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Raw Superthread 2021!



  • That was actually one of the more entertaining Drew vs Corbin moments

    Jeff Hardys old theme is back, what a song it is

  • Aside from the occasional clip, I don't watch Raw anymore, but I've just seen on Twitter a clip of a doll winking at Alexa Bliss' opponent, complete with sound effect. Brutal stuff.

    There used be a wrestling promotion over there. At least alternatives are stepping up and offering a product that I enjoy, because this is certainly not it.

  • Randy sending mixed messages by wanting to be on his own yet wearing a RK-Bro top to the ring. And partially quoting Airplane?

  • Raw is really bad isn't it haha.

    The only thing I liked this week was the Riddle/Randy Orton stuff. Seems the RKO was a friendly one which is odd but still.

    The Alexa voodoo stuff is still bad having a winking doll is terrible. I don't know what the end game for this is and it's even more pointless now with Bray gone. Karrion Kross beat Jeff Hardy, this is some good 50-50 booking right here. Corbin is on Raw and they mention the invitational, so I guess that's still going except no one ever mentions it and no one has any interest of going to Raw. Are they really about to repackage Elias without a guitar, literally the only thing he has going for him.

    Priest/Sheamus could actually be a good match so fingers crossed. Women's title feud is a mess and the division as a whole on Raw is the pits.

    Also want to talk about how they had Aaliyah and Dakota Kai on Main Event and they had Aaliyah win. Dakota being the number 1 contender for the NXT Championship. Wow, they really have it out for NXT.

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  • It's probably a good thing they've forgotten about Asuka. She wouldn't be in the title picture so would likely be losing to Eva Marie

  • This is all I can hear these days whenever Riddle's speaking;

  • Wonder are they going with Elias to transition to his new former name of Elias Samson or maybe just use the Samson part

    'Samson' and some shite about his hair etc

  • Goldberg Lashley contract signing tonight or has it already been done or none being done?

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  • Not much to say about this that we don't say every week, absolute muck.

    If it wasn't for the RK-Bro stuff there'd be nothing interesting here. They had Drew stab a styrofoam rock, that was 'very cool'. I did like Sheamus becoming a Dublin auld wan for his promo. Kross beat Jeff Hardy, I really don't have a clue what they're doing with Kross at this point. They obviously have no idea what to do with Nikki now that she's won the title.

    She's only won on TV once (from memory) since winning the title. She consistently comes off like a dope and they had her lose TWICE tonight! Really want to like this because I think she's great and I think the gimmick could work but they present her as such a geek. I can't believe half the Goldberg build is around him having a son. They also added Alexa vs Eva so based on that alone, Summerslam is a must watch. I love a good trainwreck.

    That's also why I'm looking forward to the new Elias, who doesn't have the one thing that got him over and I guess he might not be called Elias anymore. I seriously can't believe that anyone would sit down and watch this show live, for 3 hours. I mean actually watch it! Not like when I put it on in the background and just let my eyes glaze over. Post Summerslam, I think I'm done for a while again.

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  • Omos to turn on AJ soon after AJ got him disqualified?

    Reggie luckily parked beside a trampoline.

  • 2 posts..... another stellar go home edition of Raw.

    Says it all really.

  • Raw is a burning cesspit dumpster fire of a show. They've gone and Bayleyed Nikki Cross already with this new gimmick, I can see the fans turn on her shortly. Her promos are so crap and samey as well.

    Nobody cares about Drew and Jinder and his buddies.

    Nobody cares about Oldberg.

    The only interesting thing is the Orton/Riddle stuff and even that's a stretch because I hate Riddles character.

    I'd say some Smackdown roster members must be shuddering in fear at getting drafted there after SummerSlam.

  • Rko bro is great entertainment and Aj styles plays his role to perfection.

    Riddle is over.

  • As annoying as Riddle is, he does seem to be very over with the crowd. Id like to see him change and go full blown heel

    Nice of WWE to let Drew bring a murder weapon to the ring be actually cheered and encouraged to use it

    For his size Omos is decent enough in the ring

    so when is Orton going to turn on Riddle ?

    Goldberg is in good shape tbf but he really doesn't need another title run. Brock vs Bobby would of been a great feud and me thinks that was possibly the plan but plans changed

  • Who is the irish interviewer?

    Don't watch much wwe anymore but saw him at wrestlemania and on raw recently.

  • Kevin Patrick, he hosts Raw Talk as well AFAIK.

  • Who will get to take the title off Charlotte so she can keep on adding to her reigns.

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  • So drew is back after Lashley then

  • Da **** is Kross wearing

    Vince has it in for NXT guys

  • Charlotte Flair should be called "The Man", because she's becoming one. Where's Asuka?🤬

  • I can see Johnny Drip Drip getting over.

  • Is Kofi injured?

    I hope if they're going to make Morrison face that they drop this moist drip drip crap.

    So Eli's going all Malibu Stacy and starting to wear a hat?

    Since Eva Marie's obviously not going to be wrestling, who will she get?

  • I've just seen pictures of Karrion Kross entrance. I honestly laughted so much it's like a BDSM atire

    I feel so sorry for him

  • Was like he was late showing up for Retribution. Maybe that's why he fought Ricochet. Just seems stupid as well because they've had him on without it for the past few weeks and he was on NXT the night before

  • Its a **** Axe and Smash Cosplay.

    I feel more sorry for Ricochet

  • I don’t feel sorry for anyone who no longer cares about their trade and is only interested in a pay cheque.

    He’s been badly booked for years now. If he wants to go he can ask for his release they won’t stop him.

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  • RKBro segment was decent and Riddle/Styles had a good match.

    Miz turning on Morrison to have a blow off match on.... Raw?

    I enjoyed the opening tag match as well. Prob looking at a multiman match for Extreme Rules based on that, likely to fit Drew back into the title picture. Meh.

    Charlotte, Alexa and that bloody doll can all get in the bin though, nobody cares. Why is Nikki smiling like a fool two days after losing her title as well? This team with Rhea Rhipley makes absolutely NO sense but sure neither does keeping Nia and Baszler together tbh.