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Introduction to running and the Athletics/Running forum

(This used to be Athletics/Running/Triathlon, but the multisporters are now in their own Triathlon/Duathlon/Adventure Racing forum.)

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The main forum and key threads

The main forum is the place for general discussion, that doesn’t fit into any of the subforums. The forum charter is the most important thread, with the rules that all posts must follow. Read the charter before posting.
The 1000 mile challenge thread is used by runners to log how far they run each year, and how long it takes them to get to 1000 miles (or 2000, 3000...)
The A/R/T Off Topic thread is for any comments that have nothing to do with athletics, running, or triathlon.
The Group Training Sessions thread is used to organise … group training. Most weekends there is a group run in the Phoenix Park, and other sessions come and go.
The Throwers and Throw Coaching thread is an ongoing thread for discussion of throwing performances, technique, equipment, etc.
The ongoing BHAA and IMRA superthreads are for discussing races organised by the Business Houses Athletics Association and Irish Mountain Running Association respectively.
There is usually at least one stickied thread in the forum for discussing the current track and field season.

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The Events subforum and key threads

The Events subforum is for discussion of running/triathlon/duathlon events that boardsies are taking part in. A local 5k or Try-a-Tri might have a thread here, the Olympics won’t Most events will have an attached poll, open to everybody who took part in the event. These polls are public, so that everyone can see who gave it high or low marks.
The Best of 2012 thread is for boardsies to post their best race times at various distances. (Just one entry per poster per distance, when you enter a 24 minute 5k you remove your 25 minute time)
The Boards Hall of Fame thread shows the best performances by boardsies in the most popular distances since 2009 (taken from the Best of 20xx threads)
2012 Race Calendar - an as-complete-as-we-can-make-it listing of events in the coming year. If we’re missing a race, feel free to update the thread yourself.
Race profiles - GPS traces of races that boardsies have run, showing the race elevation profile

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The Gear subforum and key threads

The Gear and Equipment subforum is for discussion of clothes, runners, bikes, GPS watches, and any other stuff that you might use in training or racing.
The Garmin megathread is for questions about GPS watches - which one to buy, how to program them, what happens when they stopped working. Questions answered by KrustyClown, who has read all the manuals.
Deals and Voucher Codes - seen a special offer? have a voucher you can’t use? post it here.
Starting running - what gear do you need? - just what it says
Shop directory - where to buy all that gear

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Advice for new runners

A very large amount of runners turn to this forum when taking their first steps. If you've decided you want to start running, or jogging, or keeping fit, there's a few good plans which are designed with the beginner in mind.

The Couch to 5k plan ("C25K") is one of the most popular, and a good place to start. You can even join in our forum C25K thread

The Runner's World 8-Week Beginning Runner's Training Program is another useful read.

The Hal Higdon Novice 10k program can be a useful next step, if you want to target a 10k race. Onwards and upwards from there, hopefully you will continue to train and improve, and bring your race times down.

The most important piece of equipment you will need is a decent pair of trainers. Expect to pay around €60-€100 on these, and get fitted from a running shop that has knowledgeable assistants, and/or gait analysis. A suggested list can be found on this thread. Money spent on a decent pair of trainers can be saved from future physio bills, so give the bargain basement €20 trainers a wide berth!

The amount (and quality) of other gear you will need is up to you. By all means run with old tshirts etc until you get a feel for it, then perhaps your next purchase should be a decent technical top which "wicks" the sweat away from your skin. A comprehensive guide to running gear can be found here.

If you want to log your runs, a Garmin or similar can be useful. You can track your runs from Sportstracks , MapMyRun, or similar.

There's a very helpful and useful community of posters on this forum, who are happy to answer any questions you might have. (You can also use the "Search this Forum" utility at the top-right to see if your question may have been answsered previously). Also have a look at our forum charter to give you an idea of the ethos of the Athletics/Running/Triathlon forum. Best of luck to anyone starting out, the key is consistancy, those who stick at it on the dark and rainy days, are the ones who will benefit most. The hardest step is the one out your front door.

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Index of best threads


Uphill running tips
Downhill running tips
Taking Days Off/Time Management
Improving 3000m Time
Recovery from races/workouts
Setting goals and training intensity - MCOS tells all
Improvement post by Tergat, enough said Temp Pace

(marathon specific)
Improving for next time - General marathon advice
Improving Marathon Speed
Sub 3 Support Thread
Sub 2.45 and Beyond
Marathon plan by debate
PMP workouts
Renato Canova's training ideas
Lydiard Training Idea's
Testing your pmp

medical advice

Shin Splints - A very common problem when people start running, this thread discusses the causes and some solutions
Overtraining - When are you just tired, and when have you pushed things too far. How to tell the difference and how to recover.
Blisters - Causes and solutions

Race reports

Everest marathon race report - a marathon! on Everest!
Wicklow Way Relay Boards team race reports 2009 and 2010 (winners!) - leg by leg reports
London marathon - race report by TheRoadRunner
Dublin marathon - race report by Abhainn
Berlin marathon - race report by KrustyClown
Pacing Dublin marathon 2009 - 3.30 pacing by KrustyClown
Hunnymonster at the Marathon des Sables


Throwers and throws coaching - The state of the discipline, discussion of coaches and techniques
jargon explained
Kenya Rift Valley training and Q&A

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Training Logs

This forum is full of people’s diaries of their training and races. (Over the summer it also hosts a mentored thread for marathon novices planning to run Dublin)
This thread lists most of the active logs, and groups them by category (whatever race distance the logger is concentrating on)
This thread contains boardsies race reports.

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Running clubs

For anyone who is looking to join a club or even just for club information... The first link is a find a club in your area link which is based on google maps to pinpoint the nearest clubs to you:

From here we have a list of up to date links for club websites

Athletic Clubs

Ballymena and Antrim
City of Lisburn

St Lawrence O' Toole


Ennis Track

Eagle AC
East Cork
Rising Sun
St Finbarrs
Skibbereen (No Website, Ring Billy on 086 8560197)
West Muskerry AC


Finn Valley
Tir Chonaill

North Down

Bros Pearse
Clonliffe Harriers
Donore Harriers
Dundrum South Dublin
Liffey Valley
Lucan Harriers
Metro St Brigids
Raheny Shamrocks
Rathfarnham WSAF
Civil Service Harriers
Celtic/Dublin City Harriers Athletic Club

Galway City Harriers

An Riocht
Farranfore Maine Valley AC
Gneeveguilla AC (Facebook)
Star of the Laune AC
St Brendans
Tralee Harriers

Le Cheile
Newbridge AC

St Senans

St Abbans
Laois Athletics
Portlaoise AC
Portlaoise AC Facebook
St Michaels AC Facebook

West Limerick

Adree and District
St Peters
Drogheda and District AC
Dunleer AC

Mayo ac

St Brigids
Star of the Sea
Ratoath AC


Tullamore Harriers

Thurles Crokes

West Waterford

Athlone IT Athletics Club


Bray Runners
Inbhear Dee
Parnell AC
Lakeshore striders or email

If anyone has relevant links to be added please PM a mod and we'll add them to the list...

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List of challenges

Vdot challenge
1000 mile challenge
Running streak
T&F IAAF challenge
Weight loss challenge
SBR challenge
The Big 10

The google docs for each should be in the first post of each thread.
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The Pacers' forum and how to access it

As you may or may not know, many of the marathons and half-marathons in Ireland recruit their pacers via, usually one of our posters who knows the race director is responsible for recruiting and organising the pacers. This thread is for people who are organising pacers for specific races to advertise the available slots to users of the main forum.

If you're interested in pacing an advertised race and don't currently have access to the pacers forum send a pm to one of the mods - RacoonQueen, robinph or TFBubendorfer to gain access and pm the poster who is organising that race to declare your interest.

There are generally qualification times needed to run particular pace bands, though exceptions can be made depending on the history/abilities of the person who is offering to pace and how familiar the organiser is with you, so even if you fall outside the 'qualification' time you may still be recruited to pace. If you're interested in pacing a race make yourself known. For example, someone who can run 1:30ish off the bike in a HIM but has a standalone half marathon pb of 1:25 can still pace 90 minutes or someone who has a half marathon pb of 1:50 but has more recently run a 75 minute 10 mile can pace 2 hours etc

2:00 - pb of 1:45
1:50 - pb of 1:38
1:45 - pb of 1:35
1:40 - pb of 1:30
1:30 - pb of 1:22

4:30 - pb of 4:00
4:15 - pb of 3:45
4:00 - pb of 3:30
3:45 - pb of 3:19
3:30 - pb of 3:06
3:15 - pb of 2:56
3:00 - pb of 2:48

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