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Who Watches the Watchmen (Our Chit Chat Thread)



  • You cover pretty much what I posted before about having some knowledge, an informed taste. Brown furniture, Georgian/Regency, quality Victorian was big in my day but apparently has nose-dived since then. Certainly it's a good time to buy it if you have the knowledge to spot what's right from what isn't and it fits your home/lifestyle. Quality always sells over tat but you can buy quality now and in ten years if say the yanks have gone off it don't expect your money back.

  • The American market is a strange one. Usually massively inflated prices for a start. We see this in classic cars too. Yeah, brown furniture is pretty dead as a mainstream trend. Pine is in, as is modernist 50's and 60's stuff. Victorian stuff tends to be very heavy looking and can overpower a modern room. Scale can be a problem with older stuff anyway as the quality kit was made for big houses of richer people for the most part. That's a hard sale for your average suburban home, with increased appartment living it's an even harder sale.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • Just another an post whinge.. i sent two watches to the UK in last week.. one was marked 200 euro value, the second 50 euro value... neither attracted import charges on royal mail side.. they seem to be letting everything slip through... i wouldnt risk anything coming this way...

  • There are zero in bound checks in place in the UK on goods from the EU as of yet.

    It was meant to begin in October, but is now put off until January, when no doubt it will be postponed again. It's nowt to do with anpost and everything to do with the Brit's not implementing the Brexit deal they signed, despite it hammering their exports.

  • You'd wonder why An Post had to be so effective at it? They are returning a lot of items that are marked correctly though - i had a phone case sent back a few weeks ago.. they said it wasnt declared correctly.. id worry about getting anything of value sent this way really...

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  • In a slightly watch related rant insofar as it's the account I buy via 😉

    Have my 3rd AML compliance audit ongoing at present. The poor lad who asked for source of funds is currently wading through @750 crypto transactions.

    He asked for last 10 trades if less than 10 per year, or the last 3 months if more than 10 per year.

    Luckily I had most of the paperwork generated for up to August for income tax return. Just in case anyone wants to know the trigger for 3rd level KYC with Revolut? It's 30k in 6months.

  • “the last 3 months if more than 10 per year”

    and he gets stuck with 750 transactions!!Love it.

    i know it’s needed and audits are for the overall good and all that but I do like when you get that feeling that they are sorry they asked .And even more so when it turns up nothing major .

  • We had a chat about it a month or so ago here Mick 😁 Our little corner is clearly better than TZ and faster on the uptake 😮

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  • must have been shortly after the site relaunch and i missed it.. interesting all the same.. i didnt realise rolex supplied the italian navy all that time..

  • I think it was in the midst of that disaster alright. It really is an eye-opener but as the chat at the time laid out. Not something that's out of the ordinary for many of the high end. It's a conversation that's still worth having tho IMO.

    It's not so long ago that Tudor and I think even some IWC and many others were ETA, the question then comes down to the grade of movement, eg elaboré and actual watch finishing and quality.

    How much value should we assign or remove to a watch for ETA/Sellita rather than in-house?

  • In his article he says a lot of parts are not made in house... but they are made by companies owned by the same company that owns panerai - eta excluded... wouldnt that still be considered in house?

    also spotted this on tz... kinda want one :) friend mentioned the brand to me in a pub last night and id no idea they existed..

  • a big plus with Eta in Tudor etc.. a lot of reviewers always commented that servicing cost would be way lower and easier to source rather than an in house movement.

  • Oh btw - I was in the post office today posting off some straggler watches and confirmed with the post office that the countries that have expanded custom declaration requirements are the US, UK and Switzerland (I was sending a watch off to Japan so was double checking that it wouldn't get turned around or if I needed to fill in any additional forms I would).

  • Oh Irish watch hive mind, help me I beseech thee 😂

    I've a couple of irons in the fire regarding a potential 2535:80 purchase.

    Both watches in good condition but, no box/papers and no recent service. Not too much of an issue for me as when the time comes to service I'll send it on to Omega and reconstitute the paperwork that way.

    My issue is price. Both that I'm looking at currently are in the €2600 range asking. I'm thinking they are more €2100 value currently although if I go via Chrono24 and Japan I can get fullset for the €2600 range and Chrono24 EU pricing has me pitching a price in the €2300 range (Using my totally unscientific Chrono price minus 30% method 😂).

    So, what do ye reckon? Pitch an offer at 2k with room to rise?

  • Answering myself here, but went in at 2100 and we'll see what develops 😉

  • Are they autos? I sold my quartz for 1400 here last year... criminally low...

  • Yep, they are co-axial escapement autos I think they were Omega's original crop of the escapement.

  • Chrono24 is interesting... when i look at watches i see a certain price.. but when i list the same model it will suggest a price to list at.. thats obviously a price the average sells for.. its usually a good few hundred less than the cheapest listing in the 2 - 3k price range

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  • In the last 2 weeks I think I have gone stage 8 and onto stage 9. Major cull has happened. Never passed stage 7. Am I loosing interest...other things just seem more interesting to me at the moment and finding it difficult to motivate myself to do my youtube which I quite enjoy.

  • Funnily enough, my interest levels have waned a bit recently. I've gone from 4-5 stright to 8. It's partly to do with this new boards format - too many notifications, and then tons going into spam repeatedly. And I have to say I'm getting tired of the YouTubers, especially The Timeless Watch guy who I used to enjoy, but who recently seems to have bought into his own hype. He will no doubt get his game back again as he is very talented. And Paul Thorpe and Archie...all tiring me these days. (I'm also in the middle of building works which are distracting me.)

  • I've not sold there yet, but I do have my watches added to their "collection" tool and it's part of what led me to my use as Chrono24 minus 30% for realistic prices and tbh I'd put private trades a touch lower again.

    Hope it's just a momentary lull in interest? But it may well be something to do with reopening gathering pace maybe? We had a good 18 months of bear zero real social outlet and you channeled that into watches in a large way? Maybe the lifting of restrictions and more recreational outlets is just pulling you away from the watches and lowering the intensity temporarily?

  • I think that you hit the nail on the head there, just want to do things that get me out, and do new things. I do love my watches but might just get off the merry-go-round for a bit. Having said that, I have a new project on the go, and I could liquidate watches in a flash to finance, so I had the watches for free basically. Agree with Fulladapipes also, watch youtube is a toxic sludge pit for narcisists, cretans and bullies and all the latest sh1t going on has me questioning if I can share a common hobby with these tools.

  • Ive said a few times here that I think COVID lockdown has caused a lot of the boom in watches recently.We’ve all had so much time to look at pretty pictures of watches, research them and have them delivered to the house .I know there is watches I’ve convinced myself I want and have to have and it’s mainly due to not being able to fill my time with other activities.Add in no financial boundaries for most pieces under €30k or so and I can see why you’re feeling done or slowing down .

    I suppose how interesting the new project is might have something to do with it as well. There’s only so much time and attention we each have to devote to our pastimes.

  • I collect off piste.

  • I dunno, pretty much all my best buys were two glasses of vino in, usually more. My worst were mostly when I was stone cold sober. 😂

    I've had periods of not bothered too. I was gung ho in the late 80's when it was hard to be gung ho, lost interest in the early 90's then the early interwebs reignited it in a big way, what with all the cool new info and watches suddenly available. Lost interest around 2005 for a good while too and other periods where I was a one or two watch man. The explosion of the high end luxury market didn't impact my interest as it never was anyway. Latterly the youtube thing didn't really affect me as the vast majority is about new stuff which again I was never in the market for anyway. What vintage stuff does show up is 90% cheap and cheerful. Guys like Archie I can't watch for more than a minute without gagging. The slicker sales types leave me completely cold with their (mostly) BS. Well they're salesmen and they wind me up in general. The Oisin lad I can watch for Venice and some of his ramblings, but it's much less about the watches, again because they wouldn't be in my wheelhouse anyway. Funny enough if anything the pox pandemic has cooled my jets. I have no idea why, though business has been slack and money tighter so there's that. Now in fairness I have a shedload of watches so I'm not cured by any means. 😁

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

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  • Hi folks,

    taking a spin up to Belfast Thursday and wanted to check out pride and pinnion watches. Any suggestions on parking any dos or don’t? Are they ok letting you try on watches etc? Also any places close by that would do a nice lunch?