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Guy Wingfield Horan



  • WHAT!?!

    *dies* Guy...*big trembly eyes* It just won't be the same without you there... :(
    On a lighter note. Does it ever amuse you saying, "Hey guys!"?...It's like talking to multiple versions of yourself...
    Hi guys,
    sorry but contrary ...
    Sorry, it amused me...Yes, I'm simple :p

  • yeah its like multiple personalitys in which each personality is exactly the same,
    to summarise: hypochondria

  • *is happy not to be the only simpleton here*
    No offence Guy!!! :D You know I (heart) you!!! xxx

  • :eek: Another face in the crowd?! :mad:

    Guy you were possibly the coolest CTYIzen of Session 2 this year! I mean,I'm posting for my first time to say how sound you are! You pretty much single-handedly organised us to sing "Paraoid" at the karaoke! (I appologise to anyone else involved if this is incorrect.) You very kindly tuned my guitar for me and it hasn't been out of tune since! Well a string did break yesterday when I was playing "Schools Out" but that like everything that does not involve me is irrelevant. And you told me about your Cursed Tent which is the only item I've ever heard of with magic as potent as my Magic Shirt!

    You Rock!

  • Yes, Guy, you're attention seeking has gained you the requisite amount of compliments. Happy now? (I'm joking).

    I love you and your Jesus-with-retractable-legs and so on. You were uncrap. Quite the contrary, in fact. Go you.

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  • Congrats on getting the mother of the year award..... (look at my thread if you wanna know the story behind this)

  • GUY!! *HUG* one word:


    i miss you.. email me some time... you were and are awesommmme...and i still think you look kinda like a "surferdude" :p

  • Guy is a surfer dude... he has the whole look, down to the hair... soft golden locks

  • GUY!!
    You crazy! In real good way! Pity we never got the chance to jam...

  • So, who about them current events?

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  • Roflmao :D

  • Zounds wrote:
    So, who about them current events?
    btw, im not able to come on saturday, have to work so have fun without me.*weep*

  • *sighs* Guy...You silly boy...
    Please come??? I'm going and I'll be all uber-skanky. Just like old times! :D

  • since when have you not been uber-skanky?
    i take it that that means you have broken up with your bf?

  • :p Not neccessarily...

  • skank

  • Ooooooh yeah...
    I was very good yesterday in all fairness ;)

  • Hey, I just arrived from over In jenny's thread, as you requested, mlord. Where's the party?

  • Undergod wrote:
    Hey, I just arrived from over In jenny's thread, as you requested, mlord. Where's the party?
    no party, just a...


  • ah piss!,
    your offline.

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  • *walks in in party gear with bottle and blonde to find that the trap has just been sprung with no-one in it*

    *confused*Wtf? :confused:

  • gimmee that! *grabs bottle*
    *brandishes bottle*
    now get in the trap!

  • Where should I leave this?*motions to blonde*

  • i dunno, closet?
    *continues brandishing*

  • Oh okay. *puts in closet and steps into trap*

  • *subtly joins blonde in closet*
    What? you never said it was a girl *evil grin*

  • Never checked!

  • Should it not have been obvious?? At least I have an excuse...Can't see a damn thing in this closet... :p

  • David Bowie's blonde. Not always obvious is it? Also think Marc Bolan and Freddie Mercury circa 1975.

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  • Jeff Hanneman has really, really blond hair. Although he's in Slayer.... The mystery blond could be John 5 (ex-Manson guitarist). Well he does wear lipstick you know.