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2012 4 Races for 4 PBs



  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 4 Miles

    Precautionary ice on my right knee as I type.

    After Wednesday's run my right knee protested while doing a stretch. It was stiff and ached for the next 12 hours or so. I iced it yesterday evening and it's felt fine since. The left knee's woes were mostly IT band related but the right knee is, I think, more about knee-cap tracking and possibly some rough cartilage.

    This mini-flare up wasn't as bad as the one of 6 weeks ago. If it flares up for 24 hours every 6 weeks that's something I can live with. Next PT visit I'll look for a focus on the right knee. In the meantime continued S&C and work on my weight should hopefully help.

    Happily the knee felt ok during and after tonights run. I replaced the insoles in the Nimbus with over-the-counter insoles that offer a little more cushion (something I've done for nearly 10 years). Paid careful attention to both knees but no evidence that they dislike the new inserts.

    Just 4 miles this evening, wet and mild. Looking forward to tomorrow morning's 4x800 @ MP

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 4x800 @ MP

    Mixed emotions at the moment. The runs are going ok, painless. Between the runs instead the knees are grumpy. Not terribly so but enough to influence my mood. Any optimism built during my runs fades during the day.

    Out in fairly wet and dirty conditions in the late morning. Head out along the Chapelizod Road, abandoning the park and the playing fields as I suspect they are water-logged. I reach the Chapelizod Gate and then turn 180. The wind is blowing from town toward Chapelizod this morning, a collector's item. I hit lap on the Garmin and start the 800s. Run one down-stream, one up-stream, and repeat. The legs feel 100% ok during these efforts. It is not a challenge to hold marathon pace. The cool-down back home is also ok. A very very mild protest from the right knee on the steps returning home.

    The rest of the afternoon the knees are a little grumpy. Fine while walking, but stiff when I switch from stand to sit and vice versa, stiff on stairs as well.

    Ice on now after more rolling and S&C. Trying to work a bit more on quads.

    I expect tomorrow's 8 miler will be ok, but I'm concerned about how the legs will feel during the afternoon. Monday will definitely be a rest day. Then I'll make a call on whether or not I should postpone a while before commencing week 2 of rebuild. Frustrating.

    Passed 100 miles for January. My first time running 100 miles in a month since June!!

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 8 Miles

    Headed out Sunday morning for a lap of the park in cold, damp and windy conditions. This is another painless run. Pace picks up a little as I overtake a few runners along the North Road. Turn into a chill wind as I come off OS Road and head down toward Chapelizod. The wind starting to introduce a risk of chaffing in sensitive areas, takes my mind off my legs. Legs feeling a bit tired and heavy on the uphills, it’ll take a while for fitness to return. Right now 8 miles feels like a long run. I ditched the new inserts before the run.

    Post run I try to put as little stress on the knees as is possible. They don’t feel too bad but I am apprehensive every time I sit down or stand up. Ice applied to both knees.

    Decisions, decisions. I took yesterday off and the knees do feel better. Do I treat them to a down-week and then repeat week 1 of rebuild? Or do I plough ahead? I'll decide later today. The runs have been generally fine, it’s the between the runs that I’m more focused on. The right knee is of more concern than the left knee at the moment.

    A few landmarks hit last week: first 30+ mile week since June, first 100+ mile month since June, first faster than easy pace run in months.

    On the weight front there was also good news as I dropped from 76.10 to 74.05 in 7 days. Cutting out bread makes a big difference. Doubt I’ll lose another 2 kilos in another 7 days but if I can get a 73.XX reading next Sunday morning I’ll be happy.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 5 Miles

    So in the end I decided to proceed cautiously with week 2. If I experience pain or discomfort on a run then at that point I will very likely take a week off. Until then I will continue with the plan and ensure I continue with S&C and icing.

    I was pleased I opted to run last night. The knees were a little stiff during the day but they felt no worse after the run. Then following some roller-time and ice they felt better. I'm focusing a little more on quads at the moment.

    Ran a 5 miler to open the week. Last week I ran 6 days, which may have contributed to some knee stiffness. This week, and for the rest of this block, I’ll spread the runs over 5 days and so allow two rest days. Legs didn’t feel too heavy last night, still some way from feeling light and zippy though.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 800+(2x400) @ MP

    Back on the Chapelizod Road Wednesday evening. Legs a little heavier than I'd have liked. Also the first 50m I could feel a presence in the left knee, on the outside. No pain, but just a reminder that I need to stick with the S&C, watch the diet and stay patient with the plan.

    In this first block my mid-week MP runs are a half-versions of my key Saturday runs. So this week its 800+(2x400) @ MP in midweek and the plan is for 1600+(2x800) @ MP on Saturday.

    Wednesday's fast bits were fine. I felt I had to concentrate a bit on the 400s to keep pace in target. Quite a few people out walking, running and cycling along here this evening.

    Post-run the knees are a little stiff. I avoid the powerband and just use the roller, followed by some core. Legs feel exercised. 20 mins icing per knee.

    I had planned on running this evening (Thursday) but finished work later than planned so opted to take today as a rest day. Back at it from Friday.

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  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 5 Miles

    Legs were glad of the day off on Thursday. Headed out after work on Friday. Was feeling a bit unmotivated this evening but once I got going I realised the legs felt surprisingly ok. Ran my Kilmainham-Inchicore-Chapelizod-Heuston loop.

    Not too much fatique, legs not too heavy. No pain no niggles. Mile 5 feeling better than mile 1. Was in a good mood when this finished. Unsurprisingly that good mood dissipated later as the left knee turned a bit tender. The right knee felt fine. I reckon they are taking it in turns.

    More roller, more powerband, more ice.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 1600+(2x800) @ MP

    Another overcast, damp, cold and windy morning. Headed to the playing fields in the Park on Saturday morning. Lots of runners out today. Been a while since I ran anything faster than easy around the path here. Start the 1600 at my usual starting point for any sort of interval here, the second bike marker on the way up Acres.

    Poor discipline. Start too fast and needed to ease off. I manage to drop back into target pace range but then lose concentration again near the end and finish it at 6:53 pace. Too fast. Felt ok but too fast. The 800s are a little more disciplined. I start the final 800 too fast and on a downhill section I feel a slight niggle from the right knee, lasts 8 or 9 strides as I drop the pace. That's the first feedback I've had from either knee when running in quite a while. Need to show more discipline.

    Apply ice to both knees in the evening.

    Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 9 Miles

    More grim weather Sunday morning. A little concerned about right knee, hope it doesn't act up. Nine miles on the menu, my longest run since last July. I focus on keeping the pace easy, don't give either knee any excuse to act up. Shout-out from scotindublin on mile 2. I include a good bit of climb in the opening miles, Infirmary Hill and Chesterfield up to the Castleknock roundabout. More chill winds this morning and like last week the nasty chaffing risk is fairly high. Hint of the beginning of a right-knee niggle for a few strides along Upper Glen Road, it passes. Another climb from Chapelizod Gate up Acres. Legs not terribly tired on the final miles, a sign of progress. And that's that I finish 9 miles on the button.

    Decent run. And even better, neither knee is hugely grumpy for the rest of the day. I feel no need for the frozen peas. Weight continues to move in the right direction, down to 73.45kg, that's 2.6kg shed in two weeks. Hitting a 72.XX next Sunday would be brilliant.

    Happy I opted to run this week and didn't postpone. I hope the forecast snow and ice stay away now and I get a clean shot at Block 1 Week 3.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 5 Miles

    Started week 3 of Block 1 on Tuesday night. Short flurries of snow and hail during the day. I was expecting cold and slippy conditions, instead it wasn't too cold and not at all slippy. I had three layers on top and was nice and toasty by the end of this one. Legs felt ok during run and behaved after run.

    Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 1200+400 @ MP

    Fingers-crossed I get through the week without having snow or ice halt progress. I was a little concerned about the right knee ahead of this one. It had niggled at MP on Saturday, would it do the same again tonight? It behaved fine. Apart from the first 50m of tonight's run, when there was a 'presence' in the left-knee, the legs were ok. Maybe a little heavier than I'd have liked but otherwise ok. MP pace is manageable and is getting easier to dial in. 2400+800 @ MP is the plan for Saturday.

    Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 4 Miles

    Finished work later than planned. Wind howling outside and I was wishing I'd run on Thursday instead of having to get out tonight. As always, once I got going it was fine. Laps of the block. Stiff headwind blowing along St.John's. I was happy to feel a little lighter than usual tonight.

    Knees were ok for run and have been for the evening. That strange sensation of dragging my left leg still occurs at the start of every second run. It's like my left leg was grown by half a centimetre. It only lasts for the first 4 or 5 minutes and then passes. I wonder is it some consequence of all the S&C I've been doing. Or may it's the left Nimbus!

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 2400+800 @ MP

    Kept everyone at home happy by cooking them, mushrooms, hash browns, eggs, baked beans and toast. And kept myself happy by using this as an excuse to avoid the worst of this mornings wind and rain. I stuck to Weetabix. Headed out after mid-day

    Getting annoyed with this lazy left leg. Some googling this afternoon suggests hip flexors might need some more love. Left foot scuffing the ground indicates not having maximum elasticity on the left. The first 400ms or so it feels like the left leg is being lifted off the ground rather than propeling itself off the ground.

    I head for the scene of the crime, the Polo Grounds Road Loop. The first MP session is more or less a lap and a half of the loop. It is manageable. it doesn't feel like MP effort it definitely feels more like HM or 15M effort. I tell myself to stay disciplined, that 4:26 or 4:27 pace is what I should be trying to hold. The knees are ok, maybe the occasional half-niggle, maybe just me over analysing every bit of feedback.

    Hold 7:08 pace for the 2400m section, that's a 3:07 marathon. A 1200 recovery before another 800m at MP pace. Left leg feels a little lazy again on the cool down back home.

    Overall happy. The last few runs both knees have been largely ok post run. Cleaned the shower this afternoon a task that risks provoking the knees but instead they were fine.

    Fingers crossed for a successful 10 miler in the morning. Half tempted to wear the Glycerins to see if they help the lazy left leg.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 10 Miles

    Sunday morning I ticked off one of the objectives set for Block 1 of this year-long rebuild program. I extended my longest run to 10 Miles.

    Right know what irritates me most is the opening mile of nearly every run where my left leg feels lazy and I tend to scuff my foot. It means my form feels awkward and I don't think the knees like it as I try to adjust. Found some online exercises to address this and will give them a go. I think in the down-week between block 1 and block 2 of rebuild, I'll run my short easy runs in the Glycerins, just to see if they make a difference, there is definitely more bounce in the Glycerins than in the Nimbus and I think that extra propulsion could help.

    Once the opening mile is done my stride feels more natural and I stop thinking about it. Head to the Park and run an ascent of Chesterfield from Parkgate to Mountjoy Roundabout. That's the bulk of the climbing out of the way. Swing down OS and onto Upper Glen. Happy to get a shout out from two DH faces.

    Climb from Chapelizod Gate up to Acres. Roncobello comes to mind, this ascent is quite representative of the hill climbs there, only it's not 7 miles long! Around Acres. Spot scotindublin at the last second as we pass on Acres.

    I'm surprised to see 7:38 flash up for mile 7. Felt slower. I do ease of the pace though to ensure I keep things easy. The last 5 miles feel more comfortable than the first 5 miles.

    Weigh-in was a bit disappointing logging a 73.40kg, only 0.05Kg lighter than last week.

    One more week to go in this opening block of rebuild.

    Total 10.13M @ 7:57

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  • Good man Donal. Keep the spirits up and it'll come back. All the best.

  • healy1835 wrote: »
    Good man Donal. Keep the spirits up and it'll come back. All the best.

    Thanks J. Hoping as I slowly slowly increase the mileage and intensity the legs will regain strength and iron out some of the creaks and presences that are still simmering on and off.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 5 Miles

    I started the final week of Rebuild Block 1 on Tuesday evening. Out a bit later than planned, work.

    Didn't fancy the usual Chapelizod Loop so opted instead for a Chapelizod out-and-back. Two and a half miles brings me out the other side of the village and not too far from the base of Knockmaroon. Turn 180 and head back the way I came.

    Legs are 'ok' tonight. No pain but the odd half-niggle for a stride or two. At times it does seem unthinkable that I'm still cautiously nursing the legs, almost 8 months since pulling up with what seemed like a relatively minor muscle complaint. I still have the feeling that one push too far and the legs will topple again.

    Did some S&C in the evening and legs felt better. Knees not complaining. No need for ice.

    Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 5 Miles with 1M @ MP

    Popped out for a walk at lunchtime and felt a sharp twinge from behind left knee. Lasted for just 2 or 3 strides. Then later at the desk I could feel it again when I stretched left leg in a particular way. I opted to run anyway. And it was ok while running. It was a bit tender again in the evening and so I opted against S&C.

    The left leg wasn't too lazy on this run. I ran just a tiny tiny bit faster right from the start and it prefers this. It's like the left leg just isn't co-ordinated in first gear. The MP mile was fine, had to concentrate on not going too quickly. Logged 7:03 pace which is right at the fast end of target pace.

    Today the left leg is better, but still a hint of something from behind the knee. Might be nerve? I remember the PT mentioning nerve flossing at one point. Fingers crossed it'll be better by the weekend. Happy that I have a down-week planned next week.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 5 Miles

    So Thursday the left leg felt better. Still not perfect, still the occasional sting from behind the left knee. Today I didn't detect any ping/sting during the working day. Went out for a walk at lunchtime and it felt ok.

    Logged off on for what me is a long weekend. Despite everyday feeling the same as every other day, Friday's have not lost their magic. Mental spring in my step as I had out on another Chapelizod lap. Lazy left leg lasts 800m or so this evening. Toying with the idea of trying Glycerins this weekend, feel I have to tweak something.

    All told the legs behave well on tonight's loop. Felt strong over the last 2 miles. The behind the knee stinging returned for an hour or so after the run but feels ok now. Easing off on the S&C until I feel leg is happier.

  • Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - 6 Miles with 2M @ MP

    This weekend just passed was the final weekend of Rebuild Block 1. Outside of running the legs do feel improved, the stinging sensation is less evident from behind the left knee and the right knee has behaved well.

    I enjoyed Saturday's run. The left leg didn't feel too lazy at the outset. Arrived at the Polo Grounds under heavy leaden clouds. Moderate head wind blowing west to east. The goal was two anti-clockwise laps of the Polo Grounds Road Loop at MP. Some trepidation ahead of this but once I got going it was fine. I enjoyed it. Been a while since I actively enjoyed a run.

    The pace was manageable and in fact most of the time I needed to concentrate on applying the brakes. The legs felt 100% ok during the MP section. The 2 miles were completed at 7:05 min/mile which equates to a 3:05:XX marathon. My target range is 3:05 to 3:10, so right at the fast end. Legs felt ok for the rest of the afternoon.

    Rebuild Block 1 of 10 - Easy 9 Miles

    Sunday I did just enough to ensure I brought up 30 miles for the week. I ran a repeat of my 9 miler route from two weeks ago. Some opening mile left leg laziness but then I settled in and the rest of the run was fine. Nice conditions as the clouds started to disappear. Anticipation of Spring.

    Went for a walk in the Park immediately after the run and the legs felt good. As they did after 2 hours plus in the kitchen cooking a veggie lasagna. Pleased to have ticked off all Block 1 objectives.
    • average weekly mileage between 30 and 35 miles (31.11)
    • longest run increased to 10 miles
    • ran 2 miles at MP
    • moved 2.4kilo closer to target weight range of 69.0/70.9 kilos.

    Really happy now to take a downweek. I've taken two days completely off running and S&C. Will get back on the road tomorrow and Thursday for consecutive easy 5Ks (in Glycerins) and will get out for some short runs at the weekend. All easy. Will return to S&C from tomorrow.

    Legs feel ok as I type.

    I have the objectives for Rebuild Block 2 in my head, will get them noted down here soon.

  • Sounds like a good strategy you have going on there and well done on the weight loss. Thats not an easy thing to do

  • API wrote: »
    Sounds like a good strategy you have going on there and well done on the weight loss. Thats not an easy thing to do

    Thanks. Yeah it's definitely easier to add kilos than to remove them!

    I'm trusting the schedule. Fact that there are no races on the horizon (received mail today confirming that Cork City Marathon is postponed) affords me the luxury of dedicating the entire year to a slow and cautious rebuild. I'm not in a hurry.

  • Down-week: Easy 5K

    My idea for down-weeks is that I can run anywhere from 0%-60% of the average mileage of the preceding 4 weeks. Plan this week is for 4 short and easy runs where I'll take the opportunity to retry the Glycerins.

    I think I probably unfairly blamed them for this long injury (chief culprit remains consecutive 2K and 1M TTs at the start of last summer). In the Nimbus I have had negligible knee feedback, but I'm not enjoying the ride. It feels flat-footed and I can't help wonder if my recent 'lazy' left leg is caused by the Nimbus.

    Put on the Glycerin's this evening and the difference was instant. Despite having over twice as many miles clocked than the Nimbus they felt so much more comfortable. My form felt natural, the lazy leg I think is still there, but it is so so so much less noticeable.

    Comfortable and enjoyable doesn't necessarily mean they are a better shoe for me, maybe the extra bounce will provoke a reaction from the IT band. I'm going to wear them for the rest of the week before deciding which pair to wear entering Block 2 of rebuild.

    Tonight's run was the smoothest in a long while. Same again tomorrow.

  • outforarun wrote: »
    Thanks. Yeah it's definitely easier to add kilos than to remove them!

    I'm trusting the schedule. Fact that there are no races on the horizon (received mail today confirming that Cork City Marathon is postponed) affords me the luxury of dedicating the entire year to a slow and cautious rebuild. I'm not in a hurry.

    I read your history alright after I read about your injury. I was trying to figure out what happened you. You're lucky enough that there is nothing happening so you're not really missing out and can afford that cautious rehab comeback which is the best approach anyway.

  • API wrote: »
    I read your history alright after I read about your injury. I was trying to figure out what happened you.

    if you do figure it out let me know ;)

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  • Down-week: Easy 5K

    Thursday's was a carbon copy of Wednesday's run. I'm over-analysing the shoes. For sure the lazy leg is less pronounced than in the Nimbus. Not sure if this means it is helping or masking the issue. A bit of left-knee presence at times over the 5K. Not pain and not really a niggle either. Legs continue to feel better when not running.

    Down-week: Easy 4 Miles

    Saturday morning's run wasn't as encouraging on the lazy leg front. Could feel it more today and the foot scuffed a bit. I'll ping the PT this week to see what he thinks. It's annoying more than anything else. Stayed urban for this one. Ran the canal to Dolphin's Barn, then cut across to Rialto and through James before swinging back home. Will I stick with Glycerins, will I revert to Nimbus?

    Down-week: Easy 5 Miles

    Enjoyed this one. Some light laziness in the left leg for opening 800m, then it passed. Smashing spring-time sunshine, spirits are high. I head out along the Chapelizod Road and into the park at the Chapelizod Gate, climb up Acres and turn right to follow the cyclepath down to the Fort. Exit at Islandbridge and loop back home along St John's Road and HSQ. Legs felt good this morning. I could have happily continued running. I only have distance showing on the Garmin and I would have guessed 8:15 pace maximum, instead I was clocking low 7:3X pace. Pleasantly surprised by this:

    M01 8:23
    M02 7:39
    M03 7:30
    M04 7:29
    M05 7:32

    Total 5.05M @ 7:43

    Shoes felt good. No protests from the legs from the rest of the day, which included a short cycle out and back to Dalymount.

    Verdict on the shoes? I'm going to stick with the Glycerins as I head into Block 2 of Rebuild. Open to switching back to the Nimbus at any point. I need to order a new pair of shoes soon, so I'll decide what I order based on how the Block is going.

    Legs feel ready after this down-week to start into Block 2.

  • Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - Objectives

    Ok so here are the goals for the next 4 weeks:
    • increase average weekly mileage to 35-40 Miles
    • Increase longest run to 12 Miles
    • reintroduce sub 3 marathon pace, building to 2M at sub 3 pace
    • build to 4M at MP
    • continue to drop towards 70 kilo (73.65 last weigh-in, work to do)

    Sub three marathon pace will capture marathon finishing times of 2:55 to 2:59. That pace range is 4:08 to 4:15 (6:39 to 6:50). I don't want to jump straight to tempo pace in this block (that will happen cautiously in Block-3), sub-3 pace will act as a stepping stone. I plan to build to 2M at sub 3 pace in the same way I built to 2M at MP.

    Like with Block-1 the average mileage will likely be closer to the lower end, closer to 35 than to 40.

    Starts tomorrow.

  • January Review

    So Rehab ended in January and Rebuild began. During rehab I hit all my modest goals, but 90% of the time the runs were not enjoyable due to mix of apprehension and heavy heavy heavy legs. The heaviest I can ever recall them feeling.

    The scales gave a hint as to why this might have been, I set an unwelcome record weight of 76.10 kilo. The heaviest I've been since forever. Need to chip away at this.

    A down-week between Rehab and Rebuild. The last week of January I start what is planned as a year-long but hopefully uninterrupted journey back to summer 2020 levels of fitness.

    Ran 6 days instead of 5 days on week one of rebuild and I think this was a mistake. Lots of icing of the knees during week one. I need to stay on 5 days for a while and allow the legs 2 rest days per week.

    Great to be keying work-outs into the Garmin again. Although in reality they are not workouts, 4x400 @ MP and 4x800 @ MP. Up and down the Chapelizod Road. Legs don't object to the reintroduction of marathon pace.

    Regular sessions with the roller and power-band and 12 minutes of activations before every run.

    January saw my first 30+ mile week since last June. And it saw my first 100+ mile month since last June.

    Fingers crossed that I navigate Block-1 without issue.

    Month | Monthly Miles | Daily mileage for month | Weekly Mileage for month | Daily mileage for year | Weekly mileage for year | Predicted yearly mileage
    January | 106.61| 3.44 | 24.07 | 3.44 | 24.07 | 1255
    February | | | | | |
    March | | | | | |
    April | | | | | |
    May | | | | | |
    June | | | | | |
    July | | | | | |
    August | | | | | |
    September | | | | | |
    October | | | | | |
    November | | | | | |
    December | | | | | |

  • Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - Easy 7 Miles

    Was off work on Tuesday and happy to head at my ease to the Park. Made up the route as I went along. Heading from Islandbridge Gate up to the Visitor Centre via the Playing Fields. Loop around the wooden copse and then head back down Chesterfield, round the Polo Grounds and home. Seven easy miles to start Block 2 of Rebuild.

    I had some left-knee presence on a few strides over the opening 2 miles, more to the front of the knee than the outside. After 2 miles it passed. Left leg laziness not very pronounced today. Legs felt better the further into the run I went. Easy pace was 8:04 min/mile today.

    An S&C session in the evening which the right knee didn't like too much. 20 minutes of icing required.

    Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - 5+ Miles with 2M @ MP

    After a day at the desk, the prospect of 5 or 6 miles with a 'fast' bit in the middle, is far more palatable than a vanilla 5 or 6 miles.

    Toyed with putting the Nimbus back on.

    The difference between the two runners is very obvious when you take one, place it on the ground, lift up the heel while leaving the toes on the ground and then let go of the heel. The Nimbus falls with an audible slap to the ground and goes immediately motionless. The Glycerin falls silently to the ground and rocks back and forth a few times before coming to a halt. The Glycerins are so much smoother a ride.

    Left leg laziness not too bad today and passes after 800m. I run to Chapelizod and when the Garmin sounds 2 miles, just before the bridge, I pick up the pace. I run the next two miles at marathon pace, mostly trying not to go too fast. The legs feel good during this section, the shoes very comfortable and encouraging a rolling stride. Average pace was that of a 3:05 marathon.

    I finish the 2 miles just before the Heuston bus depot. Take a slightly longer route back home. I had wanted to run 6 miles or so but around 400ms from home I took a stride down from a footpath and on my next stride one of my toenails caught a seam inside the shoe and it was pulled backwards, I could hear it catching. Ouch. I fear the worst, that it's been pulled off. I keep running but after 100m it starts to hurt. I call an end to the run.

    The nail is still attached. I cut it back and will bandage it before next run. I hope it doesn't stop me from running!

    Legs feel good post-run.

  • February Review

    February saw 3 weeks of Rebuild and one down-week. I completed Block 1 of Rebuild, hitting all my modest and cautious goals, including my first double digit mile run since June!

    Confidence continues to return to legs. I'm not expecting pain or niggles. The lazy left leg is my biggest annoyance right now. Must contact PT shortly about this. On the last Saturday of the block I had a fun 2M at MP around the Polo Road Loop. The MP miles were fine to hold and it felt good to be travelling for a bit of time at something other than easy pace.

    Mid month and out of the blue I developed a sharpish stinging sensation behind the left knee. Not noticeable when running, but quite noticeable after the run. Thankfully it started to fade after a week or so.

    I'm growing unhappy with the Nimbus and I used the down-week to revisit the Glycerins. The lazy left leg is far less noticeable than when in the Nimbus. The Glycerins are a far more comfortable shoe.

    One Block down, just nine to go.

    Month | Monthly Miles | Daily mileage for month | Weekly Mileage for month | Daily mileage for year | Weekly mileage for year | Predicted yearly mileage
    January | 106.61| 3.44 | 24.07 | 3.44 | 24.07 | 1255
    February | 107.61 | 3.84 | 26.90 | 3.63 | 25.42 | 1325
    March | | | | | |
    April | | | | | |
    May | | | | | |
    June | | | | | |
    July | | | | | |
    August | | | | | |
    September | | | | | |
    October | | | | | |
    November | | | | | |
    December | | | | | |

  • on a positive note - you've got your Feb review done in early March!

  • on a positive note - you've got your Feb review done in early March!

    The year always starts with great intentions and discipline and then...

  • Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - Easy 6 Miles

    Managed to finish more or less on time at work and headed out for an easy 6 miles. Always braced for an awkward opening 800m to 1 mile. Once the laziness was shaken out of the left leg, both legs felt pretty good. Ran my go-to Chapelizod Loop but I tag on an extra mile at the end by detouring along St.John’s Road. Checking mile splits afterwards I was definitely running a little too fast for easy pace, but the effort felt ok. The toe-nail wasn’t an issue and is still in situ, no need to bandage it.

    Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - 4x800 @ Sub 3 MP

    Headed for the Polo Grounds in the late morning. Cloud cover starting to lift. Today I re-introduce sub 3 marathon pace, a stepping stone to Tempo pace, due to return in Block 3.

    It’s a soft re-introduction with 4x800m on the menu. I begin on my 1M TT starting line. Target pace is 4:08 to 4:15 [6:39 to 6:50].

    Happily the pace doesn’t feel too unfamiliar. As is usually the case I need to focus more on applying the brakes rather than the accelerator. The Chesterfield descent feels comfortable and the climb along Lord’s Walk is really the only stretch where I feel I’m working. At the moment my Wednesday and my Saturday runs are my favourites. They provide a much needed break from easy pace and they allow my left leg to move more naturally I find.

    The 800m splits were: 3:21, 3:17, 3:18 and 3:20. That’s right at the fast end of target pace, and equivalent of a 2:55 marathon. I contacted PT about my left leg laziness and open mile foot scuffing. My guesses are S&C induced imbalance and/or Nimbus. I checked through the log here and the first references to this laziness occur after I’d switched to Nimbus during the second half of Rehab.

    Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - Easy 10 Miles

    Gorgeous sunny morning. Don’t enjoy the opening 2 miles. There’s the usual left leg drag to get over and then on mile 2 I ran up the gully trail from the Khyber car-park to the playing fields. As I arrived at the cycle path I could feel a sensation from the muscles/tendons/ligaments, behind the left knee. For a few strides I thought maybe this was going to be a return of the soft-tissue strain from last July. Please no. It doesn’t feel quite like that, and it passes after a few hundred metres. Puts me on alert though and reminds me that I could still be just one stride away from a relapse.

    I stick largely to the trails for the rest of the time in the Park. Slippy underfoot in sections. Legs feel ‘ok’. Not as spritely as I’d like. Clock up 10 miles and close week 1 of Rebuild Block 2. My first 35+ mile week in over 8 months.

    Weigh-in was 72.50 kilo. Cool that’s 3.55 kilo lost since starting rebuild. Another 2.50 to shed. That’s all good news for the knees.

  • Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - Week 2

    Easy 4.03M @ 8:30

    Week 2 of Rebuild Block 2 got underway Tuesday evening after work. Took a bit of mental effort to get out, wasn't in the mood. Gear on, activations completed, out the door. Once I got moving this wasn't too bad. The legs were more lively than expected. The left leg laziness was less in evidence than usual. PT hasn't got back to me on this yet. I'll need to prompt him. Stuck to 3 laps of the block, one with a little diversion added to bring up 4 miles for the evening.

    7M with 3M @ MP

    Wednesday's run saw me working the hardest I've worked since starting this rebuild program. Three miles at marathon pace were on the menu. I ran two miles to Chapelizod and then switched up a gear at the bridge. Aided by a tailwind I hold MP all the way to Heuston then head up the Luas tracks. This is the tough part, at least relatively speaking. Crest the hill and turn right into the headwind. Bit of a presence in the left knee for a stride or two on the downhill moments of mile 3, not pain nor a twinge.

    Finish the 3 MP miles at 7:07 pace, right at the fast end of target pace. Tip along for another couple of miles bringing up 7 for the evening. Both knees in the next 24 hours were a bit tender. In a "we need to get used to this again way" rather than in a "we're injured way".

    Easy 5 Laps of the Block 6.41M @ 8:12

    Back on the road Friday after work. Like Tuesday the head wasn't in the mood but the legs were. Not a lot of laziness from the left leg. No feedback of any sort from either knee. Stuck to laps of the block, completing 5 laps to bring up over 10K for the evening. I'm looking forward to bright evening's and some gentle trail runs by the fort.

    1600m+(2x800m) @ Sub3 MP

    Saturday morning I head over to the Polo Grounds Road Loop, this will be my Saturday arena for the next while. Sub 3 MP pace today. Anti-clockwise laps. There's a strong headwind blowing between 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock. Open with 1600m @ 6:44 min/mile. This felt ok, never struggling and needed to keep the brakes on during the Chesterfield descent. The subsequent set of 800s are run a little to fast, but feel equally manageable. No protests from the legs.

    Then on the 2 mile trip back home, ouch. First twinge of rebuild. Comes from the outside of the left knee. IT band. Just two or three strides of feedback. I pause the Garmin and come to a stop. Flex the knee a bit, wait a bit and continue tentatively. No further feedback.

    Lends support to the feeling I have, that just under the surface last summer's injuries are still simmering and that I need to tread cautiously while they continue to settle, adjust, heal and rebuild.

    Legs felt ok for the rest of the day. Better than after Wednesday's 3M at MP.

    MLR 11.02M @ 8:30

    Stalled a bit Sunday morning before heading out on my longest run in 8 months. I was apprehensive ahead of this. Expected yesterday's left knee twinges to return and was prepared to bail if they did. If I bailed I would take a week off and then repeat Block 2 Week 2. I make an effort to keep the pace easy and controlled. Wet and windy morning in the Park. The run includes a full ascent of Chesterfield, gate to gate. It features a lap of the Playing Fields with headwind grimacing. Eleven miles is a long time to be apprehensive. I can't say I enjoyed the execution of this run but I was happy with the outcome, no protests from either knee during nor after the run.

    I will proceed as planned with week 3 of the block. Not for the first time I remind myself to stay at the slower end of target pace. I will increase roller time over the next weeks and will return to icing both knees.

    Weigh-in was 72.7 kilo. 200g heavier than last week. I blame a slice of outdoor 40th birthday cake on Friday.

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  • Rebuild Block 2 of 10 - Week 3

    Bit hectic at work at the moment so only managing to update here now.

    Easy Queasy 4 Miles

    Week didn't start very auspiciously. Hadn't digested a late lunch properly and so the second half of this 4 miler was a bit touch and go. Just gentle laps of the block. Some left knee presence over the first 100m or so.

    7M with 4M @ MP

    Ticked off the first Block-2 objective on Paddy's Day. Over to the Playing Fields for clockwise laps at MP pace. Legs feeling a bit heavy on my 2 mile warm-up. As soon as I switched up to MP pace the legs felt better. Usual headwind blowing from Acres to Fort. Easier on the uphill along Acres. I completed the 4 miles at 7:06 pace, this equates to a 3:06 MP. I was stuck for time so finished by descending the Khyber.

    Went for walk to Chapelizod later in the morning and legs felt ok. Later in the day both knees would feel a bit stiff, but not in an injured way.

    6.02M @ 8:28

    Knees a bit unhappy during the day and I was a little concerned ahead of this one. In the end the legs behaved ok. Can't shake the feeling this week that the legs will start to protest while running. Mentally on edge when running. Happy that I have Friday as a rest day.

    2400+800 @ Sub3 MP

    Last Saturday I had my first left-knee pain of this rebuild plan after sub-3 MP around the Polo Grounds Road Loop. I was confident this week of holding sub-3 pace for the planned 2400m+800m, my concern was focused on how the left knee would react after the fast bits. Enjoyed the faster 2400m, pace picks up on the Chesterfield descent, and then drops on Lords Walk. Pretty much a lap and a half. Then 1200m recovery before finishing with a mostly downhill 800m. I'm looking forward to 2 miles at this pace next weekend.

    I was more pleased that the left knee didn't provide any painful feedback during or after sub 3 pace. And during the day both knees didn't complain, even when turning earth in allotment in the afternoon.

    MLR 12.01M @ 8:22

    Second Block-2 objective completed.

    This went better than I'd anticipated. I'm just not mentally at ease with the legs at the moment and continue to anticipate negative feedback. Left leg laziness is still there over the opening mile but does feel less obvious that before. I hope as the legs get stronger that it'll pass.

    Made thie route up as I went along. Tipped over to Chapelizod and into the Park. Swing left up the Glen Road and then down to the Furry Glen. Hug the trails down toward Farmleigh, legs starting to come alive here. Spot that Farmleigh is open, I dash inside for a quick lap. Been ages since I last ran in here. Exploring the outer regions of my 5K radius. Continue along the trails to Ratra House and then follow the perimeter road before cutting in by the Polo Grounds. Climb up Chesterfield to the Phoenix then round the Playing Fields before heading back home. The legs felt surprisingly good on this one.

    I was on my feet cooking for the next 2 hours and both legs were fine. 5 mile cycle later in the day saw some left knee complaints, but nothing that worried me.

    Sunday weigh-in was 72.10 kilo. Just over a half kilo lost since last week. 4 kilos lost since starting rebuild. Hope to dip into the 71s next Sunday.