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How hard is it to get the rolex you want



  • sorry implying envy wasnt my intention at all, was just curious really, we can all do with inspiration :)

  • You weren't. It was mostly me being conscious of my post coming across like that.

  • 100k watches are for multi-millionairs. If say I won 100k on the lottery tomorrow the last thing I'd do is blow it all on a watch. Probably use it for lots of different things, like holidays and helping the next generation with home ownership.

  • Yes, of course, having a spare 100k and having 100k to spare on a watch are not the same thing at all. Its just an academical debate. For me anyway.

  • Tastes change as your level changes. When you start to consider things at that level you do it with the tastes of somebody with that sort of dosh to drop on a watch. Seeing as we all love a car analogy, its like comparing a 20k car to a 2 million euro hyper car. Totally different buyers, in totally different segments and vastly different requirements and tastes.

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  • In my head a 100k watch is generally one of three things:

    1. New watch that actually retails at 100k - these are commonly awful looking footballer-style pieces;
    2. New watch on the grey market - something like a Patek 5711, I wouldn't be able to justify the 300% grey premium;
    3. Something vintagey - classic Daytona etc.

    Luckily, I don't have a spare 100k floating about for watches but I think I'd struggle with option 3 the least.

  • FitzII quote:

    "Seeing as we all love a car analogy, its like comparing a 20k car to a 2 million euro hyper car."

    I hate car analogies.

  • Being a cyclist that doesnt surprise me. ;)


    I think the issue that I have with those watches isn't that they cost 100k. I just find them ugly. If they cost 20k or 2k I'd still find them ugly. Except for the PP top right corner which I dont find ugly, just not my thing.

    The fact they are 100k is just... remarkable. If they weren't 100k I would never have commented on ti.

    Not the type of watch I'm into at the moment (or that I could ever afford one) but a Rolex Daytona is a different fish altogether. To go back to the (not liked) car analogy. If I was in that league financially I still wouldnt buy that Silver Shadow II with the chintz dash, but that 1964 SL 280 or DB5.

  • I suspect CF and I have somewhat similar taste in watch dials.

    For me legibility is essential and complications that get in the way are a negative. Then there's accuracy, reliability and comfort. I'm on holiday in Portugal at the moment and brought two watches, a Casio Wave Ceptor on rubber for daily wear and my Omega quartz for evenings.

    I'm coming round to the conclusion that quartz is best.

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  • I don't have a 100k watch yearning but I do quite like the AL&S in the selection above.

    What I do like is the new VC Overseas Everest dualtime but at 30k that's still out of my reach even if it was available at retail.

    Currently, I'm not a Rolex buyer and I think it's solely to be contrarian. I have nothing against the other than the price available to me. At retail? I'd hoover up any of their steel sports tbh.

  • Corinthians sound a bit like that PP line "you never really own a ...." , IOW marketing BS.

  • @banie01

    What I do like is the new VC Overseas Everest dualtime but at 30k that's still out of my reach even if it was available

    Typically not a fan of elaborate and unusual complications (as one might gather) but this is rather pretty.

  • Corinthians 13:11 says : "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways." my point being that when it come to high end collecting, things like legibility ,accuracy and reliability are seen as the childish nonsense of people who buy quartz. The fact people cannot even dream big amazes me. I will never have a 2mil supercar, but by god I would love one, and wont go on about how I cannot fit the shopping in the boot or its hard to get into.

    The other bit is my own.

  • We have different outlooks, I've accepted this. Why get all superior? What's with the childish theme?

    you dream your dreams and I'll dream mine.

    Excuse me, I've just drank a half bottle of very reasonably priced Portuguese red wine with my dinner so probably won't continue this discussion, for now at least.

  • Been a long time since I dreamed your dreams CT so maybe thats best.

    Post edited by Fitz II on

  • Corinthians 13:11 says : "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.

    Indeed and there's a pair of you in it who aren't taking it as good advice. TBH I've had just about enough of this schoolyard nonsense and that's what it is and on both sides. Why neither of you can't simply keep out of each other's way like grown men is beyond me. No more.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • Hulk for €16k on TZ, that's €500 below the lowest price one in the EU on chrono, so if you got it for another €500-€600 or so off, it would be a fairly low risk purchase (provided the market doesn't collapse)

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  • Grey market values have to level out soon.Rolex stock is starting to move ,there’s a lot of new watches floating around through adverts and other Irish sellers at the moment.I’m glad the couple of Rolex I have cost me their retail price only .Far too risky to be buying at grey prices at the moment

  • God you're hyper-sensitive to a bit of light banter. Because of this I'm going to say goodbye to you all.


  • Snide childish digs going back and forth more like and if it were light banter you wouldn't be flouncing off in an ego droven huff. It's been long going on, leaves a bad smell about the place and I'm not alone in thinking that. So cheerio.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • This Kermit for 12k on TZ good value thats just over 14k euro looks clean too...albeit with a ding on the case would need welding.

  • i don’t there there is much risk to be honest for buyers. Maybe in some of the 100k ones but even at that. Numbers are too small relative to demand.

    Rolex with the brand recognition, a million watches a year made and the growing wealthy middle classes. Steel sports demand means you can’t buy a solid gold Daytona as an example. There is a que for a 30k watch. I tried to buy one last month in the local AD and the line of existing business was trotted. Ye can **** off so. Didn’t really want it anyway but seemed like a safe store of money that is more enjoyable on the wrist than in the pocket.

    Best case (or worse case depending on your perspective is a stagnation of prices I think.

  • There’s no risk at rrp but at €20k for a pepsi or €36k for a steel Daytona there’s a good margin of risk .The hulk @unkel mentioned at €16k was easily making €17k a month or so ago .

    These two below are from one of the cheapest dealers around only a few months ago.

  • I'd say if anything it's the demand that will drop or stagnate. By how much is the thing. It's a consistent trend in any heated market and watches are very much in that category over the last ten years, but especially in the last five. It's also quite a narrow "investment" area too. Basically steel sports Rolex, rather than watches of that tier in general. Plus they're not actually rare, just perceived to be and the market reflects that. It's not that they're rare at all. If you want a [insert steel Rolex model here] you can easily find one, but it'll cost you. Well it's hard to set a mainstream value trend with actually rare things. There's also a sniff of some jadedness creeping in coming across forums, social media and insta/Tube with so many on the back of this thing, many of them dealers whose interest is of course to keep interest up.

    I hadn't been on Hodinkee in ages and a few weeks back I dropped in and what struck me compared to two or three years ago were the number of comments under articles. The numbers have noticeably tapered off and there are fewer names commenting. There's also quite a lot of new people who came into this pretty recently and many of whom went from zero to no date Sub out of the gate after a few insta posts, youtube vids and men's magazine articles. Unlike guys who've been in it for longer and have gone from 200 quid Seikos and the like and moved into more pricey levels over time as they gained experience, the newbs are more likely to be as quick to drop same as quickly. Like those who profess love for you in a week, they're near guaranteed to drop you just as rapidly. 😁

    The Woo Flu added some coals to the fire that's for sure. As the world and people get back to "normal" I suspect interests like watches could well drop off. They're kinda the ideal lockdown interest in many ways, allied to many people having extra cash they might have otherwise spent on hoildays, new cars, home improvements and the like.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • 1k on 17k is like a 6 percent “drop”.

    The 16k is a private sale on TZ the above is a dealer (I think) who needs a margin.

    Maybe there was wiggle room in the 17k vs the 16 being by firm etc.

    C24 graph shows no tail off (ignoring prices and using it just as a trending tool).

    I was often thinking the bubble is about to burst but I am convinced it will not “pop” at this point. Inflation may prevent it.

  • @893bet

    A grand loss is still a loss or depreciation as it was called earlier in the thread. 6% is still a grand gone and I’m not interested in buying watches that lose money. €12k was the going rate for a New 124060 when I started looking a couple of months ago , there’s a good few under that now on chrono.

    im not saying it’s a bubble or that it’s going to pop but there is more stock available now than 6 or 12 months ago.My 1st hand experience over the last month is a sub at retail , datejust Wimbledon at 250stg discount , two tone sea dweller available to buy in the window at Keanes and I’ve been told Rhodium dial yachtmaster within 3 months .

    Paying grey market prices for a Rolex now would be like buying crypto last April.

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  • 124060 again is very stable on c24. Once the initial panic when they were first released settled they have stayed solid since then. This time of year is usually slow in either case with a pick up from now till Xmas.

    I can agree though that buying grey, especially for models on current production is poor sense. And I can’t see much space for upward price gain (if that’s your thing). At the same time I don’t see massive losses. A 5 percent move each way doesn’t count in my head. And I see no evidence of any price drop based on just them two asking prices.

    I think prices will settle a little and stay on a gentle upward trajectory for most popular models.