Monday, 22 June, 2009

TODAY will be generally warm and dry, with the main question being how much cloud or sunshine will develop in various regions. There are one or two very light showers moving through eastern sections but these are unlikely to last very long after sunrise. The chances of low cloud, mist or fog are probably greatest in western and northern coastal regions, leaving highs around 17 C, and for the morning also near the east coast which should eventually clear to hazy sunshine and reach 20 C, with most other inland sections seeing sunshine fairly early and this will boost highs to about 22-24 C.

TONIGHT will have low cloud and fog near most south and east facing coasts, with clear if hazy skies in most inland and western sections. It will be quite warm with lows of about 12 to 15 C.

TUESDAY will bring sunshine and even warmer temperatures to many parts of Ireland, but as winds turn to a light southeast regime, the chances of low cloud and fog will be greater than before in east and south coast locations, while the west coast benefits from a warm, dry land breeze. Highs in the warmer parts should reach 24 to 26 C, while coastal sections south and east can expect highs of 18-20 C. There may be isolated thundershowers by afternoon in central districts.

WEDNESDAY to FRIDAY should remain warm and dry with sunshine except in some coastal sections exposed to an east wind; highs will generally be in the range of 22 to 25 C, and overnight lows around 10-13 C. Some east coast locations may be held to 17-19 C by sea breezes.

THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND may even be warmer as a hot continental air mass edges closer and begins to move across southern England towards Ireland.

Today is new moon ... this occurs at 1936 GMT or 8:36 pm.