Hi guys,
Since so few people use them, we plan to remove the majority of the forum skins soon. Newer users may not realise that they even exist but a number of longer term users have been using them. They haven't been supported for some years however and show an outdated menu, among other things.

We will remove all but two of the skins. The two most used ones, 'White' and 'Boards.ie Beta' will remain if you'd like to try them out. The default forum skin is also available.

For the record only 0.18% of our users use any skin at all and the vast majority of those use 'White' or 'Boards.ie Beta'.

To change skins go to https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/usercp.php and click on 'Edit Options' on the left hand side. The skin options are at the bottom of the page. Select the one you want from the dropdown menu and click on 'Save Changes'.

The Dark Theme on the default forum skin may also suit you. To try this, change the skin as above to 'default' then go to 'Appearance Settings' and change to 'Dark Theme' and click 'Save Changes'.

The forum skins will be removed at the beginning of January. If you are using one of these old skins you will revert to the default forum skin; if you have already chosen one of the skins mentioned above you will not be affected.

Thanks everyone,