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Berlin Q or Bust: Road to sub 2:45



  • healy1835 wrote: »

    Had a 22 Miler @6:40ish planned the Sunday... :o


  • :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    'planned for me' that should have read :)

  • It’s amazing your dedication J, it helps having a top class man calling the shots like you have but you’re still the guy that has to put the hard miles in training wise. Fantastic to see and I picked up the love you had for running straight away in Dalystown. Keep it going man.

  • Would love to help out the 29th but we are currently on the track that day, but if that changes I will head over

  • :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    healy1835 wrote: »
    'planned for me' that should have read :)

    I dont think SB was making the faces due to your poor sentence construction :pac:

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  • OOnegative wrote: »
    It’s amazing your dedication J, it helps having a top class man calling the shots like you have but you’re still the guy that has to put the hard miles in training wise. Fantastic to see and I picked up the love you had for running straight away in Dalystown. Keep it going man.

    Why thank you :) that was the day I met your good self for the first time and the first time meeting anyone from Boards. You were higher on my own running ability than I was at the time too if I recall correctly ;) Wouldn't mind giving that race another rattle at some stage. Still can't believe they get away with calling it the 'Mullingar 10' though :D

  • Would love to help out the 29th but we are currently on the track that day, but if that changes I will head over

    Track eh? Thanks for that though :)

  • Thu: 7 Miles Easy: 51:33 @4:34/km

    Steady enough effort for an easy run, but legs felt fresh after the few days off.

    Fri: 13k Easy: 1:02:07 @4:47/km

    Easy miles and chats with running buddy.

    Sat: 7 Miles Easy: 56:09 @4:59/km

    Early miles before a trip up to Dollymount strand with the gang :) My first time out of Kildare since August :o

    Sun: 19 Miles inc 5 Steady/10 MP/4 cool down 5 [email protected]:09/km, 10 [email protected]3:53/km, 4 [email protected]:32/km

    This morning saw a return to some harder stuff. Emphasis was on the first 15 Miles, with a steady 5 miles followed by [email protected]:15. Felt pretty decent truth be told, although I was beginning to tire towards the end of the MP. Cool down was due to be 5 Miles but cut it to 4 miles as I felt a bit under fuelled and was near home when 19 miles beeped :)

    Back in the game. Just under 50 Miles for 5 days running.

  • Mon: 12.4k Recovery: 1:01:[email protected]:59/km

    Tue: 9 Miles Easy: 1:11:42 @4:57/km

    Got this in before the mother of all hail showers. Have been quite lucky in dodging bad weather the last few days. I've a feeling that's gonna end in pretty spectacular fashion tomorrow evening by the looks of the forecast!

    Wed: Session: 4x2k off 3 mins.

    This was, without a doubt, the worst session I've put in for a long while! Late starting it as I got caught on a phone call whilst trying to exit the building. Then about 300m into the run I decide to pop back into the school to go to the toilet (I really should have known better than to do this). Of course I get caught by a delivery of PPE stuff and held up for about 10 mins.

    Out again now and have already decided to shorten warm up considerably, and now realise I'm gonna have to cut a repeat and change seasion to 4x2k from 5x2k as I've collect my two lads and time has slid away on me.

    Oh yeah, I also should mention that I had to do session with my phone on my person as there was a couple of work related phone calls that I just couldn't risk missing. I know what you're thinking reading this and you're right, I should have just knocked it on the head.

    Had to make 2 phone calls during session, also got caught down a country lane with an articulated lorry that was trying to reverse around a corner.
    Session ended up just being annoying. The couple of breaks really melted my mojo and I never felt comfortable at any stage of it.

    Ended up with splits of 7:04, 6:57, 7:06, 7:08 for the 2ks. Only got in 8 miles of running which was considerably shorter than planned. :(

  • "Only" 8 Miles
    "Only" 4x2k reps @5:40 pace

    Sure, what was the point :D

    And now you are working on the run too, on session days .... :rolleyes:

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  • Thu: 15 Miles Steady: 1:37:36 @4:02/km

    I just want to detail this in my log for posterity's sake! Trying day in work, grimmest of grim evenings but I dug in and churned this one out around the bog. Proud of that one. Food now...

  • Fri: 7 Miles Recovery: 58:24 @5:11/km

    Caught up on a couple of podcasts on the saturated plains.

    Sat: 14.5k Easy: 1:10:30 @4:52/km

    Easy miles passed quickly having chats with a buddy.

    Sun: Session: 3x2 Miles @HM effort off 5 mins.

    Had no real route in mind for this but wanted to get off the usual routes, so I headed out towards Kilcullen via Baroda Stud, a route I would use for LR's a good bit, but never for sessions. Pretty bumpy and narrow roads, but it's quiet and this was a Sunday afternoon. Plan was to run 5:50's or close to it.

    Session went fine. Felt good on the first rep (11:40), ropey as f*!k on a tough 2nd two miles which were uphill and into the wind (12:06) and really put it in coming home, trying to visualise being in the last 2 miles of next Saturday's TT, for an 11:26 final split.

    Ended up just shy of 13 miles for the day.

    110k for the week, including a 4x2k session, 15 Miles steady and today's 3x2 miles. Easy week planned with a 400's session on Wednesday and then a little taper for HM next Sat.

  • Mon: 8 Miles Easy: 1:08:04 @5:17/km

    Saunter about the town with clubmate who I helped pace to a 2:46 Marathon a couple of weeks back. Oh to re-experience that warm and fuzzy post-marathon glow :)

    Tue: 8 Miles Easy: 1:04:34 @5:00/km

    Wed: Session 14x400m off 60 secs

    'Cruising 78-75 secs' was the description that accompanied this entry in the plan. It had been a while since I'd done a 400's session, and what used to be a favourite session of mine, was now a little bit hazy in my mind. I'd usually hit the track for a 400's session but I wanted to break in the new boots I'd picked up for my birthday, Next%2's, for Saturday's HM. Preferring not to run on the track in them, I pitched up in the local industrial estate to run these on a 600m loop. Session went fine and the shoes were as advertised. Nicer upper than the previous version to be sure and the laces seemed to be a better design.


    Short warm up and cool down brought up about 10k for the day.

    Thu: 5 Miles Easy: 42:09 @5:14/km

    An early attempt to run off the funk from last nights match. *exhales forlornly.

    Little jog tomorrow and then up to the PP Sat morning. Hoping the change of scenery provides an extra stimulus. AMK doing a stellar job in setting it up.

  • All the best for Sat- you are in great shape!

  • Hey,

    Ran on the newly laid tarmac North road during lunch and it is just fantastic. Great surface so lovely and bouncy.

    Not sure of route but send down AMK to investigate, he would love that.

    All the very best.

  • All the best for the weekend lad.

    What a penalty shootout.....I'm trying to think of another penalty shootout where the keeper ended up the villain...Zero saves out of 11 and a missed penalty!! Unheard of!

  • aquinn wrote: »

    Ran on the newly laid tarmac North road during lunch and it is just fantastic. Great surface so lovely and bouncy.

    Not sure of route but send down AMK to investigate, he would love that.

    All the very best.

    Havn't been down all week - must take a look.

    Route is all done - emails sent, t-shirts printed, medals engraved, Drug testing advised, AAA certified, Superstar on board ;)

  • Best of luck tomorrow J, hope all goes to plan. I’ll blame AMK if it doesn’t, cause you’ve the training done.

  • Superstar on board ;)

    You were already a Superstar in our eyes A.

  • Best of luck tomorrow J. Sounds like there will be a good pacing group for it

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  • Best of luck tomorrow. You're in super shape for it.

  • 1:19:10 for the TT. Tough enough going in the PP this morning. Will throw up a report later on as it was relatively action packed :) thanks again to AMK. Some hero

  • Half Marathon TT: 1:19:10

    This was the first occasion since the Carlingford HM last March that i actually had that race-day sensation. Heading up to the PP, the summer finally arriving and the fact that I'd be in a bit of company all contributed to this.

    Training has been going well, and since it was 4 weeks since my 10 Mile TT, this was a fairly logical next step. It gave me an impetus and gives me a couple of weeks until I actually start training for an Autumn marathon :D

    This was originally just meant to be me in the PP with AMK taking up pacing duties for some of it. However, AMK being the man that he is, decided that he'd get a crew together for it to give me a bit of help. I didn't expect the crew to contain Ireland's most recent Olympics Marathon qualifier and this definitely was an extra motivating factor in the build up. Indeed, if AMK hadn't of gone to so much effort I may have pulled the plug mid week as work has sort of gotten all encompassing at this moment in time. It won't always be like this of course but it will be until the end of June anyway. Anyway, this is getting a bit unwieldy now, so on with the actual running!

    My plan was to go out with an easy enough first mile, 6 mins ball park, then move down towards 5:55's for the next 5 miles and hopefully finish off with 5:52 miles or faster :rolleyes:

    Route was 3 loops of a North Road/Chesterfield Ave loop and a Furze/OS road triangle combination. Introductions were made, and a decent group of about 8 of us set off down the North Road. First mile clocks in at 5:58, which was fine. During the second mile, after we had crossed over onto the left hand side of Chesterfield Ave, my damn shoelace opens. As long time readers of the log will know I've a chequered past with shoelaces, so for it to happen again (in a pair of shoes whose laces I confidently labeled 'A big upgrade' before the TT) was pretty annoying. By my reckoning I lost about 15 seconds on the group and the second mile clocks in at 6:08.

    AMK is down below on the bike waiting for the group to turn down OS road and I can sense his concern as I turn the corner about 20 meters off the back of the group. Tell him not to worry and that my lace opened. I'm already making back up to the group. Moving well now and by the time that we return to the North road, I've left the rest of the group behind pretty quickly. This was surprising as I was expecting at least one other runner to be there with me, but It was a tough day out there and a few people struggled I think. The gap to AC out front is dwindling and at least I have some visual on her. (5:54, 6:05, 5:57, 6:00, 5:56).

    It was around this stage that our leader took a wrong turn and this resulted in my almost-solo effort becoming a solo effort. All of a sudden I'm realising how warm it is, the route is annoying me now (note, nothing to do with the actual route!), Chesterfield is a drag, the roundabout onto the North Road is not navigated very well by myself. Mile 8 comes in at 6:07 and I'm in real danger now. Moan to AMK on the bike that 'I'm f*%$ed', I'm actively considering throwing in the towel here. The race director succesfully manages to cajole/distract me through the next, more favourable, mile down the North Rd (5:58). Once I get back onto Chesterfield the pain returns. I'm slowing considerably. Times have now gone out the window, I just wanted the achievement of not DNF'ing. 6:06, 6:08 miles follow down OS Rd and Furze Rd.

    Turn back onto the Chesterfield Ave for the last time during the 12th mile. I tell AMK that I'm going to run on the hard shoulder instead of the footpath...and promptly slip going around the corner. Stay upright, but I slow to a shuffle for a few meters. I can't DNF at 12+ miles though, I might never lace them up again if I pull off a stunt like that. Get going again and manage to limit the losses to a 6:12 mile. Last mile and a bit is down the North Road and I manage to summon a bit of chutzpah for a 5:58 13th mile and a bit of a sprint finish for the 200m.

    1:19:10 in the end.

    So reflections...there's no escaping the fact that I was expecting to run sub 78 and hoping to get close 77. A few factors worked against me on the day; the expected company didn't materialise and having to run it solo was tough and unexpected. Laces opening was unfortunate, but my fault. Slipping was unfortunate, but my fault. Weather was unfortunate, not my fault I suppose ;)

    AMK really went above and beyond setting it up, so serious plaudits to him for that. Easy few days ahead now and then into the Marathon Block.

  • First of all Well done!

    Now just from my recent TT I will say fair play for not stopping, I know I wanted to stop, feeling the pain & struggling but like you I really didn't want to drop out, takes guts & fight to keep going when target A is gone out the window! We are at different levels of running but disappointment is the same to everyone. As I said in my report it just proves that this running lark can be so unpredictable & we have to take the bad with the good to become better runners!

    Enjoy the easy runs before your marathon block, I have absolutely no doubt you will be as consistent & hard working in this block, just as you have demonstrated over the last few months, which will help you to reap your rewards :)

  • It’s all part of the journey Krusty 2. Well done.


  • It’s all part of the journey Krusty 2. Well done.


    +1 well done on the effort. Not long ago <80min was exciting. We learn more from what doesn't go to plan. Double knot your shoelaces!!

  • Ballsy run man. I know it mightnt feel like it but pushing close to 79mins on what was clearly an off day in that heat. Mental toughness there. Not the result you wanted and not the one you're capable of but 79 on an off day! Yes please...

  • Well done, J, some running in tough conditions. I find an extra loop before tying the bows, finished off with a double knot is pretty foolproof! This was quite a setup - very cheeky having traffic stoppers and all! :cool: You did it justice.

  • Thanks to all for the above observations :) It was what it was; a half decent score on the board on a day when the performance could have gone south in a much more spectacular fashion. Onwards...

    Nothing of note has happened over the last week, just easy efforts. Increasing mileage back up over the next couple of weeks to make sure I enter the marathon block ready to roll. Running since the TT;

    Sun: 10.2k: 53:15 @5:15/km

    Mon: 12.4k: 1:01:41 @4:59/km

    Tue: 8 Miles: 1:07:48 @5:16/km

    Wed: 7 Miles: 54:11 @4:48/km

    Thu: 17k: 1:23:18 @4:54/km

    Went down to Monasterevin to pace a session for my erstwhile training partner who is starting his latest comeback. He's hoping to get back in PB shape (2:55ish) by Amsterdam. Session was 6x1 Mile, averaged about 6:20. He's entrusted me to draw up his training plan... :o

    Fri: 7 Miles: 57:12 @5:04/km

    Sat: 14 Miles: 1:45:04 @4:40/km

    Sun: Rest/Hungover

    Last bit of a blowout before training ramps up. Beers will be few and far between from here to October, certainly no heavy days anyway.

    Mon: 10 Miles: 1:18:03 @4:51/km

    Tue: 14.7km: 1:10:44 @4:49/km

    Bit of a tempo planned for this afternoon, looking forward to working hard this summer.

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  • healy1835 wrote: »
    TSession was 6x1 Mile, averaged about 6:20. He's entrusted me to draw up his training plan... :o

    This is a very positive development I think. Trust is a nice gift to receive.

    By helping another athlete out it encourages a period of reflection on training (both the student and the master's training). After all, a good educator should practice what he preaches :D

    Best of luck with the next block of training :)