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The Boggers Log



  • Don’t know what you’re so unhappy about. 3 hour pace is 6:52. And your 800 reps are fine too in relation to 5k pace, I think - especially after all the travel. Stop being the drama queen! 😉

  • I’ll damn well Drama Queen away 😉

    You know better than most that 6.52 on Garmin isn’t good enough, I need to be hitting 6.45. My current 5k pace is 6.00-6.05 and I haven’t been hitting that either. On the plus side the body hasn’t collapsed like it did 3 weeks into the HM plan but no point deluding myself if I’m gonna have a serious crack at a sub 3.

    Great run today you should come back down for the Streets


  • I don't know that better than most actually, Maestro. In fact the contrary. Your garmin 6:52 could really be anything from 6:45 to 7:00 because that's the nature of the technology. But over a long training run and a long training block it's usually accurate enough on average, and if you start gaming it you'll end up overegging it. In my humble opinion of course.

    Thanks and yes, I'd love to do the Streets some year, definitely on the bucket list.

  • Have you any races planned in the lead up to the marathon? Is there any HM coming up your way over the next couple of months? (Asking for a friend!)

  • Hey J,

    might do the Streets of Galway 8k on 24th October, not sure I’ll do anything else, maybe a 10k if convenient. Was half considering the East Mayo HM this weekend but I’m away (probably for the best) I’ll keep an eye out for other HM’s, your friend would probably come a lot closer to 1.20 if it’s not windy 😉


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  • How ya going Bogger? Hit a speed bump, or what?

    As for your Spanish insults, all you really need is 'HijoPuta' the shortened version of 'H de P', but you do need to get the J sound right. Little back of the throat rattle.

  • Patron saint - St. Sebastian, apparently.

    Any thoughts on what you’ll do differently this time?

    Welcome back!

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  • I think he is due a refund from that Patron of San Sebastian Marathon too 😁

  • 🤣🤣🤣 Had entered that too before I decided to go on tour in Valencia 👍


  • You should know better than most that I’m never happy B 🤣


  • Hey D, don’t think I’d do much differently as it’s in the lap of the gods if I get a flare up on not.

    Maybe double down on the core and S&C work.

    Keep up the good work


  • Good to see you back logging Tbl. Sounds like it’s been a challenging few months. Have you actually taken a couple of weeks off running to let your body and mind recover? I’d say the mental effort of keeping a streak like that going is more than you realise, and inadvertently you may have exacerbated the injury issues. There’s no doubt you have all the talent and dedication to reach your goals, maybe it’s the method you go achieving your goals you could tweak.

  • Great to see the log back up and running. In the past I've probably had some thoughts on your training but didn't want to be "that guy". I think from now on I'll just be that

    Whether you get injured or not isn't in the lap of the gods lad...I genuinely don't think it's out of your hands. You sometimes push it too much. Please don't take this the wrong way ,this is just genuine feedback and observations coz I genuinely hate to see you struggling with injury when you clearly love running.

    Taking today as an example. You ran the longest run you ran in a long time, at the fastest pace in a long time on a highest mileage week in a long time....Someone like yourself who has big problems with hips needs to be so careful with overloading. Again man, don't take this the wrong way. This is purely an opinion.

    Just mind yourself. Avoid overloading. You can get back to where you were but need to be so careful with training load.

  • Thanks P, no problem with feedback at all. I’m a stubborn auld bollocks and don’t always listen though!

    This week has actually been part of a recovery plan, maybe the Strava heading was confusing. I’ve been slowly building up to doing a 40 mile week, with some “faster miles” also done this week. Long runs have gone from 6, 9, 12 to 14 today. The 14 today was actually done almost a minute a mile slower than last weeks 12 miler and the faster miles were sandwiched between easy stuff. I’ve actually been really reluctant to push any faster pace stuff and have backed off at a hint of pain.

    I’d appreciate you continuing to be “that guy” though.


  • Haha well I shall be that guy so...

    Are you getting any coaching at the mo?

  • No, not at the moment. Working with a physio and a PT to try and minimise future flare ups.

    im looking at options other than Limerick as I’m not sure it’ll go ahead and I’d hate to put all the effort in and for it not to go ahead.


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  • Yeah I'm in the same boat..I'd be sickened to spend four months training for something that doesn't go ahead. Also travelling abroad ain't an option for me.

  • Only catching up now. That's some streak alright. Congrats on that.

    I know I'm lower mileage but I wonder sometimes is some of my own injuries may have inadvertently occurred from not taking it easy enough as SB alludes to. You're PF occurred from compensating with your gait for the main injury for example. But also when running fatigued there's less obvious little compensations being made all over the place I'd imagine unless you can keep your form 100% consistent. I know I can't. Than can lead to a slower burner of an injury that doesn't happen in one snap but more creeps up on you.

    2021 has still be a successful year for you. I initially thought you were going to start a Patreon page when you got into asking about Patron Saints.

  • 400 days straight - that's fecking savage going! You must actually be a right auld stubborn bollocks to keep that going ;-)

  • Great to see you back logging. That's some streak - you don't do things by half!!

  • I used to be extremely black and white about what was right and wrong but I've seen enough the past few years to see that its not a one size fits all but there are usually some key indicators or clues when you get injured and look back on your training.

    1. Was my weekly mileage to high based on where I'm really at or have I increased it recently?
    2. Did I increase training load too quickly (volume, number of sessions, pace of sessions, volume at pace)
    3. Was I training with my ego or the reality of where I'm at i.e. am I training at wish/previous paces rather than current fitness?

    Just from my own experience with myself (and observing others training) its often a case that chasing fitness is the problem.

    Some basics are usually its a good idea to have at least two days easy between sessions. Easy days should really be easy - not steady. Paces should be where you are at , not where you used to be at or want to be at. Volume of sessions needs to be managed carefully - its one of the reasons I'm not a huge fan of the McMillian plan - if you're not used to running several miles at 10k pace then it will catch up with you. I've made the mistake in the past of plucking old sessions I had done previously but wasnt in the right shape to execute them safely for the phase of training i'm in. Hey presto my hip/psoas all seize up.

    But like I said - its not really one rule fits all - but in TbL (and my own) case people with injury history need to be particularly careful. I've learned the warning signs at this stage and have a sense when to back off.

    By the way none of the above applies to yourself or TbL as such - just my own thoughts from experience.

  • Your Dublin route - not great especially at that time of day alright, but it serves you right for not dialling up the local knowledge!

  • That log update sums up why I love your log.

    Runningwise very sensible although this continuous mention of a 15 miler makes me nervous.

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  • Hilarious, you never fail to entertain 😁