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Who Watches the Watchmen (Our Chit Chat Thread)



  • I have been mildly bored for a while. Not bought a watch in 12 months and struggling to identify my next piece.

    The YouTube “community” is also a little nauseating at the moment. The back slapping and faux comradery is turning me off.

    When behind it it’s all about subs, adds and superchats.

    At least you can pick and choose what to watch! And there is a lot of choice.

  • prior to COVID the only watch you tubers I seemed to notice were Watchfinder , teddy baldassarre , time&tide and Hodinkee .It has exploded since then ,surely some of them will die off over the coming months

  • The shop is in the Merchant and there is parking on street round there (have some english coins) There is a multistory round there too. They are dead sound about trying on watches. The merchant itself has excellent food.

  • Apart from our own crop of YTrs and an American lad I posted previously, I have zero YT watch channels on sub. I'll dip in and out, watch videos posted on here and TZ to see what's up, but, in particular the lifestyle bolloxology that some YTrs ascribe to their watches just doesn't float my boat.

    One crop of videos I did enjoy were always the fake comparison videos but then they started getting copyright strikes. Still out there but no longer as prominent and I think even Watchfinder's were taken down?

    I do follow a lot of manufacturers, sellers and watchmakers on insta. Just another step in convincing myself I have ADHD 😂 I don't need to watch a diatribe, photos are nice, reels are short and I can always click if I want to know more 😉

    Actually my own insta ticked over 1k followers today 😁

    It won't last long tho, as I need to cull fake accounts and fecking fake sellers!

  • Linky to your insta? I'm new to all that stuff 😂

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  • It's far calmer than than YT 😂

    My own insta is a mix of watches and models. The models are generally of the aviation kind tho rather than brassers!😂😂

  • Nice write up, Mick!

    Going myself tomorrow, booked in with P&P too, which will be my first stop over there around lunch time. Is there parking in the hotel? Free or paid and did you notice is there any car charging? Normally don't need to bother as a 10 minute stop on the way back at the Supercharger would do the trick but we will be leaving late tomorrow night, prefer not to stop on the way home. Any recommended spots for a decent dinner?

  • We parked in the donegal street car park... we just spotted it on way in and its close to the center of the town - like 10 minutes away. Fitz might be able to speak better to parking etc.. around the hotel. We paid 12 pounds for 3.5 hours parking or so. Re dinner - we popped into a bar on the same street as hmv/sports direct and they had a half decent steak sandwich (apologies can't remember name) it was a pretty casual day out so didn't want anything to heavy. Popped into the Boulevard in banbridge for a look around on the way home.. was pretty much empty. I'd imagine be more around it at weekends.

  • didnt see anything on the charger front but wasnt looking... im still burning petrol

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  • Any time I was there I was there at the crack of dawn so got spots on street, but you need some of the queens money to operate the machines.

  • Victoria square is handy for parking but pricey but not a bad location if you’re watch shopping. Other options would be castle court or the car park at the Europa hotel. Got a nice lunch in Avoca the last time I was up, plenty of options around the centre - Victoria square area.

    To be honest the handiest way to get into Belfast is to use the park and ride from spruce field which is about £3 and drops you at the europa.

  • Well well well….another speedmaster. Another mess.

    This new version….comes in six different versions.

  • That's not a handsome watch

    That new speedy clasp isn't to my taste either

  • Those circular scales look cool enough on the original vintage cases and were a popular dial type with a few brands, but for me anyway that dial looks odd in the Speedy's much heftier case.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • The Criminal Assets Boutique, LOL!

  • I am extremely jealous of people getting to try on watches. This country is a disaster for that. So **** small. Keanes in Limerick is the collect place to me for any kind of variety. And it’s not a welcoming shop. Very small. You stand in the centre and you are 3 metres from the walls in each direction and can make eye contact direct on with every sales assurance.

    A lot of the YouTube dealers are bullish. TPG and Marco are king of saying “it will cost more next week”. I guess that’s their business. I would be bullish enough on them myself. Best case is a temporary stagnation in the short to medium term I think. Drop 5 percent and then surge 10.

    When you put the demand, brand recognisability and desire and small numbers produced against a growing wealthy population. Plus prices rises. Plus the rate at which they are printing money means assets are wanted. Rolex have weathers storms well in the past.

    The question is can all their watches be in the demand. They are going to refresh another like this year, maybe Milgauss or Cellini. Will they they be 50 percent over RRP?

  • Another thing I have noticed is the move to small high end independents which I watch closely to see if some thing pops up that I like. It’s like people are buying these in the hope of finding the next FPJ. Think Fredrico did a video on this. Watch box just bought De bethune so that’s the end of them! Prices will soar through manipulation.

    Think gronefeld just stopped taking orders as they are 3 years plus behind from a thread on TRF.

    The crazy grey prices for Rolex are surely driving people this way also. When a steel sports is 16k grey you have to look at what else is available at the same price point. And when there is 25k watches that have depreciated to 16k already then they become attractive.

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  • good write up there of what sounds like a nice day.Northern Ireland in general is a lovely place.It always nice to fit in some activities for yourself while the rest of the family are doing their thing .

    Not surprised to hear Nico has stuff going on in the US , Roman from luxury bazaar seems to be very active with him since he distanced himself from timepiece gentleman ( Not sure if right name - The Texas lads with the recent drama)He is entertaining and seems to be living the lifestyle with the fast cars and private jets.I’ve seen the Amsterdam watch company complain about him a few times , not sure if Justified or not .

  • @893bet we share an issue regarding our local "high" end jeweller.

    I have a good friend working there, and TBH I still hate going in there. The watch selling setup is weird too IMO. With the private rooms in particular being far too small for comfort.

    It also looks like Fields aren't carrying their pre-owned stuff in the window in the Crescent anymore? I hadn't bought but they used to have a range of mid tier pre owned bits that seem to be gone now too.

    Looking for watches in Limerick really is a shallow pool. I have a trip to Dublin in November for a show that may well snowball into a watch hunt though.

    On your point on people moving to independents. Not something I can speak to other than reading about tbh but in what I've read, certainly seems true.

    You know my opinion of the high end steel sports 😉 I think there's growth yet to come for some pieces and recent experience would bear that out IMO. The rise in VC Overseas over the last 8 or so months indicates that people are buying, that they are buying other than Rolex too where there is apparent value.

    I think your gen 2 and my (albeit your old) gen 1 illustrate that well. Prices on both have risen quite sharply and I'm not going to offer a graph as my point. I did have a conditional offer for my Gen 1 that was high 4 figure to low 5, with the dealer expecting to pitch it at 13k 😳

    If you look at the graphs available for 42040/42 or 42050 (blue of course 😉) the line is approaching exponential over the last 6-8 months.

    Now my own oft repeated stance is that inflation is a growing risk that some watches are doing a nice job of offsetting. Even new VC are starting to hold their price on purchase rather than immediately depreciate and the effect on older models is very noticeable.

  • I apologise if this has been discussed before but, if it has I missed it. Has anyone here had a look at yet for selling their watches?

    It's a service that offers a marketplace, authentication , escrow and insured pick up and shipping to/from buyers. I've only had a quick scan but it seems a very viable alternative to Chrono and eBay. I see there's at least 1 Irish seller on their with a polar Explorer 2, so someone's using it.

    What say ye lads?

    Post edited by banie01 on

  • Never heard of them... pop up for chrono24 as soon as i clicked on the link.. id imagine the plus chrono have is blast radius... a lot of buyers/sellers there

  • I know @IrishPlayer has had recent poor experience with shipping from Japan, but, anyone else got any info from recent experience?

    I'm looking at a couple of watches and Japan is offering serious value (even including VAT) versus the US and EU. I have no issue waiting for it, but don't want to end up in a cycle of returns or shipping holds. I know the seller probably has plenty of shipping experience but any additional info re:TARIC that could simplify the flow would be appreciated?

  • Id say if you get shipping via dhl or fedex etc won’t be any Issues

  • Which explorer?

    apart from the obvious answer of none. I was quite taken with the Rolex explorer I tried on last week, 39mm mk1 dial. Question I have is would you go mark 1 or mark 2 dial? Think the lads in pride and pinion mentioned the mark 1 has solid white gold applied numerals whereas the mark 2 are applied? Are there movement differences? Also is it likely Rolex will release a 39mm or the new ref this released in 36mm?

    Finally what do people reckon on price? Seems to be in the 7.5 to 9k range



  • Same movement, the hands are slightly bigger in the Mark 2. But the only really noticeable difference is that the Mark 2 has lume on the 3,6,9. If lume is your thing, you must go for the Mark 2 😀

    As for price, I got mine from a grey dealer in Ireland during the first lockdown in May last year for just over €5k but those days are long gone. Had a quick look on chrono24 and the cheapest in the EU by a long shot is from a private seller in Germany for €7k, so your range is on the ball

  • Thanks Unkel... ive seen where if you buy the mark 1, rolex will change the hands/dial at service if you ask/pay for it? i dont know maybe i should just forget about it or try to..

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  • I wouldn't have the watch modified. Keep it original or it might lose significant value. If you really want the bigger hands and the lume, just buy a mark 2