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Donald Trump discussion Thread IX (threadbanned users listed in OP)



  • And , given the result of the Mo Brooks case yesterday he can't try to claim executive privilege either.

  • This should get interesting:

    The Justice Department directed the Treasury Department to hand over former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress, a move that means six years of Trump’s personal and business financial information could become public.

    “We conclude that the Secretary must comply with the Ways and Means Committee’s June 16, 2021 request” for the tax returns and related tax information, the department’s Office of Legal Counsel said in a 39-page opinion posted on its website Friday.


    The Ways and Means Committee, which is controlled by Democrats, can choose to publish a report about Trump’s income and tax information based on the IRS returns, effectively making his tax returns public. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Friday that access to Trump’s tax returns “is a matter of national security.”

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  • well Trump supporters think the Clinton’s/Obama’s/Bidens are inter dimensional paedophiles so from their point of view Trumps alleged crimes pale in comparison.

  • But yeah Like Boris Johnson a lot of the public don’t care about all the dirt he has done

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  • I haven't been following this thread for some time now, having stayed away from CNN and other news channels for actual trustworthy info as I thought some hosts on the channels were straying towards Fox News bias-style behaviour in an anxiety to push back against some Fox News hosts pronouncements. I had in mind the CNN "Situation Room" news show as it seemed too close to the scary expression "The Situation Room" used for years by networks on national/international events.

    WaPo has a story that the judge hearing the DOJ case against info-wars host Jonathan Owen Shroyer [Alex Jones media outlet] is asking the DOJ to explain its charging decision. The WaPo story has prosecutors saying guidelines involving media were followed involving the charging [I assume this references info possibly being given to the media in advance of the charging]. in other U.S annual events, the NRA has cancelled their meeting in Texas this year. I take it that complications have set in within the NRA on it's policy of holding public mass crowd events. On the right 0f U.S citizens to vote, a court has ruled that South Carolina must allow former felons vote.

  • Members of the Capitol police are suing trump for inciting the Jan 6th violence.

    Can't see this going down to well with the "our boys in blue are heroes" gop supporters

  • I've been wondering what sort of working relationship the CPD has with the GOP elected members of both houses, whether it's mostly cordial but distant or like any with the staunch inhouse 2nd amendment rights members.

    On the issue of Trump lawyers, a Detroit area federal district judge has ruled that the lawsuits filed by lawyers to overturn his electoral loss in Michigan were not about legal issues but were political stunts to undermine the integrity of the election AND has referred the lawyers [the Kraken lady and one other] for disbarment.

  • Seen that about the lawyers alright and was wondering if the "No reasonable person..." defence would be rolled out again for the board they end up in front.

    As for the Capitol police, who know. But if it was me I wouldn't be killing myself helping out with any requests or say if someone was about to give one of them a slap.

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  • I'm not sure what to make of this, whether it's a real misunderstanding between Roger Stone and the organizers of a site [GETTR] he's been publicizing on OR fake newsing by Mr Stone for attention. Mr Stone had some strong words to say about his being "suspended" from the site, which also had a large number of fake Roger Stone accounts. Mr Stone used another platform [GAB] to post this: “If you were under the illusion that the new social media website GETTR set up by Mueller informant Steve Bannon and his criminal confederate Jason Miller does not engage in censorship perhaps you can explain why they just suspended my account,” Stone declared, before taking several other shots at both Bannon and Miller.

    In another post, Stone complained that Gettr was “allowing multiple Roger Stone imitators to continue posting,” and said Bannon and “buttboi” Miller would soon “sleep with the fishes, figuratively speaking of course” – though he did not elaborate.

    Mr Miller responded: In a statement to the media, Miller said that “multiple fake Roger Stone accounts were suspended following user complaints, but his real Gettr account was inadvertently suspended too.”

    “His correct account is currently active, and the imposter accounts have all been removed,” he said.

  • Well, once more in News That Should Surprise Nobody... remember how the 2020 election was stolen, apparently? There are still audits taking place, and with stunning predictability, the clowns in charge may have exposed future elections to actual fraud.

    Copies of Dominion Voting Systems softwares used for designing ballots, configuring voting machines and tallying results were distributed at an event this month in South Dakota organized by the MyPillow chief executive, Mike Lindell, a Trump ally who has made unsubstantiated claims about last year’s election.

    Mike Lindell is one of the last remaining, most vocal idiots still trotting out the Stolen Election myth. He crops up a lot in Seth Meyers surprisingly deft summaries of the day/week's current affairs, often a clear target of ridicule.

  • Isn't it the point of these sites to allow "uncensored" right wing discussion? If a million people want to pretend to be Roger Stone to do so, does it matter?

    I'm guessing it's really more about getting control of the censor stick themselves.

  • Hopefully it opens him up to court action/s by DVS for breaking it's copyrighted material rights, with the GOP also as a co-sued party as well if it gave him the DVS copyrighted material.

  • There are investigations ongoing into a GOP Election official in small town Colorado that is believed to be the source of the leaked data.

    She is accused of going into the room containing the voting machines late one night over a weekend and sharing screenshots of various configuration pages with Ron Watkins (the guy alleged to be "Q" of QAnon fame".

    She was also in attendance at the MyPillow "CyberSecurity symposium" recently.

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  • Out of 510 Capitol Riot defendants facing trial, 12 have pleaded guilty to the charge/s laid against them. Jaocob Chansley AKA Jacob Angeli [the Qanon Shaman] was found competent to stand trial & pleaded guilty today to 1 charge [5 others dropped] and remanded in custody for sentence on 17 Nov. His lawyer told the court and media his client no longer wanted to be known as the Qanon Shaman or associated with the Q in that regard.

  • Trump continues to claim 2020 election fraud at his recent rallies to a host of adoring Trump followers. There are millions of them if polls and rallies have any reliability and validity. Yet Trump or Lindell have provided no objective evidence to substantiate their claims in over 60 court trials across the USA since the election, or by any other objective means. Given his Trump follower base, it appears that Trump would win the Republican nomination for 2024 if voted today. What about couple years from now? Will the Trump base persist, or slip away like the Republican Tea Party?

  • Possibly Trumps name would fade off the Republican Party card-list if Giuliani is brought to trial in respect of his Ukraine activities on behalf of his then client and it looked like evidence was given in the courtroom directly linking Trump to illegal activities by lawyer Giuliani contrary to US law. The GOP should be getting tired of the recorded phone conversations popping up again and again between those chosen by Trump to further his presidential ideals, thoughts and plans. It all depends if trial evidence was given before Giuliani left the party scene.

  • Congressman Kevin McCarthy has decided to reuse the William Barr playbook and is claiming that the FBI have cleared the former president of all responsibility for what happened on January 6th which I’ll admit I’ve tried to not follow everything surrounding trump since he left office, but have the FBI made any statement remotely close to that in the past eight months ?

  • Old saying attributed to “King Fish” Long. Good news is the best news. Bad news is the 2nd best news. But no news is bad news for a politician. So long as Trump gets any kind of news, he wins.

    Trump noted this in the best selling book about the art of making a deal (which he had ghost written and did not write himself). Making “sensationalist” and “outrageous” statements attracts the news media. That gives you notice and there are far too many Americans that are willing to fallow a piper. Legal actions against Trump and his immediate circle draws the news media. Gives Trump air time, and plays into his GOTs and his 2024 election bid.

  • The discerning thing for US voters to do then would be to ignore the liar and all his publicity efforts, deny him air. The snag is each state has its own GOP party and as long as he is allowed to use it for his own benefit state by state at the personal gain whim of the local GOP politicians and media buffs, he'll be around for a while yet. As for getting a chance to successfully run as the GOP contender for 2024, that's up to his enemies to scupper.

    Another way of stopping him is to keep making links between him at a personal level of misuse of campaign funds, convince the funders [private and party] he's just into the bid for election to con money out of them for personal use and to pay off debts he's run up unconnected to either of his campaigns. Just keep publicising all the charities he's allowed his name to be directly linked to which have been proven to be awash with illegalities to misuse the donations given them. He's not the only person capable of tailoring information to suit a purpose - Crooked Hillary - sling enough mud and crank him up to a public eruption on something before the courts, preferably the USSC. All's fair in politics, as he's proven with his style.

  • Report by cnn opinion that Trump is running 2024. He has already been running several campaign rallies during 2021. Rallies are the only thing he does well. He does not know how to govern given his performance during 4 years. Or the fact that he never held a public office before 2016. A large minority adore him. He entails all their prejudices. Cheering them on and telling them what the want to hear.

  • At the risk of being cliche, it is a long time before November 2024. Trump caught Covid. He could manifest long term affects between now and then. Lots of “ifs” that no one can predict today.

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