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14-01-2020, 21:08   #1576
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Originally Posted by Ficheall View Post
Just landed in Toronto - that was without a doubt the most turbulent takeoff I've ever been in.
I was at the airport fence watching the landings as that Toronto flight took off, the LAX flight that landed just before your flight tool off was the stormiest landing I've ever seen, I swore it was about to crash at one point, as it crossed the runway threshold it got a violent wing drop and just rolled over but the pilot managed to arrest it and get it onto the runway, the pilot's voice sounded very shaken as they taxied off the runway.

However then when the Toronto flight was cleared to takeoff they sounded very relaxed and calm, the pilot of the Toronto flight even wished ATC to "Have a nice day" as they started down the runway, though there was also quite a wobble and wing drop off it just as it got airbourne. I was wondering how he sounded so calm after having just seeing one of his colleagues clearly being ravaged by the winds but guess it's all in the training.

Your flight seemed to take off just as that squall pushed through, the wind swung around in those 2 minutes from 190 around to 230 based off the tower reported wind.

An amazing day for spotting at the airport and a real sense of appreciation into the skill that pilots must have flying on days like yesterday.
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14-01-2020, 21:23   #1577
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A few tweets showing the sea state during Storm Brendan. Didn't hear anything from Galway , looks like it did not cause any problems there ?
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15-01-2020, 03:29   #1578
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Good morning.

Gales and rain raging out here so catching up. Too noisy to sleep

My internet went down. The dish is on a very exposed northern facing gable end wall and this is the first time it has ever had problems. Westnet fixed it somehow. Amazing folk.

We are still on gale warnings out here; hail and heavy deluges. Yesterday was about keeping warm . Another bad day ahead. But yellow only

And as others have said, did a wonderful job; accurate and timely.

Brendan was/is almost if not quite the most violent storm in a long life of island and coastal living. At times terrifying. And there is no shame in being terrified. The noise is inescapable and sleep is impossible.

We would get a very bad storm end of May/ early June. They called it the "gab of May. " One year because of the "airt" ( direction) it swept all the seabirds' nests and nestlings off the usually safe cliffs. We would save food tins, and cut the bottom out, to protect cabbage seedlings.

All is well and it seems not too much damage out there?

PS belated thanks to " Foggy Jew" for kind words.
Hope all are well.

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15-01-2020, 10:53   #1579
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Glad your OK Grace. You and squarecircles got the brunt of it this time.

I remember Ophelia, watching the polytunnel go, seeing the roof tiles land in the garden during the worst of it and wondering, what if predictions are wrong? if the roof goes, what do I do?
Thankfully that was the worst of it and it was a fast moving storm.

Cleanup took weeks, no mobile, no electricity for a week, trees down everywhere. And Dublin got a light breeze.

Anyone scoffing has never experienced weather like it. So they can't empathise. Take no notice. Glad all is well
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15-01-2020, 12:07   #1580
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I rarely post here(dont want clog up the thread) but a long time followed of this forum, 1st place I look for weather events some great knowledgeable posters spot on with most detail right down to the timing.

Just want say thank you to weather experts on here and Grace7 keep posting I missed ur posting when you were offline last year often wondered if you were ok but I get the impression you know how to survive well even in bad conditions most wouldnt.

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15-01-2020, 15:54   #1581
Storm 10
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Some pictures from the UK after the storm
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15-01-2020, 16:54   #1582
Storm 10
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Only in the Express, why are they never pulled up on the lies the put out
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15-01-2020, 17:02   #1583
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150mph winds!
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15-01-2020, 21:15   #1584
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Originally Posted by NIMAN View Post
150mph winds!
Is that a black alert?
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