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2012 4 Races for 4 PBs



  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Last Weekend

    A headcold settled in Friday and I was more than a little congested come Saturday morning. Antigens were reading negative. I spend a little time on the roller before heading to the Playing Fields for 6 miles at a little slower than threshold pace, so 4:12 [6:45] to 4:18 [6:55]. I was apprehensive as I haven't been hugely comfortable running around threshold pace these last weeks. Three and a bit laps of the Playing Fields, clockwise. The standard headwind is blowing this morning, from Acres Road to the Fort. I know from mile one that I would have to work this morning. Thankfully the effort levels felt on mile 1 didn't increase dramatically as the run progressed. I could recover a little on the Northern and Eastern sides of the lap. The headwind towards Acres was the most difficult part and I faced it 4 times. The last mile I was working but I wasn't hanging on desperate for the end.

    Given the headcold and given the headwind I was relatively satisfied with my efforts. Legs were generally ok.

    6.00M @ 6:55 (average 167 bpm)

    Total 8.52M @ 7:38 (average 155 bpm)

    Another Sunday another half-marathon. Back to my Southside loop this morning. Legs were ok and not feeling any ill effects from yesterday's run. Overall average pace was a little slower than the last two times out, but that's fine, I wasn't trying to push pace. Headcold persists. I spend the first half of the run spitting every 100m. Felt better on the second half of the run. Very pleased with the final heartrate for this one, fitness is improving.

    Total 13.14 @ 8:22 (average 134 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Some Catch-up

    The final week (26th September to 2nd October) of this first physio prescribed 4 week block went mostly well.

    8x800 @ 10K pace (off 90sec recovery)

    A bit concerned on the warm-up of this opening run, the right hammer was tight and pinging more than usual. I did consider cancelling the session but decided I'd complete my warm-up and see how I felt. I did feel better and once I got into the intervals the hammer was mostly quiet. It pinged a little again on the cool-down. I underestimated the 800s. Sessions are always harder for me in the evening than in the morning, plus running these out and back on the Chapelizod Road meant I needed to contend with head-wind upstream intervals, the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th intervals were much trickier than the downstream 800s. I held 10K pace though, 3:13 / 3:17 / 3:15 / 3:16 / 3:14 / 3:16 / 3:17 / 3:18.

    Easy 10K

    24 hours later I run an easy 10K in Athlone and the hammer is much better, a slight presence but no pain, no discomfort, no pinging nor stinging. Legs also felt lighter than expected, all in all a positive run.

    Total 6.21M @ 8:35 (average 133 bpm)

    Easy 6M + Steady 2M

    I was out Thursday evening and so pushed this one forward to Friday. Into the Park at Parkgate and travelled on very stiff legs up behind the Zoo and out the North Road. As the profile changed around OS Road the legs started to come alive and they felt good tipping down the Glen Road. Not too many more evening Park runs available this year, lamps are on as I exit at Chapelizod Gate. I up the pace for the final 2 miles and it feels comfortable. Nice way to start the weekend. That's 183 miles for September.

    Total 8.01M @ 8:29 (average 140 bpm)

    Threshold 4 Miles

    Enjoyed this one around the Playing Fields. A repeat of my opening Threshold run of 4 weeks ago, and this time it went much better. The final mile was not nearly as tricky as the final mile first time out. I felt more in control, I was running faster and with less effort. I finished the 4 Miles @ 6:42 mins/mile. I held 4:10 min/km pace with average 166 bpm, four weeks early I worked harder to hold 4:13 pace with average 169 bpm. Progress, slow progress, but progress all the same. A tiny presence from the right hammer on the cool-down but nothing to spoil my mood.

    Total 7.21M @ 7:47 with 4M @ 6:42

    Easy 13.1 Miles

    I finish the week with my 4th consecutive Sunday Half Marathon. My Liffey Loop for this one, under blue skies. I get up to pace quickly enough and then I start to run a little too fast. Too many individual miles posting faster than target pace range, even if overall average pace is inside easy range, the faster end of easy pace. One or two pings from the right hammer but not strong and I'm not concerned.

    Pleased with these last 4 weeks. It felt like I was training properly again and Strava progress and fitness charts were moving in the right direction again. Feeling cautiously hopeful. Next up is a step-back week (30 miles, one session, and no long run). I'll book in with the physio again to mention about hammer pings and determine what the next block will look like.

    Total 13.11M @ 8:10 (average 139 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Sidelined, again

    So a quick update. My step back week went ok some right hammer presence. The stepback week session was 6x1K at 10K pace and it went better than the previous 6x1K session 5 weeks earlier. Ahead of a new training block I felt confident enough to knock 5 secs of my JD estimated 5K time. I met with physio ahead of the new block, mentioned that in general the legs had been good for the first block but that the right hammer still felt like the weak link. Hammer focused S&C prescribed.

    While waiting for details of block 2 I opted to run 6x1K again, this was the opening session of first block. Hammer felt tight. Session went ok, though it always feels tougher on Chapelizod Road, and as usual the upstream intervals were harder than downstream.

    Block 2 details arrive and the sessions were tougher than first time round, looked like fun though, I should have opened with 7x1K at 10K pace off 70 seconds recovery. The final session planned was a flat Parkrun to get a new 5K time.

    Hammer had felt very tight on a Weds evening run in Athlone so I decided I'd restart block 2 the next week instead.

    On Friday I went for any easy 4 mile and had to abandon after a mile. Hammer started tight, then tighter, then started pinging, then pinging more sharply and started hurting and affecting my stride.

    Physio advised against starting the new block, focus on easy running and rehab instead.

    Feeling deflated I didn't run at all and didn't do enough rehab. Tried an easy run yesterday, hammer was pinging and tight but not terribly so. Tried again this morning and had to abandon after 3K and walk home. Same as two Fridays ago, abandoned when pinging turned sharp and painful.

    So back to square one again. What now? I think I'll stop running for 4 weeks. I'll focus honestly on rehab in those 4 weeks. Roller and core every second day, hammer S&C every other day. Walk more to keep blood in the hammer. Lose weight properly. Then try an easy run and see. I will contact physio to see what he recommends.

    I made better progress with my own rebuild program but the prospect of another 50 week schedule is not hugely appealing. I enjoyed the physio prescibed training more and it deserves a second shot, maybe I was too optimistic setting 19:39 as my 5K time (ran 19:37 start of the summer not flat out). Maybe 19:59 was more realistic. By the time I get back from this hammer setback it'll probably be even slower, so be it.

    This hammer strain feels more central and higher up than usual. Good news? Everything else feels fine, hips, glutes, knees, lower back, no issues.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Plan is to lace up for a 20 mile easy week next week.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,130 ✭✭✭ AuldManKing

    Jeez - that 2.5 year look back is stark!!

    I admire your persistence.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,591 ✭✭✭ overpronator

    Don't post much anymore but that 2.5 year recap deserves a "for f**k sake that sounds rough when I read it all in one go!!"

    As Alan said, fair play for sticking it out.

    Did you ever consider private coaching, take the management side out of it altogether and let someone else monitor your load?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Thanks both. It is difficult at times to stick with it, I need to forget about the times I used run and just focus on the fact that I feel better out running than inside not running. Doesn't matter so much if the week is an uninteresting set of easy runs, or if the legs are completely tightness and niggle free for only a small portion of that week, nor if running marathon PB pace feels like tempo pace, the important thing is that I can stay running and observe progress week to week, no matter how slow that progress might be. I do enjoy the rebuild process, it's the sidelined process that is hard to navigate.

    I have considered private coaching, and effectively I started that briefly with the physio at the club. But it might have been too much too soon. I would consider it again in two scenarios: if I successfully navigate Rebuild-3 and start to put races in my calendar again. Or if I fail Rebuild-3. Either way I won't be considering it until I see how Rebuild-3 works out.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 1 - Easy 4 Miles

    I keep thinking it's going to be cold outside, it is dark and it is early January after all. I wrap up accordingly, start running and then realise it's very mild. Wouldn't mind some crisper colder weather over the next few weeks.

    So while pottering about, doing the school run and walking to the shops the right hammer has been 99.9% fine. The left glute has been mildly achy. I am booked in with my PT next Friday and this is looking like it will be the focus of the visit. I have been rolling and paying extra attention to the glute and I think it does provide some relief. Hopefully a few more weeks on the roller combined with this not-too- tasking block-1 of rebuild will see the glute loosen and the ache fade away. I'll be honest, I really hope the PT doesn't ask me to stop running, if he does he does and I'll follow instructions, but I hope he doesn't.

    Four easy miles this evening. An out and back along the Chapelizod Road. The hammer was nearly 100% quiet, the left glute a little tight and a little achy. No pain. I'm keeping an eye on the Garmin with the intention of trying to keep easy pace between 8:30 and 8:49 min/mile.

    Home, shower, and straight onto the mat with the roller. Legs feeling mostly ok as I type. Looking forward to tomorrow's planned 4x800 at marathon PB pace.

    Total 4.01M @ 8:40 (average 143 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 1 - 4x800 @ MP PB Pace

    I absolutely need a hairband. Spent more or less the entire warm-up removing hair from my eyes. I got out later than planned and so missed the clear blue skies from earlier in the morning. Still nice conditions though, apart from some stiff headwinds blowing from the west. This was my first time back in the Park since I cannot remember when. Headed back to the Polo Grounds where the summer pavilion has been removed meaning no diversions onto grass and mud are required.

    The left glute has been a little achy on the warm-up and protests a little on the opening 800m, but quietens down after that. Now as I type it feels generally ok. So a slightly uphill and headwind start makes MP pace initially feel quite tricky. The first two 800s don't have a very favourable profile, the second two 800s are more forgiving. Means the I felt better at the end of the intervals than at the start. I really do have a lot of fitness to regain. This felt more like sub-3 effort than PB effort, that said I had to mostly pay attention to ensure I wasn't running too fast, interval three fell outside the time range for the 800s (3:30 to 3:36). The 800 splits were: 3:31, 3:33, 3:27, 3:34.

    Some faint presence from the right hammer during cool-down. Happy that this first block includes nothing faster than marathon PB pace.

    Total 6.84M @ 8:13 (average 150 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 1 - 8 Miles @ long run pace

    I know I haven't been running a lot over the last couple of months and I know I wasn't hugely disciplined diet wise over the holiday period, but I was still surprised when stepping on the scales after yesterday's run for my post running week weigh-in. A whopping 76.2kg. Haven't been this heavy in a long while and so have a little more work than expected to go sub 70, probably won't happen as quickly as I'd hoped for. I have pretty much exactly a stone to try lose, around 6.4kg. It is encouraging though because shedding 6.4kg will surely take pressure off the legs.

    Yesterday's run was generally ok. The right hammer was mostly quiet, some faint presence at moments. The left glute was better, not really aching, just a faint presence. I've decided to target Sunday long run pace on my Sunday runs, even if they are not long runs. I'm setting long run pace as 8:00 to 8:15 min/mile, approximately a minute a mile slower than my PB marathon pace.

    Out after 8:15am for this one, still not fully bright at this time, not too much traffic about. Made the route up as I went. Into the park at Parkgate and run up the North Road. I turn left for the descent down the top half of Chesterfield and log a faster than planned mile (7:38). I apply the brakes to get the remaining miles back on track. Cut left at the Phoenix and rejoin the North Road, then turn right to retrace my steps back out Parkgate. The pace of the last mile is slow, probably due to a quick diversion to the supermarket.

    Pace was utterly manageable and familiar.

    That's week-1 of 50 completed. All boxes ticked. Legs still intact. Happy to have a PT visit lined up for Friday.

    Total 8.02M @ 8:15 (average 145 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 2 - Easy 5 Miles

    The legs were heavy this evening. This nearly always happens after taking a day off. Wet and blustery conditions. I opt for my usual 5 mile loop, Kilmainham - Inchicore - Chapelizod - Islandbridge - Heuston - Kilmainham. I check pace after two miles and see I'm travelling slower than I'd like. I want to keep these easy runs at 8:3X or 8:4X pace. I increase the pace from mile 3 onwards glancing every so often at the Garmin to check that I was gradually arriving at target. Funny how a 7:38 mile on Sunday morning can feel easy and effortless and even slow, then two days later 8:4X pace takes some focus.

    The right hammer was generally good, faint presence at points. The left glute wasn't achy but there was a light tightness there. I gave it some extra attention on the roller tonight.

    All going well I should be back on the Chapelizod Road tomorrow night.

    Total 5.06M @ 8:45 (average 144 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 2 - 800+(2×400) @ MP

    Uninviting conditions last night. Wet and cold and blustery. Gloves on. Headed out after work.

    Slow jog to the Chapelizod Gate and then stay on the Chapelizod Road to complete the MP sections.

    First up an 800, target time 3:30 to 3:36. Finish this in 3:31. This was slightly downhill and wind assisted. Felt ok. The 400s are done in the opposite direction, slightly uphill and wind resisted. Targeting 1:45 to 1:48 I completed both in 1:47. Effort a little harder because of the wind and incline. Sub 3:10 marathon pace feels more like sub 3:00 marathon pace right now. It's a slow process.

    The positive from this run was a completely quiet right hammer. The left glute did feel a bit tight though.

    Total 5.31M @ 8:56 (average 137 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 2 - Easy 4 Miles

    All about needles. I took today and next Friday off work, softens the post holiday re-entry. I cycled to my PT in the morning. Had a good session with him. He worked the hammer and the glute and the neglected quads. Fairly heavy going and definitely worked up a sweat. He initially opted to avoid needles but he couldn't resist when working the glute and asked if he could use just one. It would have been rude to refuse. I hate needles. I'll see him again next Friday, I need to work the hammers, quads and glutes some more, but overall he said I'm not in tooooo bad shape and key, he gives a green flag to continue with the rebuild plan.

    Cycle home, quick pitstop for some porridge and then into town for more needles, my six monthly dental check-up. One old filling needed refilling so more needles produced. What else would you want to do on a day off. Some shopping and cycle home.

    Straight into the gear and out the door while it was still bright for a 4 miler. My first ascent of the Khyber since that ill-fated long run on the Donore Bus last May. Legs felt sore from the PT session but also felt looser than of late. Still a light presence from the right hammer and left glute. Mile 3 was significant, it felt like an 8:3X mile but I logged an 8:03. Applied the brakes, happy that 8:03 felt that easy.

    Oh and this was my first ever run with a headband. Worked well, 90% less hair-in-eyes interference, though some strands still escaped. Need practice.

    Total 4.03M @ 8:34 (average 146 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 2 - 9 Miles @ long run pace

    I finished my 10th run and 2nd week of Rebuild-3 yesterday. Just 48 weeks to go :)

    The opening miles of Sunday's run were largely uphill. I enter the Park after an ascent of Infirmary Road and then follow the slight but steady incline along North Road all the way to the Mountjoy Roundabout. I then continue the slight climb into Farmleigh, it's been forever since I last ran in here.

    I typically monitor my splits on Sunday runs, based on how many seconds up or down I am on a single target pace. So on Sundays I target 8:00 to 8:15 min/mile. I measure my splits against the slow end of target pace, 8:15. So on this run an opening mile of 8:31 means I am down 16 seconds on target, a second mile of 8:13 means I am now down 14 seconds on target, and so on. The goal is to finish somewhere up on target but not so far up that I run faster than the fast end of target. Keeps the brain engaged and keeps me focused on pacing and curious ahead of each split, I don't check the Garmin between splits.

    With the uphill opening section and the mostly downhill second half of the run, yesterday's splitting read as follows: down-16 after 1M, down-14 after 2M, down-18 after 3M, down-20 after 4M, down-16 after 5M, down-4 after 6M, up-17 after 7M, up-39 after 8M, up-48 after 9M. The splits were a little slower than what I felt the effort should be producing on the opening miles, then they were faster than they felt over the closing miles.

    The legs weren't quiet yesterday. The left glute felt a little tight again and the right hammer felt tender like on Saturday, I'm certain this tenderness is post PT bruising, but I'm fairly certain there was a ping or two from the hammer as well. And as I exit the park at Chapelizod Gate there were some pangs from the front of my left knee, only last 3 or 4 strides. I hope this latter is just one of those pangs that occur for few strides in a random run and then don't occur again. No pain or aches from left glute or right hammer, but just enough unwanted feedback to take some shine off this run.

    The engine was fine and I have no concerns in that regard to stretching the Sunday run to 10 Miles next week.

    The weighing scales are moving in the right direction, if maybe not as quickly as I'd like. The key thing is to shed weight regularly week by week until I'm back where I should be 70.X kg, and then to where I'd love to be, 68/69 kg. Last week I was a very heavy 76.2kg, this week a still very heavy 75.4kg.

    Heartrate is also higher than I'd like. I don't think it will improve noticeably on these runs until I start introducing slightly faster paces from block 2 onwards. It read 149 yesterday, I look forward to knocking at least 10 bpm off that. My resting heartrate instead has improved over the last few weeks and is back where I like it to be, averaging around 46 bpm.

    Total 9.02M @ 8:10 (average 149 bpm)

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 3 - Easy 5 Miles

    I started Week 3 on Tuesday night. It was fairly chilly out there, Garmin said it felt like minus 4. Long sleeve underlayer, t-shirt, running jacket, two pairs of gloves and a wooly cap. By the last couple of miles I was feeling quite toasty. Wherever there was water it was rapidly turning to ice, needed to tread carefully.

    Apprehensive for the left glute/hip, it had been achy during the day while doing the school runs etc. Once I got running though it wasn't too bad, not noticeably worse than any other run this year. The right hammer was 99.9% silent. I also felt a little stronger than expected on this one, legs weren't heavy and stride felt smooth. Lots of club runners up and down Chapelizod Road this evening. A text from the captain later confirms it was Donore, I'd been spotted. Without my glasses I struggle to recognize people in bright daylight, let alone a dark January evening.

    On the roller later I opted not to give extra focus to the left glute area, just in case focusing too much on it might be counterproductive.

    Total 5.07M @ 8:35 (average 145 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 3 - 1200+400 @ MP

    I had been planning on running this in the evening, then domestic logistics meant that might not be possible so I opted to get out at lunchtime.

    Another wooly hat run. Headed out along the Chapelizod Road to the Chapelizod Gate turned around and started the MP bits. First up is 1200m, target time is 5:15 to 5:24. I log a 5:20. I ran 800 downstream, turned 180 and finished with 400 upstream. Pace felt easy. A 600m downstream recovery before another 400m upstream, this was a 1:48, slow end of target. Then cool down home. Again the right hammer was 99.9% silent, I only noticed the 0.1% because I'm paying attention. Left glute/hip not as achy as last night.

    A short run but it ticked the midweek MP box. I most likely have over 48 hours off between this run and my next run. I'll likely also have a second PT visit in the legs before I lace up again.

    Glad I got out at lunchtime, the domestic logistics worked out ok, but work logistics instead saw me working until gone 22:00.

    Total 4.87M @ 8:21 (average 147 bpm)  

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 3 - Easy 5+ Miles

    For the second consecutive week I had Friday off work. I could easily get used to a 4 day week. Gorgeous blue skies all day long. The roads weren't as ice free as I would have liked so I left the bike at home and bused it to within a 25min walk of the PT. And walked home after the PT. While walking to the PT I could feel the left glute/hip achy a little. While walking home from the PT I completely forgot about the left glute/hip, didn't notice any feedback at all. Today's session was gentler than usual, focus was mostly on both hip flexors, elbow was used on hip glute, that did hurt and it's bruised a little today. Gentle hamstring massage. No new appointment deemed necessary but I reckon I will check in again if and when I complete block 2 of the rebuild.

    Got out for a little over 5 miles later in the afternoon. Again the right hammer was almost completely silent. In fact the right leg felt good! The left hip/glute still ached a little, not as much as earlier in the week. Opening mile was as always slower than intended then the pace gradually picking up. A downhill mile 4 along Chesterfield was much quicker than target at 8:04. Happy to see a slightly improved heartrate for this run.

    Watch Leicester Ospreys in the evening with the Garmin showing close on 30000 steps for the day. And continue to avoid focusing too much on the left hip/glute when I'm on the roller.

    Total 5.39M @ 8:38 (average 141 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 3 - 2400+800 @ MP

    Ran later than planned today, out after 15:00. Wrapped up well again although it wasn't as cold as the last two days. First indications are that the right hammer is going to behave and the left hip/glute is going to grumble a little. I head for the Polo Grounds.

    On Lord's Walk there are some hard to spot icy patches. With the ice and knowing that some of the road by the Pavilion is closed (again!) I opt to run today's MP bits on the grass Polo Grounds Loop. The going is fairly soft and there are some slightly slippy muddy patches to navigate, but better to fall on grass than on tarmac.

    The MP sections are very manageable. I suspect the effort is slightly higher on the grass than on the road. I run 2400 covering two laps and a bit. Pace at first is a little too fast, I slow up a little and watch as the pace drops and settles mostly at 4:27. A generous 1200 half distance recovery before running another 800 at MP. Again this is very manageable. I have no concerns about stringing all of these bits together and running 2M at MP next Saturday.

    Target time for the 2400 was 10:31 to 10:48, I logged a 10:41. Target time for the 800 was 3:30 to 3:36, I logged a 3:31.

    Cool down home for some pre-run stretches and more rugby on the box. First double digit mile run planned for tomorrow morning.

    Total 6.69M @ 8:22 (average 144 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 3 - 10M @ long run pace

    Yesterday I ran my first double digit mile run since the start of October. Grey and still and overcast, not really cold. I revisited some spots that I haven't run in far too long, the stretch of canal from Ashtown to Castleknock, and then a Tower Road descent. Tracking my splits I knew I was running a little faster than last weekend but not too fast.

    Once the opening uphill miles were behind me the downhill section from Castleknock to Chapelizod saw some faster than target miles sneak in. The momentum gathered from coming down Knockmaroon saw me log a 7:48 along the Chapelizod Road, I apply the brakes immediately. The legs weren't too bad for this, the right hammer was once again 99.9% quiet, the left glute/hip a bit achy but definitely better than usual. Stamina wise 10 miles wasn't difficult. All the same, an average of 155 bpm to hold 8:06 min/mile pace was a little higher than I'd have liked.

    I was almost happy to welcome back some stinging chaffing in the shower afterwards, it's been a while. Week 3 completed and one of Block-1's goals has been ticked off. Next week, the final week of block 4, will target 2M at MP and should see my weekly mileage for the last 4 weeks finally creep above 30M.

    And better news on the weight front as I shed 1.2kg since last Sunday. That's 2kg in 2 weeks. Hopefully the next kilo will drop easily, but after that it becomes trickier, it's still winter afterall and the body still in fattening up mode.

    Total 10.23M @ 8:06 (average 155 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 4 - Easy 5 Miles

    Started week 4 of Block-1 on Tuesday evening. Another Kilmainham-Inchicore-Chapelizod-Heuston-Kilmainham loop. Mild out. I recently bought a selection of headbands, tried out a skinny black Nike one. Fine for a mile or two then it gradually starts to lose grip before popping off. After two miles I take it off and continue with hair in eyes.

    The opening miles of my easy run tend to be very slow and it takes a while to warm into it. Tuesday's opening mile was 9:36, it didn't feel that slow. I first check average pace after the 3M marker. Still slower than target 8:3X to 8:4X pace. I up the tempo a little over the last two miles, logging an 8:36 and an 8:07.

    The right hammer continues to behave. The left hip/glute continues to ache a little but less than in previous weeks.

    Total 5.04M @ 8:48 (average 142 bpm)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,092 ✭✭✭ outforarun

    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 4 - 5 Miles with 1M @ MP

    Worked later than planned and so I didn't have much motivation to head-out at gone 8pm. Runners are laced up before I get lazy and risk staying inside.

    The legs had felt ok during the day and they didn't feel too bad on this evening's run. The only time I run without a specific target pace range is during and after the quick part of a session, so an uninterrupted 9:40 leisure pace brings me the two miles to Chapelizod Gate. As with all my other midweek MP runs in this block, I ran this up and down along the Chapelizod Road.

    Downstream for half a mile then upstream for the second half. Without fail when running toward Chapelizod the effort levels go up. A combination of the slight uphill climb and the prevaling headwind. The first half-mile is very manageable, the second less so. Right now the thought of 26.2M at this pace is just crazy, it's so far away from me. I log a 7:12 with a heartrate of 157 bpm. I'm expecting the 2M at MP planned for this Saturday to feel easier.

    Right hammer good, left hip/glute better than of late. I had 2 or 3 sharpish pangs from the left knee right at the start of MP. From the front of the knee rather than the outside. That's twice in 10 days that I've felt this, both times just for a handful of strides. Cause for concern? I note that I have over 420 miles on the Glycerins, I'll need to start rotating with a newer pair soon enough.

    Total 5.02M @ 8:52 (average 134 bpm)

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    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 4 - 5 Miles with 1M @ MP

    Short and easy this evening after another busy day at the desk. Clear sky overhead with moon and stars out, meant it felt chilly stepping outside. Run down to Islandbridge and out Chapelizod Road to just beyond the clubhouse. That brings up 2 miles on the Garmin. Turn around to retrace my steps. After 2 miles average pace is a very pedestrian 9:01. I increase the pace a little on mile 3 logging a too fast 8:10. Average pace is in the mid 8:4Xs now, hold that until I get home. Right hammer was quiet again. Left hip/glute providing the usual light ache, and left knee threatened to pang on one or two occasions.

    Total 4.03M @ 8:46 (average 138 bpm)

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    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 4 - 7 Miles with 2M @ MP

    Had appointments to keep on the other side of town early Saturday morning so this run was pushed out to the afternoon.

    Wrapped up well and wore a bigger fabric Nike headband for this, much better than the skinny ones, this stays in place and I easily forget it's on. No ice any more so I stick with the Polo Grounds Road Loop (with a 100m grass diversion after the Pavilion). Overcast, damp and a little chilly. Run one recce lap and then hit start on the Garmin for 2M at marathon PB pace.

    It goes fine, pace is comfortable to hold, right hammer is quiet for the whole run, not just the MP section, and though the left hip/glute was slightly achy, I forgot all about it during the 2M section. Funny how, without fail, pace on a Saturday afternoon feels much easier than the same pace for half the distance on a Wednesday evening on the Chapelizod Road. Both Lord's Walk ascents were manageable.

    The 2M were completed in 14:19 @ 7:09 min/mile; pace for 3:07 marathon. Heartrate needs improving, it logged at 163 bpm for the 2 miles.

    Pleased with this, that's the main 'fast' goal of Block-1 completed.

    Total 7.16M @ 8:27 (average 144 bpm)

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    Rebuild 3 - Block 1 Week 4 - 9+ Miles @ long run pace

    Sunday morning I brought Block-1 of this Rebuild attempt to a close. Out shortly after 8:00am. Still not fully bright at this hour.

    I run from home across to Inchicore and on to Chapelizod. Checking the Garmin only as it sounds my mile splits, mile 1 logs too slow and mile 2 logs too fast. I enter the Park at Chapelizod Gate and swing left up the Glen Road, thinking that the climb would see my pace drop into target range, instead I see another 7:5X flash up on the Garmin. Out the Knockmaroon Gate and Mile 4 is also too fast, another 7:5X. I actively try to slow down. Mile 5 near Castleknock is too slow. It's not until mile 7, descending Chesterfield that I finally log a mile inside target range. Miles 7, 8 and 9 are all on target.

    For maybe 30 seconds between Castleknock and the Park there is a slight presence in the right hammer, but thankfully it passes. The left hip/glute, while continuing to ache, felt improved today.

    Enjoyed this one. I need to try get out earlier for my Sunday runs, it was nice seeing rays of sunrise slanting through the trees at the top of the Glen Road, and it was nice sharing the Park with almost exclusively other runners and cyclists.

    So that brought Block-1 to an end. I think the biggest positive is that the legs, while still not by any means perfect, feel better at the end of the block than they did at the start. I attribute this largely to the two PT sessions, but also to the cautious goals of these opening weeks. All goals were achieved: weekly mileage has held between 30/35 miles a week, longest run was increased to 10 miles, and I ran 2 miles at PB marathon pace. The legs did not respond negatively to MP and the engine felt largely comfortable. A little disappointed (but not wholly surprised) to see weight creep up 0.2kg this week, still though I end the block 1.8kg lighter than I started it. Hopefully I can say the same at the end of Block-2.

    This week is a down-week between blocks where I will run 50% to 66% mileage of the block just finished. All easy running but I will include a run with some steady miles thrown in (7:3X pace) just to prevent the legs from falling asleep. Will probably kick-off Block-2 on the bank holiday Monday.

    Total 9.26M @ 8:11 (average 147 bpm)