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Guy Wingfield Horan

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    S1 - 2002 - Corporate Business
    Was just another face in the crowd

    S1 - 2003 - Legal Studies
    Again just another face in the crowd, but had a hat.

    S2 - 2004 - Japanese
    A face in a smaller(3 person) crowd (i was mc with rory and aonghus, made peanut pops(eeeevil*shudder*),still had hat but it was kinda redundant as hair was longerand head was warm.

    S2 - 2005 - Advertising - Nevermore.
    another face in the crowd, had a man-bbag in place of afore mentioned hat.
    heres a pic (i stole it off liz,but she stole my soul so its a fair swop)