

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    Sorry to hear about your back - you've a run of bad luck recently!

    Hope 2022 goes your way.

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    Thanks. I really hope so too. I had 8 years where not being injured was the norm, I don't like how now in the last 18 months being injured has become the norm. It starts to set a mental expectation that more injuries are on the way. I've convinced myself the back was caused by the vaccine booster - boosted on Monday, really sore muscles in back, shoulder etc on Tuesday (opted not to run because of this), still not right on the Wednesday, then bang Friday morning sharp pain and muscle pain and stiffness settle-in.

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 1 - Easy 5 Miles

    Thursday evenings will be tricky for running over the next while. Junior outforarun's swimming classes have switched to Thursday evenings, so my job is to have food ready on the table when she gets home. Had planned a 10K but needed to cut it to 5 miles to give myself an extra 10 mins in the kitchen.

    Ran my Kilmainham, Inchicore, Chapelizod, Heuston loop. The general lower back ache is more or less gone, there is in its place a more localized stiffness just above the top of the left glute. Chilly out and legs felt heavy this evening. Note to self, navigate block 4 (touchwood) and book a general servicing with the PT on my downweek. Pleased to see an average heart rate of 134 for this run, pace was a genuinely easy 8:32.

    Food just about on the table in time (risotto with shredded brussels sprouts, kale and onion, seasoned with some dijon mustard, turmeric and garlic, parmesan shavings, and a side salad with lettuce, hard cheese, green olives and almonds - clean plates all round)

    Total 5.05M @ 8:32 (134 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 1 - Easy 6+ Miles

    Another easy run today ahead of tomorrow's challenging run. Down in Cork for this one. Out into mild but wet and overcast conditions. Keep the opening miles slow and leisurely. There are two steep climbs on the opening 2 miles and the legs felt heavy tackling these. Started to warm into the run from mile 3. Knees and heel were ok, again the feedback was coming from the lower left back / upper left glute. Not painful just a tightness. I don't know what to expect from these muscles tomorrow, the plan is 14 miles with the middle 8 at MP. I am prepared to bail during the run if needed, I hope it won't be needed.

    Weather starting to improve near the end of the run. Hope conditions will be ok Sunday morning.

    A long bracing windy beach walk in the afternoon where the legs felt good. I continue to be cautious regarding bending my back and I do still have to shift position after a while when sitting.

    Total 6.36M @ 8:49 (135 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 2 - Easy Hour

    Sunday morning's run saw no worsening of my lower back ache. It felt more or less ok for the rest of Sunday and all of Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday evening I started week 2 of block 4. Back to my very mundane very unremarkable southside route. It felt a little less tedious Tuesday simply because I haven't run it in a while. In my head I still need to break it down into digestible chunks. From home to Crumlin Road, the Crumlin Road ascent (my least favourite part of the route), Crumlin-Ashleaf-Shelton Park, the Stannaway Road descent, Sundrive-Clogher Road, The Canal, Rialto to home. The opening half is mostly uphill, the closing half mostly downhill. Tonight the legs were generally good, no heel or knee feedback of note. Some presence from the left lower back / upper left glute, but not very concerning.

    An unremarkable start to the week on my unremarkable route.

    Total 7.14M @ 8:25 (139 bpm)

    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 2 - 6+Miles with (2x500)+400 @ 10K pace

    The idea is to build to 5K at 10K pace by the end of the rebuild. Target pace is 3:47 min/km to 3:51 min/km. This covers 10K finishing times of 38:37 (a PB) to 37:59. More precisely this should be called my early 2020 10K pace, right now really it sees me revisiting 5K effort. I'll work to 1400m by the end of the block, and then each new block sees the addition of an additional 600m. Each block will have three 10K sessions where I piece together 10K intervals on runs 1 and 2, before targeting a single closing 10K distance on week 3.

    Tonight the 1400 was broken down into (2x500)+400. Each off half-distance recovery. Second outing for the Hyperions (this time remembering both insoles). I head out along Chapelizod Road to Chapelizod Gate. Some lower back / upper glute presence. I run the 10K sections along the park side footpath. 500m towards town, 125m cooldown, turn 180, 125m cooldown, 500m away from town, another 250m recovery and then a final 400m toward town. Not too difficult but not easy. The Hyperions feel really good. As always running toward town is a little easier than running away from town. It's all over before I realise it.

    First time running at 10K pace since the end of June. Heel felt fine, knees felt fine and during the intervals my back/glute felt ok. Lungs were worked. On the cool-down a tightness settled into the upper left glute. This accompanies me for the run back home. Hopefully in 7 days time the back/glute will have healed further and 10K pace will induce less tightness. Tonight's splits 1:53, 1:53, 1:30. Average pace 3:45min/km. So too fast - need to watch this, it'll take a few runs to remember how to pace this.

    Total 6.45M @ 8:28 (136 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 2 - Easy 10K

    Kick off the weekend with an after work easy 10K. A Chapelizod Loop and a Royal Oak Loop. Bit chilly out and a bit foggy. During the day the body felt good but I could feel a tightness in the upper left glute as soon as I started running. No pain, just tight. Will need to get the roller out again I think. I've been avoiding the roller and S&C since straining my back, didn't want to stress any strained muscles any further. I feel fairly safe in saying that the lower back is nearly 100% healed up. I think the trouble point is now the upper left glute. It's like I have a single injury that's doing it's own tour around my body.

    As the run progressed the tightness started to fade, but never fully disappeared. Knees and heel were fine. Back in time to catch the second half from Castres. Always dramatic with Munster.

    It's tempo time in the morning, hopefully the glute will be ok.

    Total 6.29M @ 8:39 (133 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 2 - 7+Miles with 1600+(2x800) @ Tempo

    A little unsure ahead of this, didn't know how the left glute would react. Laced up with the Hyperions and headed for the Polo Grounds. First time in the daylight with the Hyperions and they are bright white, very bright! Usual drill, anti-clockwise round the Polo Grounds Road Loop. Legs felt ok during the warm-up, very light presence in the lower back. Starting line behind the Pavillion.

    I hit the lap button and start 1600 @ Tempo. Need to push over the opening 400 to find pace, then need to apply brakes on the Chesterfield descent before having to push a little again up the Lords Walk. The 1600 is completed in 6:23 pace. It felt generally ok, lungs were starting to work over the closing 500 or so. I'm running half distance recoveries so 800 to catch my breath. The first tempo 800, mostly uphill is completed in 3:09, 400m recovery and the second mostly downhill 800 also logs at @3:09. Happy with this, paced well and tempo pace felt largely manageable.

    I'm even happier to report that there was no feedback or tightness from the left glute. On the cool down I could detect a presence in the right heel and in the lower back. No pain.

    Back home via IMMA.

    Tempo splits:

    1600 in 6:21 @ 6:23 pace.

    800 in 3:09 @ 6:20 pace

    800 in 3:09 @ 6:20 pace

    Average tempo heart-rate was 165bpm

    Total 7.50M @ 7:56 (143 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 2 - MLR 15 Miles

    Was looking forward to this one. I got a lot of sleep last night, was comfy on the sofa to watch some of the golf from Hawaii and conked out after maybe 3 shots. Moved upstairs in the early hours. According to the Garmin my body battery had been recharged to 90%. I'm wearing it 24/7 (apart from recharging and showering), so I should power through this one :)

    Instead for the first 5 miles the legs felt unresponsive and heavy. I headed from home straight through town to Irishtown and then right for Sandymount. Along the seafront the legs started to come to life. The knees and heels were fine as was the glute but I couldn't shake a faint lower back ache that accompanied me throughout. Not painful, not really uncomfortable, just irritating.

    Up the hill at Booterstown and then I run a stretch of DCM in reverse before following the Dodder to Milltown. From there I travel through Rathgar to the canal, follow it to Suir Road and home via Richmond Park. The sun coming out for the final couple of miles.

    Longest run since last summer but no real fatigue near the end of the run and an average heart rate of 137 bpm for 8:06 pace is encouraging.

    Bit disappointed to weigh-in at 73.5 kilos today. I reckon some Christmas excess is still lingering. Losing an extra couple of kilo will hopefully help my back improve.

    That's half of Block 4 completed. Next week I'll book an NCT with my Physical Therapist for the down week between Block 4 and Block 5.

    Total 15.14M @ 8:06 (average 137 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 3 - Easy Hour

    Started the week in the usual fashion, Tuesday evening and an hour of easy running from Kilmainham down to Crumlin and looping back via the canal. Legs felt mostly ok, some faint ache from the left hip or glute or left of lower back? It's very hard to pinpoint exactly the source of this recent niggle.

    Often this run feels like a bit of a mental chore but it tipped by nicely this evening. Wore the gradually retiring Glycerin 19s and I do feel they offer a more comfortable ride than the GTS version.

    Pace was slower than of late for this easy hour and curiously my heartrate was higher for these 7 miles than it was for 15 miles on Sunday when I was travelling over 40 seconds a mile faster.

    Total 7.07M @ 8:44 (average 140 bpm)

    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 3 - 10K with 1000+400 @ 10K Pace

    So maybe the Garmin knew in advance that I would wake on Wednesday morning all clogged up with a heavy head and cough. An anti-gen returned negative. Got through the working day and decided I'd give the run a go, if I was feeling crap I'd bail.

    Into the Hyperions and headed out along the Chapelizod Road. Seems mad to be calling 1000+400 @ 10K pace a work-out, but if that's where I'm at then that's where I'm at. I have to tick off these runs before I can return to work-outs of old. I'm a creature of habit, I warm-up along the river-side path and cross the road at Chapelizod Gate to run the fast bits on the park-side path. On the warm-up the left hip/glute is faintly achy.

    I allow myself the luxury of running the 1000 downstream. It's very manageable, the last 300 or so metres the lungs start to work, but the legs feel ok. The 1000 is completed in 3:44 min/km (6:00 min/mile), so once again too fast, but then it was an easy profile. I turn around and tackle the 400m upstream. I definitely have to up the effort to hold target pace on this. Lungs working for the final 200. Log a 1:30, that's 3:45 min/km (6:02 min/mile) and so yet again a little too fast.

    Happy to note that unlike last week, this week the hip/glute/lower left back are fine during the cool-down, better than on the warm-up. Tiny bit of right-heel presence on the cool-down though.

    Next week's 10K session sees me string these two sections together and run 1400m. Hopefully the longer distance will allow me pace a little better. I am planning on a rhythm breaking 180 turn midway through to run 700 downstream and 700 upstream.

    Total 6.21M @ 8:18 (average 142 bpm, 10K sections average 169 bpm)

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    Block 4 of rebuild is turning into the longest block.

    This latest delay was anticipated sooner or later though - tested positive today.

    I need to isolate for 7 days from when I first noticed symptoms, that was Wednesday morning. I felt improved yesterday and feel generally ok today, nose is still a bit blocked, but head in general feels clearer. Release day is next Wednesday (touchwood). The Garmin knew I was sick, on Wednesday and half of Thursday it had my resting heart-rate up in the high 50s, today it's back in the 40s.

    All going well, I plan an easy run next Wednesday, then maybe a steady effort Thursday, before resuming Block-4 Week 3 from where I left off.

    (I wonder could some of the muscle aches be attributed to Covid?)

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    Post Covid Isolation Tester

    So after completing 7 days of self-isolation I was back on the road last night. Covid gave me congestion and sore muscles around my shoulders and chest. The former is has mostly gone, the latter is taking it's time. I was a bit concerned about my chest and wondered would my breathing be affected. Thankfully the lungs were fine. The legs felt wonderfully light for the first half-mile but then started to feel heavy and tighten up, including the quads. I reckon some of this could be attributed to Covid, but suspect being indoors for 7 days, mostly sitting, hasn't helped. Heart rate was maybe a little higher than I'd have liked for 8:5X pace, but it at 139 bpm it was still in the easy zone.

    I just ran out the Chapelizod Road until I hit 2.5 miles, before turning around and running home.

    Plan for tomorrow is to resume from where I left off in Block 4 Week 3 with another easy run. Then see what tempo pace feels like on Saturday.

    Total 5.03M @ 8:55 (average 139 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 3 - Easy 5 Miles

    Head congestion continues to slowly disappear. Main source of discomfort now is becoming more localized, muscles on upper right of back and front right of chest. It feels like the discomfort that comes from a crick, increasing depending on which way I twist or turn.

    I take up where I left off on Block 4 Week 3, and run an easy 5 miler round my Chapelizod Loop. Front chest muscles are quite sore over the opening 500m or so, then once they start to warm up the discomfort begins to fade (but never entirely). Legs are stiff but not as stiff as on Wednesday night, it will take a few runs to reverse the effects of a sedentary week.

    Effort wise it felt ok but I could tell it wasn't as easy as easy should be. Average heart rate was 142 bpm for 8:44 pace. I'm still sick (but showing negative on anti-gens). The weekend will be a testing one - with 2400+800 at tempo tomorrow and a vanilla 16M on Sunday. If I have to bail on either of these I'm ready to do so, hopefully I'll manage to navigate them without issue.

    Total 5.06M @ 8:44 (average 142 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 3 - The Weekend

    Saturday 10+K with 2400+800 @ Tempo

    Friday evening I wasn't convinced I would be doing any running this weekend, it was very much play it day-by-day. The muscle aches in my back and chest were still fairly volatile and I still wasn't fully uncongested. However Friday night's sleep worked some magic and I felt significantly better upon waking Saturday morning. The muscle ache in the chest was gone, still some ache in the upper back.

    I pottered about the house a bit Saturday and eventually headed to the Polo Grounds in the early afternoon. Felt ok on the warm-up, legs weren't overly stiff or heavy. The Hyperions feel snug and responsive. When I get to the Pavilion I realise that they've blocked off a stretch of the road, again! Not to worry, it means two tight corners and a 100m grass diversion. I hit lap on the Garmin and brace myself to see how the chest, lower back, upper back, left knee and right heel behave!

    They all behave surprisingly well, actually not a peep out of anything. Furthermore the effort levels felt very manageable, I expected it to feel tougher, sick or not sick. Often I risked running too fast on the 2400m stretch, never did I risk running too slow. Even the grassy diversion wasn't too disruptive. I complete the 2400m at 3:55 min/km [6:19 min/mile] with average 171 bpm, higher than I'd like.

    I'm running half distance recoveries and maybe 1200 is a little too long as the legs aren't as comfortable returning to tempo pace for the 800 stretch. This is mostly downhill so again no problems holding pace, the 800 is run at 3:57min/km [6:23 min/mile] with a better 164 bpm.

    On my cool-down my lower back did start to ache a little, more in the centre than to the left, not sure if this is a leftover from earlier in the month and/or Covid.

    Total 6.53M @ 8:03 (average 148 bpm)

    And if my calculations are correct that's an average tempo heartrate of 169 bpm (((171x3)+(164x1))/4) across the 3200 tempo metres.

    Sunday Long Run 16+ Miles

    Covid induced chest and upper back pain is gone on Sunday morning. I lace up and head out mid-morning, planning a repeat of the route I followed when I ran this run first time round back last May. I wear the GTS today. The opening miles I follow the Luas track from Heuston to Connolly. Not too busy in the City Centre. I have some light lower back ache, less than on my cool-down yesterday. Everything else feels ok and the legs don't feel overly heavy. I swing left onto the Howth Road by the Presbyterian Church. Then work my way uphill to Raheny. I see the first signs of the Raheny course being set-up for later in the afternoon, is it really 2 years already since my unforgiveable 30:00. I turn onto Watermill Road and descend to Bull Island. Why does it feel it takes lot more climbing to Raheny along the Howth Road, than it does to descend back down to the coastal road?

    Out onto the Island, I love this stretch. Then I run along the beach and leave Bull Island by the wooden bridge. Back ache has left now. Head along the Clontarf Road to complete the loop back at the church. From here I notice the effort levels starting to slowly rise. Legs just aren't used to long runs, which is fine. This is only my second 16 miler since summer 2020 and I was covid-striken only a few days ago, so all told I'm happy to be feeling some fatigue from a little after half marathon, that's what the rebuild is for.

    Plod along the Luas tracks back to Heuston, 16 miles sounds on Military Road and by the time I'm home I've added another quarter mile.

    One shower and one protein drink later and I'm feeling very pleased to have navigated the weekend without any upsets. The legs don't feel too tired for the rest of the day, despite being on my feet in the kitchen for the next 90 minutes. Unhappy with my weight though. I log 73 kilos even. The broken training and the sedentary isolation week haven't helped. Hopefully with a consistent run of training over the next weeks that will start to naturally drop, and hopefully take a little pressure of the legs and back.

    Total 16.29M @ 8:16 (average 146 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 4 - Easy Hour

    I started the final week of Block 4 on Tuesday evening after work. Another uninspiring dark wintry evening on the usual uninspiring dark urban loop.

    On Monday I was walking upstairs, remembered something and turned to go back downstairs. When doing so I felt 'something' in the right hammer, didn't think much of it. Tuesday though there was a very dull tightness there so I was a little concerned heading out. I could feel it for most of the run, no pain, no real discomfort, just a little concern. Time to get back on the roller I think, it's been gathering dust over the last few weeks, since the back strain.

    Other than the hammer the rest of the body felt generally ok, some tiredness as expected after Sunday's long run. Heart-rate looking better as well.

    Near the end of the run I merge paths with another runner. She's about 10ms ahead (I think, but I'm not sure (shortsighted), that she's my neighbour) she glances behind and I sense that she's uncomfortable about me being behind her. I decide to dash onto the footpath and quickly overtake so that she can feel more relaxed. Turns out she was my neighbour, and we chat when back home, she confirms that what I was thinking was correct and that she was nervous after recent events. She said it's terrible that she has to think like she does and that the same extends to me having to think like I did. It's such a pity it's like this.

    Total 7.04M @ 8:55 (average 133 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 4 Week 4 - 5+ Miles with 1400m @ 10K Pace

    The right hammer felt much much better Wednesday morning and right through the day. Still a faint presence but I feel encouraged. Fingers-crossed I can get through the evening's run, survive the weekend and then recover during the downweek before tackling Block 5 somewhat refreshed.

    I had out again after work and make my way out along the Chapelizod Road to the Chapelizod Gate. A slight presence in the hammer, I'll bail if there is any unwanted feedback. I cross the road and start the 1400 @ 10K pace (3:47 to 3:51 min/km) section. I run 700m downstream toward town. It feels ok, nothing from the hammer, I get a 'too fast' alert on the Garmin and ease up gently. At 700m I check behind me for bikes and cars, the coast is clear and I take a wide 180 turn and head back the way I came. The effort levels rise on the upstream, but not dramatically, the final 400 last time out was tougher. The back 700 is finished before I know it. No complaints from the hammer, great.

    The 1400 was completed in 5:23. An average pace of 3:50min/km [6:11 min/mile], that's a 38:20 10K. Average heart-rate 171 bpm.

    Another stat I've been tracking on the new Garmin is its predicted race times. Focusing on marathon it currently predicts a 3:30:14 finishing time. Interesting to see how this develops over the coming months.

    Cool down back home and keep the run short this evening. I have Thursday as a rest day so the hammer will have good time to recover before I lace up for Friday evening's easy run.

    Total 5.54M @ 8:27 (average 139 bpm)

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    Great too see you getting through the blocks D, a nice sensible approach. I have given up on my Garmin Predicted time function, I will drop you a WhatsApp of mine later mostly for comedic affect.

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    At times the approach feels painfully slow, but I do think it is the safest route to follow as I try to return to somewhere close to early 2020 form. I'll keep believing what the Garmin says until I decide I don't like what it says 😉

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    Took it easy this last week, maybe a little too easy, just got out for three short and easy runs. Legs felt a bit heavy on each run but the only unwanted feedback was a faint lower back ache on a 4 miler on Saturday morning. Had today off and went on a longish walk through the Park, legs felt fine.

    Ready mentally and physically (fingers-crossed) to get stuck into 4 weeks of Block 5 from tomorrow. The targets will be:

    • Hold average weekly mileage between 40 to 45 miles
    • Repeat my 16 mile long run
    • Run 6M at Sub 3 marathon pace
    • Run 5K at Tempo (dipping under 20 mins)
    • Run 2K at 10K pace
    • Improve diet with eye on better weight loss

    Looking forward to it.

    For the record, this downweek's runs: Wednesday 3.16M @ 9:01 (average 123 bpm), Friday 3.17M @ 8:59 (average 126 bpm), Saturday 4.01M @ 8:31 (average 141 bpm).

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    Nice to see the consistency starting to come back and your patience and sensible approach to the rebuild will pay off!

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,019 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Thanks, fingers crossed. The body has been a symphony of aches and niggles for quite so time now, hopefully they will gradually start to iron out.

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 5 Week 1 - Easy Hour

    I started block 5 on Tuesday evening. Another trip around my Crumlin route. Wet out with some patchy rain falling. My default shoe is now the Glycerin 19 GTS. I have retired the Glycerin 19s after 638 miles, might keep them to wear casually. Usual Tuesday effort, always feels like a bit of a chore. The first half is mostly a slow uphill drag, lot of footpath, lot of traffic-noise. Only at the halfway point does the profile become kinder and the streets less busy. Always happy to tick this one off.

    Total 7.07M @ 8:39 (average 137 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 5 Week 1 - Easy 4+ Miles

    Finished work more or less on time Friday and got out straight away for 4 and a bit miles. The first 2 thirds of this one were in fading daylight. A short excursion into the Park. Spotted one fallen tree. Conditions are still fairly windy and damp out. Legs were ok although I felt a slight presence in the right calf on the closing mile. Hopefully a thing of nothing.

    Total 4.32M @ 9:00

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 5 Week 1 - The Weekend

    Saturday Easy 10K+

    Down in Cork. Needed around 6.6M to ensure I'd hit 40 for the week so just ran a simple out and back. Fairly grim damp wet and grey conditions. One short call of nature diversion along the way. Legs feeling heavy again but no calf presence and the rest of the legs were quiet. Feeling hungry on this one as had a bagel at breakfast and nothing since. Rest up for the rest of the day and fuel up ahead of Sunday's tester.

    Total 6.60M @ 8:32 (average 136 bpm)

    Sunday 14M with 6M @ Sub 3 MP

    My third workout session in a row that was defined by strong winds. Very strong westerly winds blowing. I have 4 miles of warm-up and as anticipated as soon as I turn right at the Dunkettle roundabout and start following the dual carriageway toward town, I'm battling strong headwinds. Sub 3 pace is going to be challenging. I reach 4 miles at the bottom of Lovers' Walk and hit the lap button, let's get this started.

    Could not be a tougher start, uphill toward the skew bridge and leaning into a very strong head wind. For the first mile the effort feels close to tempo as I struggle to hold regular MP, forget about Sub 3 MP. If I try to hold sub-3 now I will blow up. I play it strategically, I trust that once I cross the river I will get some respite and then I will have a tailwind to bring me home over the closing couple of miles.

    It's very hard work along the Lower Glanmire Road and then along Horgans and Penrose Quay. Pace is holding around 4:24 [7:04]. So happy to cross the bridge, as soon as I turn east the effort drops dramatically. I run one lap of the Monaghan Road - Centre Park Road Loop. Here it's mostly crosswinds, but I'm protected by trees and buildings. The pace climbs to 4:15 [6:50] on the eastbound half of the loop but drops to 4:19 [6:56] as I turn and head back toward the bridge. Tell myself not to worry the arriving tailwind will get me back on track.

    Over the bridge and finally I turn eastbound again to return along the Quays and the Lower Glanmire Road. The pace gradually picks up. I still need to work and I'm grateful for those occasional gusts that push me forwards. It's only with a kilometre to go when the Garmin for the first time in this 6 mile section tells me I am in target pace range. Perfect. Pace flicks between 4:14 [6:48] and 4:15 [6:50] for the rest of the run. Very happy to complete this Sub 3 section on target. That was tough thanks to the wind. Definitely needed to be mentally strong on the opening couple of miles and trust that the conditions would even out over the full section.

    Took a fair bit out of me and the cool down 4.2 miles feel long. Glad to finish this one and satisfied with the work put in. That's the first week of Block 5 navigated successfully. Two wind dominated sessions. Hope for kinder elements next week.

    4.00M @ 8:59 (average bpm 133)

    6.00M @ 6:50 (average bpm 174)

    4.20M @ 8:31 (average bpm 159)

    Total 14.21M @ 7:57 (average bpm 156)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 5 Week 2 - The Midweek

    I was based in Cork this week and had some time off work so pretty much ran in daylight on every run.

    Tuesday Easy Hour

    Legs were tired, pace was slow, heartrate was low. The legs were definitely still recovering from Sunday's wind resisted sub 3 pace session. Accompanied by some lower back presence on this one. Ran my go-to route taking the back road from Hazelwood to Dunkettle before following the river back to Glanmire then through Castle Jane to Riverstown. I add an out and back as far as Sallybrook before completing the run back where I started. Week 2 underway.

    Total 6.67M @ 9:02 (average 129 bpm)

    Wednesday ~10K with (2x700)+600 @ 10K pace

    Hoped the legs would feel a little more recovered for this one. Hoped it wouldn't be windy. Opted for the road between Glanmire village and the Dunkettle roundabout for this short session. This block aims to complete 2K @ 10K pace (which I remind myself is my old 10K pace so more like my new 5K pace and will feel like 5K effort). The first 700m section is surprisingly manageable, only the last 100m did I feel like I was starting to work. The second 700m stretch back toward the village felt a little tougher. No obvious wind advantage in either direction. And the final 600m also felt a little tougher. Like in Block-4, this short 10K pace session is over in a flash. Legs good, lungs exercised. I tip back to Hazelwood, comfy in the Hyperions.

    700m at 3:48 [6:08] 163 bpm

    700m at 3:49 [6:10] 164 bpm

    600m at 3:48 [6:07] 168 bpm

    Total 6.19M @ 8:14 (average 143 bpm)

    Thursday Easy 5 Miles

    Out after work on Thursday to catch the last 30mins of daylight. Legs feeling generally ok. Backroad to Glanmire before it gets too dark. Street lamps starting to come on. From Glanmire to Sallybrook via Castle Jane, before turning 180 back to Hazelwood. Opening miles were very slow, pace picked up a little near the end but the average pace was very leisurely at 9:04 pace. Heartrate was a suitably low 128 bpm. Definitely an easy run. Legs starting to come to life just as the run was ending and the light had faded. Ease up now until Saturday's tempo.

    Total 5.14M @ 9:02 (average 128 bpm)

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    Rebuild 2 - Block 5 Week 2 - The Weekend

    Oops, falling behind here. Catching up first with a review of last weekend's running.

    Saturday 2400+(2x1200) @ Tempo

    Back in Dublin, back in Phoenix Park. Out later than expected. Today it's southerly winds so I have a headwind on the downhill Chesterfield stretch of the Polo grounds road lap. First tempo section is 2400m, this is a full lap plus just shy of another 800m. This goes generally ok. I'm searching for clues as to how 5K (three laps) will feel at the end of this block. It won't be easy. An ample 1200m recovery before 2x1200m. These are also manageable. The hillier sections are easier today with favourable winds. No unwanted feedback from the legs. Some lower back presence on the cool-down though.

    2400m in 9:27 @ 6:20min/mile (average 167 bpm)

    1200m in 4:45 @ 6:20min/mile (average 168 bpm)

    1200m in 4:42 @ 6:18min/mile (average 168bpm)

    Total 8.09M @ 7:58

    Sunday MLR 15M

    Out a little before 8:00am last Sunday morning. Opting for my Booterstown 15 Mile loop. Legs were heavy for the opening miles. I mentally break down this run into sections: Home to Irishtown, Irishtown to the top of Booterstown Avenue, top of Booterstown Avenue to the Dodder, the Dodder to Rathgar, Rathgar to home. Legs started to wake from around the top of Booterstown Avenue. Along the seafront I had a stiff headline to manage. I couldn't hear my footfall, I could only hear unrelenting wind. It was a relief to move inland again. Happy to arrive at the canal still feeling strong, no sense of serious fatigue kicking in. Finish up with an average pace of 8:18 and I'm pleased with a heartrate of 135 bpm. Only the left glute providing feedback this morning.

    Went for a long walk later in the morning and the legs felt ok. By the end of the day the Garmin had measured over 40,000 steps.

    Ok that's week 2 down. Last summer my first attempt at this rebuild plan unraveled during week 3 of block 5. A very stiff and sore right achilles grounded me for 2 or 3 weeks and made me reluctant to jump back in where I'd left off and so began Rebuild-2 from scratch. Fingers crossed I navigate the rest of Block 5 with greater success this time round.

    Weight still an issue - 73.1 kilos.

    Total 15.15M @ 8:18 (average 135 bpm)