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2020 officially saw a record number of $1 billion weather and climate disasters.



  • You posted a swastika, an edited version of a swastika is still a swastika no matter what spin you put on it.

  • It's not a Swastika, it's the letter G.

    Where's the Ignore button on this new site?

  • Capitalism is not founded on science.

    Who exactly perpetrated this genocide you speak off ?

    It strikes me that you won’t be happy until humanity reverts to troglodyte-ism

  • Siberia is experiencing its warmest summer in 150 years

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  • The Siberians deserve a break from the cold every now and then, may as well enjoy the fine weather while they have it, if you want to play the attribution game try South Africa.

  • There is a reason why alarmists are not to be taken seriously and this is just one of many examples. They can't even tell black from white.

  • Capitalism is founded on science and science created climate change.

    4 million and counting... tick.. tock.

  • 'Record Shattering' is terminology that has no place in scientific or academia literature (and science is not an academic pursuit and scientists are not academics, just to be clear) The study may have been written well before that awful US heatwave, but the terminology is designed to capitalise fully on it.

  • Skip the ads 2 minutes 30 seconds in. McWilliams and his mate John Davis echo all the climate clichés you've heard in the news in recent weeks. McWilliams as an economist should have looked at the sources of how electricity has been generated since the start of the year before he started waffling about how North-West Europe is going to be a renewable energy superpower. The interview with Steve Keen mainly consisted of trashing a fellow economist called Nordhaus and then promoting income redistribution via carbon rationing.

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  • Given that it takes more energy to heat more humid air and less to heat drier air (hence why the equatorial climates generally hang around the low 30s) why is temperature the main hangup? Ireland has hit 33c in the past. Whatever the humidity was then could be used to calculate a range of temperatures, higher and lower that it would reach with the same amount of energy input dependent on humidity.

    A 3 month stint of high pressures pulling hot increasingly drier air (as Europe and Ireland etc dries themselves) from the Sahara via Europe to Ireland could easily increase temperatures a few degrees above that record max. So what.

    An extreme example - The high temperatures in places like Australia (45c+) in summer are caused by dry winds blowing across an already dry hot interior continent. Places like Adelaide, due to geographic positioning, can get 5% and less humidity. For the interior this is far more of a common occurrence.

    Fun fact - at such low humidity you get static shocks frequently outside but you dont stay out long at all.

    5% humidity may be an impossibility somewhere like Ireland but the natural humidity ranges should also be modelled for the seasons in combination with temperatures. Modelling entire climatic systems almost 100 years into the future using 2d data for a 3d system is bad enough.

  • I noticed online excess flooding in Swords and Malahide in Dublin today, where rainfall destroys your property can you request from the local authority an audit of when they last checked the drainage shores were not blocked up with debris or would that be too much of a sensible question? A blind eye is being shown go basic maintenance that was done regularly 30 years ago or so but abandoned now.

  • podcasts are popular every one of them has advertisements it’s the business model so that put down is spurious. Again your going into the past and deflecting with the only for fossil fuels, big oil agenda, which is redundant, technology changes.

    You constantly bash the Potsdam institute because big oil have been unsuccessful in buying them off. This guy Nordhaus seems to be dancing to the same tune as big oil, no wonder your out defending him.

    What exactly is wrong with changing the current capitalist paradigm so the super rich pay the most for their energy intensive lifestyles.

  • Given that the super rich are the ones most attached to the concept of climate change (how does it feel to be on the same team with them?) then I think you may need to reconsider you last line because that is never going to happen.

  • You have not answered the question, who has committed this genocide you speak off.

    The four basic rights that form the foundation of capitalism are: 

    1. The right to private property.

    2. The right to keep all profits made after taxes,

    3. The right of choice and

    4. The right to compete with other business.

  • Q&A: What role does climate change play in recent extreme weather events?

    From blistering heatwaves to unprecedented flooding – it’s already proving to be a summer of extremes

    Q&A: What role does climate change play in recent extreme weather events? (

    "Nearer home, we have experienced a heatwave with temperatures breaching 30 degrees on successive days in the UK and Ireland; prompting unprecedented extreme heat warnings from Met Éireann and the UK Met Office."

    A very recent invention = "unprecedented".

  • You have not answered the question, who has committed this genocide you speak off.

  • Yep, pretty clear who you are now .. Posidonia.

    Did you really do your studies in Harvard, or is that just, as I suspect, a big, fat lie?

    And if this Covid crap has been revealed to have come from a lab.. then scientists will be have the deaths of 4 million needless deaths on their hands. Just as they already have for far more countless others by the weaponry they provide (for huge profits) for war lusting governments with.

    But then this will probably all go over your head, given that you mistook the letter 'G' for a swastika. You utterly humourless idiot.

  • Its amazing how you can lump everyone you don't like into one big category marked 'evil' justified by some bad stuff some people did or might have done in the past

    It is utterly ludicrous to blame 'scientists' for Covid given that the vast majority of 'scientists' have absolutely nothing to do with viruses including almost 100% of the scientists who have anything to do with researching climate change

    Do you know who is responsible for more deaths than 'scientists' who may or may not have accidentally, or on purpose, released a virus from a lab?

    The Fossil fuel industry is directly responsible almost 9 million deaths every year through exposure to their products

    And these deaths are caused by an industry who knew for decades that their products were killing people directly through the pollution they caused, but rather than do something to reduce the harm, they hire PR companies to lie to the public and Lobby governments to reduce regulations to allow them to pollute more

    And they use the same lobbying strategies as the tobacco industry, even the same exact lobbiests

    If you want to know about the risks from climate change, forget AOC or Al Gore or any celebrity, business person, or sports star. Listen to the scientsts who know the most about the science, who are publishing research and actively engaged in the science. These people know what they're talking about, the vast majority of them agree that this is getting very serious

    Professor Will Steffen is the author of the HotHouse earth paper from 2018. In this talk he presents some of the causes for concern raised in that paper and presents an argument for why this is an emergency that requires us to do absolutely everything we can to stay well below 2c as per the Paris Agreement.

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  • Akrasia, I would also add "any media outlet whatsoever" to your list of stay-well-clear-ofs. I think we've seen enough evidence of their bandwagon propaganda at this stage.

  • Isn't it a scream that the biggest agent of disinformation on this thread, the one who more than once has indulged in known conspiracy theories - even when evidence was presented to him - and who regularly labels and demonises those who disagree with him as being those very things he is himself, is now lecturing me about who and who I should not be listening too.

    In the words of the great one herself: 'How Dare You'.

  • Akrasia is getting his sources confused that 9 million figure comes from a study published by the lancet in 2017, not the study he references in his link which concerns particulate matter (2.5μm) mainly in China and India. You can lookup the PM2.5 data for Ireland here. Neither does the Lancet study single out the use by humanity of fossil fuels in that total.

  • Yeah, well, kinda, science reporting in general is pretty terrible. Some, eg, the Daily Mail, are so consistently bad that they're worthless as a source, while more 'serious' papers with a reputation to uphold, will make some attempt to cover it accurately. I often find links to newly released research in news reports that are referring to a 'latest study'. But before sharing it, I find the study they're referring to (in the tabloids they never post the link, in better papers they usually post it towards the middle or end of the report), and then try and read at least the abstract (papers are often firewalled, but there's a great chrome addon called unblockme that looks for legit links to free sources of the paper) to that study to make sure it's consistent with what the media reported, and then If I share it, I link to the journal article rather than the media report because there is always some spin in a news report, even if it is unintentional.

    If there is a properly trained 'Science reporter' on staff there is some chance that it will be reported well, but in the general news media, science reporters are few and far between, and most papers just print whatever is in the press release accompanying the paper, (at best) or if the paper says something the editors want to discredit, they'll butcher the findings and spin it to say what they want it to say.

    In the social media sphere, My favourite youtube channel is Potholer54 because he is a professional science reporter and he makes a point of always chasing down the sources for and checking them to make sure they say what they're reported to say. If you consider yourself a skeptic, you should be doing this as standard.

    I may have posted this video before, but here is his video about how check how science is reported in the media

    Its short and well worth watching

  • The paper I linked to stated excess deaths from Fossil fuel sourced PM 2.5 actually stated the deaths to be over 10 million, but I adjusted it downwards in my message because I saw other research that was closer to other papers I remember seeing before and didn't want to be accused of exaggerating the figures.

    From that study...

    "We estimate a global total of 10.2 (95% CI: −47.1 to 17.0) million premature deaths annually attributable to the fossil-fuel component of PM2.5."

  • Now, I'm obviously a bit tick, like, but I'm pretty sure that the ability of industry to pollute and kill all those millions in the first place would not have been remotely possible without the intervention of science...

  • Yeah there are downsides to science this is true. I wouldn’t have had to read this message if someone hadn’t invented the internet

  • why should the council check? It’s not the blocked drains that are the issue, it’s global warming. Forest management no longer required, build on flood plains, build on eroding coast lines…. Sure it’s not their fault it’s global warming.

    Newest case study shows water is getting wetter.

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  • Do you have a link to that study showing water is wetter now?

    that would be interesting to read….

    I am curious about your opinion on how building on flood plains changes the rainfall patterns

    Do you have a source for this?