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NCAA College football season 2022



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    I feel so bad for TCU, it's embarrassing at this stage and Georgia won't stop.

    Currently 65-7 and I hope at this stage that Georgia will finally show a bit of class and play soft zone on defense and run clock on offense.

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    Brutal result.

    Didn't wait up for it, but horrible, ruthless, relentless stuff from Georgia. They are the outstanding team for the last probably 3 years, so deserving winners overall. After only watching the highlights, but would any other team have done any better last night? Hard to tell, TCU there on merit I guess. Maybe another similar style team like Alabama might have stood up better but who knows.

    Kirby Smart building his own legacy with the Bulldogs

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    Stetson Bennett has been a huge part of all this. His story is wonderful and it'll be a movie some say. It's very hard to gauge just how much he influenced all of this.

    I'm not sure how he'll do in the NFL but if attitude, self-belief, drive and determination were the qualities required he'd be the best of the best.

    The biggest issue is his height, he's only 5'11".

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    It's a brilliant story alright, certainly triumph over adversary and a great advertisement for perseverance. I knew he had dropped down to a junior college at one point, but I didn't realise he played in Ellisvillle MS for that year - I'd know that area because I lived in the next town over for a while, and to describe it as a backwater would be an understatement! A real, real small town in a poor part of Mississippi, and not a football hotbed by any means.

    Credit to the lad, and he's been very good all year and particularly last night, but I wonder how much is it him and his talent and how much is it the Georgia system and the players around him, particularly the O Line and McConkey.

    While his drive, application and attitude deserve great credit, and what he has already achieved deserves great credit in itself, I have my doubts if he has enough talent to bring him a successful NFL career. As I say, that's not to denegrade him or what he has done, but success at NFL level is different gravy.

    Success or failure at NFL level shouldn't take from his college career though.