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Netflix Recommendations Thread 3.0



  • Vendetta (2013)(danny dyer):A special ops officer serving in Afghanistan flees for home to embark on a ruthless mission of vengeance against the thugs who murdered his parents.

    Slay (2021) :In pursuit of both success and validation, a group of tech-savvy individuals juggle intimate encounters, first impressions and romantic opportunities.


  • The mule was an easy watch. Can't believe Clint is 91

  • Lovely film, I think two is even better though

  • Gogglebox Season 9: The cameras roll and opinions fly in living rooms across the country as families, friends and couples tune in to the week's must-see spectacles

    SHAMAN KING (2021) Season 1 (Japanese) Medium Yoh Asakura enters a battle tournament held every 500 years, competing with other shamans in a bid to become the all-powerful Shaman King


  • Is Unforgotten (series) coming back at any stage or is it gone to another platform?

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  • Hit & Run

    Main character in Fauda stars in this 9 episode thriller.

    Started yesterday, finished it today. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    Well worth a watch!

  • Watched Myth & Mogul, John Delorean over the last few days, wasnt a bad 3 part documentary and seems someone in the Irish government and IDA at the time actually did something right.

    Sticking with drugs and drug deals nearly done with cocaine cowboys and enjoying it even if some of the real life characters interviewed are total scum.

  • Going to start it tonight. Fauda is such an underrated gem on Netflix

  • I watched Love and Monsters at the weekend. It was ok, easy watch, not award winning or anything. There was just one character that I was emotionally invested in - Boy, brilliant acting.

    I also watched the special of Kingdom, Ashin of the North. Interesting (if bleak) to see the back story, and am waiting not so patiently for the official release date of season 3.

  • Maybe it's because I watch so much of their crap but Netflix really does have the worst written characters. Jupiter's Ascending and Fear Street 2 both have the same edgy female teenage rebel who just come across as absolute tools. The latter even being a "rebel" to the sound of The Runaways. Really? Cringe central.

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  • Finished Itaewon Class. Really enjoyed it. Quite dramatic at times but I felt it all worked.

  • Army of the Dead wasn't too bad at all, going by reviews I read I should never of bothered with it but it was ok.

  • Untold: Malice at the Palace (2021) :Key figures from an infamous 2004 incident between players and fans at an NBA game in Michigan discuss the fight, its fallout and its lasting legacy..

    Phil Wang: Philly Philly Wang Wang :Phil Wang explores race, romance, politics and his mixed British-Malaysian heritage in this special filmed at the London Palladium.

    Philomena (2013) :A kind-hearted Irishwoman teams with an acerbic journalist to find the son she was forced to give up for adoption 50 years ago.


  • Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild (2021) - In a world where humans and fearsome monsters live in an uneasy balance, young hunter Aiden fights to save his village from destruction by a dragon

    Don't Let Go (2019) - After receiving a call from his deceased niece, Detective Jack Radcliff races against the clock to prevent her murder from happening.


  • New Grace and Frankie? YESSSS

  • Oh, Grace and Frankie, very nice!!!

  • Will watch the new Spy Racers. Also plan on checking out that Brand New Cherry Flavour at some point.

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  • I didn't know this existed until you posted about it - it's a really great show. Tufnell being the more in-your-face of the two compared to McCullum is a bit more reserved but very witty when he wants to be.

    You are right though, really shows NZ's beauty and some of the backdrops for their golf games are stunning.

    They mention in the last episode about Baz going to the UK, I'm assuming COVID may have delayed those plans but I'd happily watch another season of the two boys knocking about together.

  • Season 3 of fauda was bloody awesome. I'd give caliphate a go as well. That is still my favourite thing I watched on Netflix.

  • Beckett was like a weird version of The Fugitive. The Greek political story just seemed a bit of a random one for a fairly big budget film. JDW was good as always but his bent over run, jumping etc was channelling Harrison Ford's fugitive all day long for me.

  • Downton Abbey Seasons 1-6 -Exposing the snobbery and machinations of a vanishing class system, this series chronicles events in the lives of the Crawley family and their servants.

    The Girl Next Door - Ambitious high schooler Matthew falls for his gorgeous neighbor, but his bright future is jeopardized when he learns she was once a porn star.

    Flying Monkeys- A teenager is thrilled with her new pet monkey -- until she learns the little simian is really an evil flying shape-shifter with murderous intentions.

    I Give It a Year - In this romantic comedy, newlyweds Nat and Josh find their marriage beginning to fall apart almost immediately after their fairy tale wedding.

    Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Japanese) Season 1- After experiencing "puberty syndrome" himself, high school pariah Sakuta keeps meeting girls suffering from it, including his sister and actor Mai

    Grace: The Possession - Grace escapes her strict upbringing and heads to college. But her new life is plagued by demonic forces bent on dominating her very existence

    Bride Wars

    Big Momma's House 2


  • The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Mr. Peabody & Sherman

    The Countess & The Russian Billionaire - This documentary follows the love story of Countess Alexandra Tolstoy and oligarch Sergei Pugachev, and the scandal that led to their fallout

    Bride of Chucky

    American Girl: Lea to the Rescue - To find her missing brother, 10-year-old Lea Clark travels to the Brazilian rainforest, where she helps endangered animals against ruthless poachers

    The Secret Life of Pets

    Mickybo And Me

    Mercury Rising

    Chesapeake Shores Season 5 - When she returns to the small Maryland hometown her father founded, a successful career woman and single mom considers staying and setting down roots


  • Alicia Vikander. you say, ok I'm definitely in.

  • Danny dyer movie 5.8 on IMDB, I think Ill pass on that one thanks.

  • Watched The Firm (1993, Tom Cruise) over the weekend. It clocks in at 2.5 hours, which is about 3/4 of an hour too long. It's very 1990s and has a strong plot which I couldn't guess how it would end.

  • Beckett is like a love letter to the thrillers of the 1970s. It has the same feel as them throughout with the cinematography used. I enjoyed it even if some of it was just a bit too contrived. Beckett's run near the end did look like when I'm running to the toilet and I'm trying to avoid soiling my pants.

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  • Was just going to say much the same thing, serious 1970s vibe off it. The trailer made it look like like more of an action film than it is. Nice to see a hero barely able to stand up after getting the crap beat out of them over the course of the film, not something you see much in thrillers/action films these days anymore 😂 Really enjoyed it.

    Watched The Equaliser after and it was ok but about 45 minutes too long.