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Fast & Furious 9



  • I have little time for the series, and certainly wouldn't be mistaken for a fan... but I gotta respect how 4 middling and forgettable films in, the franchise completely reinvented itself with such successful energy, it became a global blockbuster juggernaut. So much so it remains the only standout success in the post CoVid landscape.

    That's kinda unheard of IMO; think of B-Movie series at their 5th iteration - and how many became phenomena? And in cracking the Chinese market in a manner Disney would kill for with Star Wars (for instance), F&F effectively ensured Vin Diesel wouldn't retire in privation.

  • Ed Sheeran is wildly successful at filling stadiums (and seems an ok guy tbh).

    Doesn't mean that I don't think that his output is complete shite.