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Berlin Q or Bust: Road to sub 2:45



  • Nice one! Very unsure of what type of 10 mile shape I'm in atm. Or what general shape I'm in to be honest. Definitely don't feel in race shape, but I'm sure that's down to not actually racing 😁 Hopefully won't be too far behind you 😉 (fixed it P!)

  • Brilliant typo there J. 🤣

  • Jack O'connor is rubbing off on you there. Yerra Yerra. I will be holding on to you. 😁

    Think we are all in the same boat regarding races. Don't feel in race shape either, it has been so long since a road race. Get a mark on the board next week and move on to bigger events in the autumn, that's my goal anyway.

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  • I think you're being a bit hard on your expectations there.

    Marathon training, A midweek session, interrupted sleep, windy day, not the flattest route - and most importantly - 9 weeks left - why would you be going quicker right now?

    It'll click - it'll happen in Manchester for you - no doubt.

  • 'Race effort, race effort' - like that mantra. I was trying to channel something similar during my own far lonelier stint in the second half of wave 2 today, and it definitely helped.

    Good run, agree with you about the tricky course.

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  • I can't share your outlook. I think that was a fantastic run. You're full tilt in the middle of a plan. "110 km for the week" (plus a session) and "I still can't shake the feeling I should be running quicker" are not mutually exclusive I would have thought.

  • Great run Johnny!

    I would agree with the comments above. I think given your weekly mileage and where you are in the plan this run indicates you are well on course to run sub 2.45. There have been some very impressive sessions on Strava over the last few months which indicate it also. Keep faith in the plan.

  • My 2 main take aways from this update;

    (1) Arsenal gonna Arsenal.

    (2) Invincibles without Equal.

    There was a time those 2 points would be put together. A long way off that now :)

    Great sessions there - the 6x1m is fantastic - I do wonder what you'd run a 10k in.

    The weekend session is just savage altogether.

  • Sub 35 would be easy if tapered!

    Training is immense as always - mileage may be down this week for you, but thats not a bad thing.

  •  A Sligo AC runner comes alongside me and suggests we both make up the 15m or so and get back onto the group. I'm feeling okay at this point but I make the decision to back off slightly, take my chances solo and hopefully kick on and finish strong when we turn at Ballygally around 8 Miles. 

    Thats a class move - ego could've kicked in and derailed you later on.

    Superb splits and very well raced.

  • Great stuff, a very smart race and well earned PB. You're well on track for a big marathon and hitting that 2:43-45 mark. Take this week to recovery well from that, it was a huge stress on the body and in a way, a monster workout. You're almost there now so just preserve and protect what you have. The shape you're in now is not going to improve dramatically between now and Manchester so use it to prepare the body for the distance and then freshening up in the final 2 weeks or so.

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  • Great session. Get the tooth sorted last thing you need is a bad infection


  • Was this the last big run or is that next week? You are in savage shape - nothing silly in the coming month - and get that tooth seen to.

  • Last 20 miler next Sunday, but just a steady effort. Nothing else too crazy in there; couple of MLR's, 10 Mile Tempo, couple of smaller sessions. Might make it up to the PP for a run at some point 🙂

  • I agree with what's already been said, you are in great shape. Your dedication to your training shows throughout this block. Your training has been admirable & consistent, you deserve to have a great Marathon😊

  • Pace me to a 2.52 😎

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