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Raw Superthread 2021!



  • Just looking at Morrison and Omos, looked like some uncomfortable bumps for Johnny. Hopes he's not forgotten.

  • Just seen Nia clocking Rhea as well last night. :D

  • Looking quickly through that match again, it looked like anything could've started it. Was messy throughout

  • Had to check out a few of the things from Raw after all the hubbub.

    The triple threat for the US title was pretty good, just let these big lads tear strips off each other every week and it would be class. Omos vs Morrison, yikes! They're doing no favours to the big man putting him in a match like that. He's green as grass.

    Ofc the main talking point Nia vs Charlotte. I can't help but just laugh "My Hole" off watching this. What a tremendous flub of a match. I don't know what happened but even when it was on the rails it was a trainwreck. Both looked terrible out of it. Even putting a pin in the apparent shoot aspects of it, Nia is so bad. Like even putting aside the times she was dangerous and reckless. She didn't look good. Slow and boring and showing absolutely no improvement at all. Was the plan that they would put on a match so bad that we would be crying out for the return of Alexa doing voodoo for the title?

  • Wonder if Asuka is looking elsewhere for work

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  • Think it's the age old "creative has nothing" for her.

    As I saw pointed out somewhere, she was Raw women's champion for pretty much all of the Thunderdome era and as soon as the crowd comes back the title's taken off her and she's taken off tv. Nice reward.

  • Or it could the age old "arm in a sling".

    Just last week...

    On the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Asuka is fine. The reason behind her on-screen absence is simply that WWE doesn't have any creative plans for her right now.

    When are people gonna stop believing that fúcking spoofer?

  • Ah, I just googled and saw a couple stories saying the same thing. Of course they probably all going by the same report. If only I'd waited a day.

    But good to see her smiling and hope the injury's not too serious. The fact we can look directly at the picture shows she didn't go to Roman's dentist

  • I've seen the youtube videos of Nia and Charlotte

    There was some real animosity in this match and who would blame Charlotte on this.

    How Nia continues to be allowed to wrestle is beyond me. Some day she's going to hurt someone really badly. The other women in the roster most really worry for being in the ring with her as you're relying on her to take care of you and she's not capable of doing it

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  • If I was a woman with any kind of pull or standing in WWE I'd just refuse to wrestler her.

  • Bubba Ray Dudley did a rundown of what he thinks happened, basically started with Nia's rough treatment of Rhea Ripley before the match and Charlotte was gunning for her after that.

    Probably bollox but seems logical, mind you Charlotte's treatment of Kairi Sane doesn't scream locker room leader to me.

  • Will it be a Brawl for All type match? 🤔

    If that's the match they're using to sell the episode then they really are struggling.

    Were Miz and Morisson meant to fight. Saw it mentioned in the replies.

  • Wouldn't be surprised if Nia wins.

  • Id say the only reason Shayna is in the match is to take the fall

  • It's not a triple threat or handicap. Shayna is included as probably being in Nia's corner. So likely cost her the match in some way.

  • Oh sorry I read that it as flair vs jax vs shayna, yea I'd say shayna will try help but end up costing her the title

  • I thought triple threat also

    Is Reggie gone from Nia and Shayna? I expect Alexia and Lilly to also interfere

    Is Nikki and Rhea looking for any rematches?

  • AEW jesus you made opening promo look like dog ****

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  • What happened Sheamus world title shot against Bobby?

  • Jesus, two whole posts on the Raw thread. What a trainwreck.

  • Tbh I don't think they can do anything to get me back into it beyond watching the odd YT clip. Definitely won't be getting the network back.

    Even Smackdown that people rave about is only marginally better IMO. I've given more money to NWA and Impact this year which says it all.

  • In fairness it was a solid enough Raw.

    Orton vs Lashley is at least something different.

  • I do wonder is there much that will get me watching Raw, aside from a complete teardown job. Although I'm sure I'll give it a look in near a big PPV or maybe for the brand split. I won't lie, I really enjoy Smackdown. NXT was where my heart was with WWE for a long time but they've slowly killed my interest in it and the rebranding of it will probably be the nail in the coffin for me I'd imagine.

  • It was a solid enough Raw by Raw standards.

    Its pretty poor in compared to what AEW are dishing out. Even AEWs weaker weekly shows are head an shoulders above a the best Raw has offered in the last decade.

    This show, judging by the clips, was the usual decent enough to poor action with storys that fail to suck you in which is hampered by over production. I gave it a chance, it didn't pass the test.

  • And its a shame as they have such a talented roster.

  • Orton top of the card is not something different though.

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  • Raw is only really decent these days when there's some sort of tournament thing going on... was decent in the run up to Money in the Bank too.

    I hate that they're doing exactly the same thing with Rhea and Nikki as they did with Orton and Riddle. Like, down to the personalities even - it's the same contrast "chatterbox one" and "tired but just about still tolerant one". They could have used the characters own personalities better, making it the happy light one, and the dark brooding one, with playful arguments and juxtopositions building off that.

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  • Their title match scheduled for Raw and Extreme Rules PPV