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Your gardening photos



  • DeadSkin wrote: »
    Hi - what camera do you have?

    TP Link Tapo Camera from Amazon

  • I have not had much chance to get done what I wanted to do with the main piece of garden this year (yet...) We have had some great shows from our old reliables and the front entrance to the main Garden turned out quite well.

    We have two magnolia trees, the main one had the most flowers it has ever had this year, but they were damaged by an unexpected two day frost just as they were starting to open.


    It is nice to see the burst of colour that Summer is bringing, the two photo's below show the contrast.


    Our Rhodedendron's did well this year, they are showing some growth now after flowering. The pink one is years old and potted, the red is about 2 years and planted in that raised bed and the yellow is a year with us in a pot.


    Finally the roses, these were covered in aphids at one stage, but they seem to have gone now thankfully. Two climbers around that entrance pergola.


    We have had some casualties this year after a harsh Winter and Spring here in Northern England. The fuscias are still tiny shoots, the Hydrangea has just stopped after having growth and our Peony flowers seem to have become deformed.
    Apologies for the plethora of images.

  • Even on the most sodden miserable evenings the vibrancy of the Vipers Bugloss brightens the dullest corners. My stop and smile moment of the day as the rain dollops down.



    I managed to grow just one successfully from seed a few years ago, now they’ve finally taken over. Bees are slowly beginning to cluster.

  • I often wonder why thalictrum are not more popular.

  • Great job, lovely plant!

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  • ^ Lovely! The emergence of wild flower meadows along public highways in Dublin is a joy to behold. :)

  • @Harris8855 that's stunning, how did you achieve that?

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  • what's going on with my raspberries??

  • Apologies for posting this here as it's not a photo of mine, but I can't seem to find a generic chat thread. This looks like a great idea:

  • Anyone know what this grass is? It has very fine brown/red bits growing at the end

  • Tall fescue, festuca arundinacea, perhaps?

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  • Looks more like pheasant grass to me

  • Yes I think you’re right after a bit more research. Pheasant tail grass or New Zealand wind grass. Saw it yesterday, fantastic delicate flowers on top. Thanks RA!

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