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Raw Superthread 2021!



  • Omega is not a comedy champion but his antics in all promos is pure buffoon so I don't see how people can call Big E a comedy champion. Like I'm assuming here people are just referring to their gimmicks when they call Big E a comedy champion.

  • Fox is also on free tv so a bigger chance of getting more eyes on the product that on pay tv, That is why you stack the roster on Smackdown for me.

    I love a good Signature.

  • You'd think it's because of his comedy gimmick alrite. Like I don't think Omega can be described as having a comedy gimmick.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with having a comedy character as your world champ. But as you said Omega is not a comedy champion so just thought it was a bit of a left-field comparison!

  • C'mon now, between the 69 me Don stuff, the stooges, the absurd dress sense and that awful Being the Elite theme song he leans heavily on comedy. Big E is a straight act in comparison. I'm absolutely here for his act but it's strange to me that one wouldn't acknowledge the huge comedic aspect of Kenny's act.

  • The Space Jam homage, the painting of him and Don. He is a comedy champion/character.

    Nothing wrong with it. Not every champion needs to be the "brooding badass" archetype like Roman/Lashley.

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  • Kennys not a comedy champion. Hes a champion who has had the odd bit of comedy in his run. Even when facing OC, comedy wasnt the focus.

    His persona changed to be an over the top, self absorbed champion but never a comedy champion.

  • I still wouldn't say any of that means Omega has a comedy gimmick which was my point. I'd see it as a heel taking the absolute p*ss out of opponents and fans rather than comedy myself.

    Just my opinion anyway my good man, I'll agree to disagree without dragging the Raw thread off topic further!

  • Exactly.

    Again I'm not saying he's a comedy champion but comedy is a huge part of his gimmick.

    I only started this in response to someone calling Big E a comedy champion. Both lean on comedy as part of their gimmicks but when the bell rings it's all Business (and by saying that I am no way comparing their ability in the ring as Kenny is on another level).

    What I'm saying isn't all that controversial. Ric Flair, arguably the greatest title holder we've seen in the business, weighed heavily on comedy. I just don't see how someone can't accept Big E as champion because he's a fun character.

  • BigE liked by all, hope he is giving a decent reign

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  • Reigns coming to Raw, help ratings

  • So much for saving it for Survivor Series

  • They've built it a bit more on Smackdown tbf, which I wasn't expecting. Big E getting a nice rub off the feud so far, would be cool if it carries over to Survivor Series and a one on one match

  • Yeah, I forgot they usually do champion vs champion at Survivor Series.

  • MVP suffered a broken rib after receiving an RKO from Randy Orton, ruling him out “indefinitely.”

  • Nice Brodie Lee remembrance and chant there

    How amazing would it be if Big E turned on the new day and went on to become a top heel but WWE wont do that

  • WWE are heavily weighted with heels as it is, there's no megastar face in the company at the moment. Do I think Big E will fill that role? No. Do I have faith Vince will give Big E a lenghty run with the title? No.

    Strange Raw, Reigns going over twice in the one night and going over both the current WWE Champion and former WWE Champion just wasn't needed. Reigns is protected enough these days and has gotten massive wins already notched up. It just kills Raw's credibility altogether. Ultimately when they turn Reigns face this will all mean nothing if he goes back to the ghee whizz smiley happy hero.

  • Stupid WWE booking anyways, surely Lashley attacking Big E should have been a DQ anyways in the 6 man. Then you'd sort of rightly have a pissed off Reigns wanting the Lashley match to avenge a loss he caused them. Lashley taking the pin then makes more sense too.

    It was an ok episode. That means it was better than most Raws in the past year but by God that isn't a high bar to jump.

    I don't care about the women's tag titles, or Jeff being pin fodder in the US Title match at Extreme Rules, or anything to do with Charlotte, Alexa, Eva Marie or Doudrop

    Watching Orton and Styles again for the 18th time is boring too (match was good but ffs move on from the feud, shows how limited they are tag team wise).

  • Nice wee dig between Alexa and Charlotte about originality. And good to see Alexa drop the act for a bit. Of course she's losing.

    Rhea getting choked up. At least they're not going the same route as RK-Bro and having Rhea and Nikki get on. Happy to see new champions anyway.

    While Roman didn't need to win, at least no champion was pinned.

    So there's no disqualification in a tag match if anything happens the partners outside the ring?

  • I havent watched but from reading here its clear WWE are booking Roman strong at the expense of everyone else.

    Did Roman need to go over? No, he is booked head and shoulders over everyone. Big E and Lashley needed it more. Now IMO, you can have Roman on Raw interacting with everyone without taking a win away from Big E or Bobby. Booking all 3 together was a situation in where one of the 3 looks weak.

    Why WWE felt the need to have Big E and Roman square off already is mind boggling. No need for it. Keep them away from each other in the ring.

    Big E won the title cold, he needs to be heated up before tangling with Roman or Bobby again.

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  • A zinger from Charlotte. That's like seeing a unicorn.

  • WWE need to be careful with the over exposure of Roman. He’s the best thing about the product and they know it.

    He’s effectively in 3 feuds at the minute...Balor, Lesnar and Big E. It’s too much, and typical WWE.

  • Big E needs a Big W tonight.

  • For sure but is Goldberg vs. Lashley happening at Saudi could he show up tonight?

  • hope wwe dont give the title back to Lashley here

  • The usual DQ finish

    Guess the hurt business could be back together

    Suppose having a cage match later will make up for it

  • This Sheamus vs Fr. Damo Priest is a better hardcore match than any of the shite from the so called Extreme Rules bollocks from last night,

  • Shayna Baszler is face presumably

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  • Extreme Rules PPV: 1 Extreme Rules match

    Raw the next night: No DQ match and a cage match

    How does the weekly show have more extreme matches than the PPV named for those matches?

    How long until Keith loses his first and last names?

    I thought I saw somewhere that Ryker had been released. On a related note, is Elias off for a reason or is this part of him changing and the videos were just to let us know he's going?

    "Charlotte will never see it coming" Sonya says while on camera before the match rather than just have Doudrop answer the challenge when Charlotte is in the ring. Doudrop is another that seriously needs to stop with all the happy happy dancing stuff. And I say for her and most people but why was she distracted? That always annoys me.

    Nearly forgot why they had that cage match. At no point did they remind us what happened at the beginning of the show. 🙄