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Fast & Furious 9



  • pixelburp wrote: »
    To nobody's huge surprise I'd say, F9's opening weekend has seen the biggest box office opening in America since Rise of Skywalker: $70 million ain't too shabby:

    For comparison, the previous film made just under $100 million with its opening weekend in the US.

    Whats the situation with North American cinemas at the moment, is it restricted capacity like here or is a free for all? That figure is impressive but even more so if the capacity is restricted.

  • santana75 wrote: »
    Whats the situation with North American cinemas at the moment, is it restricted capacity like here or is a free for all? That figure is impressive but even more so if the capacity is restricted.
    I think it's unrestricted. I tried a couple of random places near a place I've lived; there were not notices about restrictions and I could book right next to occupied seats.

  • Saw this on Friday.
    Probably my least favourite (at least out of the more recent ones). Way too long for one amd the plot felt a little scattered. It seemed like Vin Diesel barely shared scenes with anyone, I'm not sure what that was about but considering most of the rest of the cast have little connection to the story it's a real misstep.

    Then again no one really watches these for story or characters, it's about the action. For me this felt far more by the numbers that previous ones. Less brawls and the chase scenes had their moments (the best one is in the beginning). The magnet stuff was overdone and just removed and stakes or threat. This felt like a set-up for future installments tbh.

    Anyway, those are general thoughts and as I often do I went into more detail in a video review, talked about the rest of the series the return of

  • I will also say it missed The Rock and Statham they have been the most fun part of the 6,7 & 8 and Hobbs & Shaw was way more fun than this as well.

    It also feels like Diesel is so far up his own arse as well and that takes away from the rest of "The Family"

  • The repeated meme from the films about "family" has felt increasingly daft, given how much squabbling and in-fighting apparently exists between the series' main cast. To the extent it has necessitated actors shooting scenes separately, rather than share a set with someone.

    Huh. Then again. Maybe not as that does sound more like how a "family" typically behaves :pac:

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  • The Rock say he is done with F&F and it's spin offs and won't be returning.

  • I saw that. Disappointing, thought he'd be in the 10th film for sure. Too much BS on that set I reckon and The Rock doesnt need that hassle in his life, Jungle Cruise is shaping up to be a massive hit.

  • I wonder who needs who more in this equation? Is the F&F franchise strong enough without The Rock? Clearly, the man himself is experiencing this generation's version of Peak Arnie & seen as instant box-office success (with some justification); so F&F probably isn't worth the hassle anymore. ESpecially when shoots gotta ensure you never share physical space with Vin Diesal lol

  • Not like DJ is short of work anyway, he's been in everything the last while.

    Diesel and Gibson sound like pair of massive divas anyway so no loss I'd imagine.

  • I thought Hobbs and Shaw sequel was a go, he also produces

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  • Christ it's bad, it's really over the top, unrealistic, Vin Diesel ingratiating himself. I like mindless action but this is a whole new level of tripe.

    Going into space has finished it off.

  • Me and the Mrs stuck it on last night and we switched it off after 50 minutes :p

    I might give it another chance.... but I doubt I will. Its just dumb. We all know what to expect with a fast movie but this is bad.

  • Watched the 5th one again the other night. Proper solid entertaining action flick. Easily the best of the bunch.

  • Yeah that was a "WTF is going on anymore?" film

    So with

    The return of Han, does that mean Gisele is the only character still dead? Oh I guess Jesses as well. Now how to bring them back for the final film?

    So why did the 2 guys go to see Tokyo Drift crew in Germany? Kinda outta the way of Edinburgh, though when they went they only knew about London.

    Vin not wanting to be shown up by Dwayne with the helicopter, he pulls down the ceiling? Then they all went back to the hideout that had just been compromised

  • Nothing redeeming about this hot mess of a piece.

    Story jumps all over the place like a frog on meth.

  • Absolutely shocking.

    I have watched all the previous installments - some much better than others but all still enjoyable until this disjointed bag of horse **** came along.

    The scenes just seem like they were shot in isolation and stitched together

    Terrible action scenes

    No story

    Too long

    Over used gimicks

    Totally unrealistic stunts - even for FF

    It wasn't even a good bit of mind numbing action.

    Going to space...... officially jumped the shark with that one.

  • I'm surprised they haven't actually jumped a shark yet. Maybe in the next one have them drive on water.

    So any guesses for the next title? FX (just an illusion)? FFX(not the game)?

    Maybe FFXXX and have them team up with the other spy known as Xander Cage.

    FFF with one F for Final.

  • Think that's believable anyway as driving on the ice. It's like they're driving up a collapsed bridge

  • It's actually impressive that with each new installment they can make the previous movie, at-the-time ridiculously over the top nonsense, seem relatively grounded.

    Not really sure what to think about this one. I think when you just give-in to the utter absurd drivel that is the "plot" and stop thinking about it, it's kinda entertaining.

    It's an absolutely shockingly bad movie, but leans more towards the it's so awful it's good genre.

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  • I know they're trying to remember Paul but the way they talk about Brian is just weird. Like naming the kid Brian. "Sure I'll name him after the dude that's f***ing my sister"

    Would make more sense in the way it's meant if they named him Paul

  • This film is the stupidest thing I've ever watched, but Id be lying if I said I didnt have a big smile watching some of it. It definitely has a sense of self awareness of how ludacris its become.

    As for The Rock, TBH, i think he turned the franchise around, his turn in 5 & 6 was a much needed boost. Hobbs and Shaw was over the top, but mostly a harmless side story.

  • So bad, I was actually bored watching it. Big fan of the series I've seen them 10 times over but this was rubbish.

    Dwayne Johnson was everything good about the revival of these movies and it suffers without him. Statham was a big miss too.

    It was overly sentimental, ridiculous stunts even for F&F and way too long.

  • Seems the next one is due April 7th 2023.

    I thought there was only one left

  • IIRC the talk was they were going to shoot two more, back-to-back & they'd be the last films. So I guess only one shoot left, but two movies. The same is going on with the Mission Impossible films, they're shooting numbers 7 & 8 back-to-back.

  • Am surprised Hollywood doesn't do the back to back sequels filming more. Wasn't back to the future 2 and 3 the first?

    .... then it wasn't until matrix 2 and 3. Then pirates 2 and 3, infinity war and end game whilst now mission impossible. Of course James Cameron has the record for Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 lol.

  • Yup Back to the Future was back-to-back. By then Robert Zemeckis had arguably entered his "blank cheque" phase, so I'd say had the clout to persuade the studio to let him shoot a Western under the guise of a BttF sequel 😁

    You missed another, even bigger example that arguably remains the Daddy of back-to-back shoots IMO: the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was one giant shoot out in NZ. I doubt any studio would ever give any production that degree of latitude ever again; keep meaning to do a deep-dive into how it ever came to pass in the first place. That this relatively unknown Kiwi director, with only a few subversive horror films in his CV, got to make the biggest Epic of modern times.

    Not sure why Hollywood doesn't do them more often; its finances are a bit batty at the best of times so presumably there's some counter-intuitive reason. Mega-shoots are probably seen as too much of a risk, in case that first film flops hard.

  • Just have to come back to comment on this abomination having actually finished it.

    Truly a shitbox of the highest order.

    This must go down as one of the worst franchise films ever, of any franchise.

    Every aspect of it was terrible from the writing, the acting with a special mention for the extensive fake and saccharine "family" shite, the beyond stupid set-pieces, the interminable length.

  • They got nine films out of this? I thought the Police Academy franchise was milking it.

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  • Franchises make money.

    Decent films not so much.